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We all know a “no-doubter” when we see one hit. There is, as a rule, “no doubt” it will leave the yard. Pretty simple, really.

ESPN’s Home Run Tracker classifies home runs three different ways: Just Enough, Plenty, and No Doubters. No doubters are balls which “cleared the fence by at least 20 vertical feet AND landed at least 50 feet past the fence.” by their in-house definition. The really deep blasts, they sexily go on to note.

Jose Bautista hit a No Doubt home run off Jeff Niemann on Tuesday night. At 449 estimated feet, it travelled farther than any Blue Jays tater this season. As soon as it left the bat, it was clearly gone.

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The scene: Casey Janssen sits down Jarrod Saltalamacchia on a called third strike for the second out of the ninth inning. One female Blue Jays fan in attendance decides she’s had enough of a visiting Red Sox fan, who probably spent most of the evening reminding those around him of his beloved team’s triumphs of 2004, 2007 and Monday night. Our protagonist in the stands turns to the undoubtedly insufferable Red Sox fan seated behind her to um, rub it in.

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Hilarity ensued Sunday afternoon when a GIF of Bubba Watson rejecting a handshake gesture from Augusta National chairman Billy Payne made it’s way around the interwebs. Now imagine if we could remove the private school uniforms and analogous affluence associated with the pseudo-sport of golf and sub-in the maple boner swelling awesomeness of Brett Lawrie leaving Edwin Encarnacion hanging on a high-five attempt.

Well, that happened on Saturday afternoon after Lawrie and Encarnacion crossed home plate on a two-run double by Rajai Davis.

They finally connected in the dugout, and Encarnacion appeared just as amused as the rest of us by Lawrie’s lack of awareness:

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