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*Sung to the tune of “We’re Talking Softball”. (If you don’t know the song, here’s some help)

Well, the hose was out to wet it,

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Yeah, that Jose Reyes injury was shitty to watch, but his replacement is quickly becoming a fan favorite ‘round these parts. Munenori Kawasaki may not stay on the Jays roster for long, so we should cherish his presence while we can. Whether it’s his awesome awkwardness, his bat, or the bow, here’s why you gotta love Munenori Kawasaki.

1. The extended “Bow Lo Viste”. Gotta love how long he keeps it up for

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Pardon me, but Don Kelly has no business making this catch. A double from Prince Fielder and a home run off the bat of Alex Avila have the Tigers up 2-0 early in the second, so yeah, maybe one of those afternoons. Stay tuned.

Listen, I know catching a knuckleball isn’t the easiest thing to do. And I sure as hell couldn’t do it. So I do what I do best. Make GIFs of those who can’t either.

Alright I lied, 10 GIFs

Hey what’s going on everybody, Scott Johnson here, and it’s an honor to join the DJF family for some Jays GIF action tonight. I’ll be posting GIFs throughout the game, whether it be an on the field play, or dumb shit fans are doing. If I missed a moment that you want GIF’d, be sure to send me a tweet over at @ScottJohnson48, and I’ll try my best to get it on here. Other than that, have a great time, and enjoy the game. Should be starting around 7pm ET.

All GIFs will be below the jump.

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The R.A. Dickey press conference has come and gone. I’m still buzzing from the high induced by the Dickster’s personality and I’m sure those actually in attendance will also be too smitten to put their thoughts on the matter into proper words.

Things went pretty much as expected and the only thing that happened that wasn’t totally predicted was Dickey’s struggle to put on, unbutton, and re-button a Blue Jays jersey for the first time. I’m sure this isn’t a bad omen, you guys.

The moment captured in the hilariously popular medium of animated image follows the jump.

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It’s a sure sign you’ve lost the plot when a shot at catching a home run ball takes precedence over celebrating the actual home run. Take, for instance, Edwin Encarnacion’s home run in the bottom of the third inning last night versus Baltimore. A fan bro seated in the first row beyond the left centerfield fence narrowly missed catching Encarnacion home run ball 16/42.

What we’ve got here is failure to celebrate. Some men, they just can’t catch. So you get what we had here last night — which is the way he wants it.

Well, he gets it.

And I don’t like it anymore than you.

Let’s take a look from a closer angle…

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