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Last night, (or early this morning if you’re on the East Coast), Steve Delabar made some history, becoming the 48th pitcher in MLB history to pitch an “immaculate inning”. This feat is achieved when a pitcher strikes out three batters on nine consecutive pitches in a half-inning.  Let’s take a trip down memory lane of each pitch… just kidding, let’s just watch GIFs.

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Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays

When things are going as well as they have been for the Jays in the midst of this eleven-game win streak, and after a sweep of a key division rival over the weekend, who needs a bunch of wordy nonsense to encapsulate what we’ve all been feeling?

Not me, that’s for sure! At least, I don’t need too many words. So let’s watch some GIFs!

Y’know… after the jump…

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Way back on May 1st, DJF contributers Archi Zuber (@Archizuber) and Scott Johnson (@ScottJohnson48) put their heads together to create a GIF of Edwin Encarnacion “taking the parrot for a walk” following a home run, and what they came up with was a little slice of magic.

Of course, being lazy and shitty at this lately, I didn’t post it here– though Zubes linked to it in a Morning After post. Yet, rather than it simply disappearing into the internet ether, for some reason– mostly because it’s great– nearly a month later, it’s kinda started blowing up.

The GIF was posted on Reddit’s /r/baseball yesterday and already has over twenty-two-hundred upvotes, which brought it to the attention of folks like Jason Collette and Ben Badler, and prompted a quick look at the history of the meme at Larry Brown Sports, who call it the “greatest home run GIF ever.”

So… uh… let’s maybe have another look at it, shall we? I mean, if our thing here is going to generate this much traffic, might as well get in on the action, right?

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The Jays are easily one of the most GIFable teams, whether on the field or off. If you frequent our blogs, Scott Lewis usually does a Friday GIF post from around the league, but this post will focus only on the Jays. So here we go:

The Aaron Loup ball caress is simply mesmerizing. And maybe even a little creepy. Even more when it’s x2:

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Here’s something that ought to fire up the free Anthony Gose set. Fair enough, as it’s rather fucking awesome. Gose stole home for his fourth steal of the season in the first inning of the Bisons’ game versus Norfolk on Tuesday.

Gose pulls this off while none other than the 2012 Baltimore Orioles Opening Day starter, Jake Arrieta, is on the mound. The speedy outfielder has been caught stealing in four out of eight attempts in Triple-A thus far in 2013. Not that swiping home makes his .250/.352/.352 triple slash line any more palatable, but y’know, it’s still totally fucking NAILS.

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*Sung to the tune of “We’re Talking Softball”. (If you don’t know the song, here’s some help)

Well, the hose was out to wet it,

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Yeah, that Jose Reyes injury was shitty to watch, but his replacement is quickly becoming a fan favorite ‘round these parts. Munenori Kawasaki may not stay on the Jays roster for long, so we should cherish his presence while we can. Whether it’s his awesome awkwardness, his bat, or the bow, here’s why you gotta love Munenori Kawasaki.

1. The extended “Bow Lo Viste”. Gotta love how long he keeps it up for

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