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So… is it All Griffin, All Day here at DJF? Um… apparently, as– even after the Hentgen stuff– there’s still more Grifftacular content to be mined from the lead baseball writer at the Toronto Star, who chatted with readers back on Friday, and offered enough treasure for me to make a full post out of it. (And apparently there’s a mail bag on its way at some point, too!)

I’ve mentioned a couple times– both here and while podcasting– that I’d read Griffin’s previous chat, and actually found a lot of valuable, interesting stuff in it that hadn’t managed to find its way into his pieces for the Star. Lo and behold, the same can be said for the most recent one. Around here we’ve always been of the mind that Griff is at his most enjoyable when writing less formally and more off the cuff, so I guess it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

Anyway, here’s what intrigued me in this week’s GriffChat…

- Griffin thinks– or at least he did on Friday– that there’s a non-zero possibility that Vladimir Guerrero will join the Jays when they leave Tampa for Texas after Wednesday afternoon’s game. “I’m sure Vlad would be fired up for the Rangers,” he adds.

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