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That Ungrateful Litsch!

As is entirely his right, Jesse “one of the best pitchers in the American League in 2008″ Litsch is a free agent. The Blue Jays explain, via Twitter:

Well that’s… something.

And not the only bit of minor rosturbation we can participate in, as Baseball America’s Matt Eddy tweets that four other outrighted Jays pitchers have elected free agency: Scott Richmond, Bobby Korecky, Shawn Hill and Aaron Laffey.

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Holy shit, this is not the kind of thing you want to hear on a sunny, holiday Monday afternoon– No! Not the fact that I’m about to use three full tweets from Barry Davis, the shit about what’s going on with Jesse Litsch!



Jesus fuck, that’s awful. Get well soon, Jesse.

Now the rest of today’s pre-game goings on (y’know until the Jays make whatever roster moves they’re supposedly potentially going to make, and force me to actually do some damn work– though, after hearing of Litsch’s ordeal, who the fuck am I to complain about anything?)…

Shi Davidi tweets that JP Arencibia is about to be named the American League’s Player of the Week, and also that Yan Gomes was out taking grounders at first base with Brian Butterfield today. Hmmm.

“They love me and I left,” said former Jays closer Frank Francisco yesterday, of the boos he got when entering Sunday’s game to close it out for the Mets, according to the AP’s @iananywhere, via a John Lott tweet. No, Frank, it’s more like a bunch of fairweather fan dipshits tuned out the club in the second half and didn’t notice that you were actually kinda spectacular. Either way, thank you for calling these braying morons out.

On a similar note, Baseball Think Factory passes along frustrated comments from Indians closer Chris Perez, who– like any ballplayer– doesn’t appreciate getting booed at home. Oh yes, booing dopes out there, players notice this childish shit.

People with no clue continue to pine for David Cooper, much to the frustration of Travis Reitsma– who tweets that Cooper’s PCL batting title isn’t so impressive in the context of former winners (though he later corrects himself about one being Adam Eaton the pitcher), while Keith Law tweets that he doesn’t see a role in the Majors for Cooper, and Kevin Goldstein scoffs at the suggestion Cooper could be a .300-25-100 guy by saying “maybe in AAA Las Vegas one year.” It’s that damn batting title and the fact that he was a first round pick that people think he’s not totally a fringe prospect/Org. guy, isn’t it?

The Toronto Sun talks about how a pair of days off helped Colby Rasmus, while the Star talks about his spectacular non-catch, which really was a catch.

Elswhere at the Star, Raju Mudhar examines the reaction across the media to the Brett Lawrie thing.

John Lott of the National Post wonders what’s next for Yan Gomes, as the Jays ponder roster moves, while his colleague Guy Spurrier looks at the way the Jays have been stretching the fences this year.

Chris Toman of quotes John Farrell on the on-field plan for Adam Lind.

At Gray Matter, Kevin Gray passes along the news that prospect catcher AJ Jimenez needs Tommy John surgery.

According to the Home Run Damage Report at Steal of Home, Yan Gomes hit the home run this weekend that came the fastest off the bat, while Jose Bautista hit the slowest. Odd.

FanGraphs produces a master list of their crowdsourced radio and TV broadcast rankings. The Jays radio guys rank 8th overall, while the TV guys are number 54 of 61.

At Baseball Prospectus, Kevin Goldstein includes Travis d’Arnaud in his Future Shock Monday Morning Ten Pack, noting that “he’s suddenly looking like one of the best offensive catchers around again; after a 6-for-11 weekend than included three home runs, he has a 1000+ OPS in May and a healthy season line of .297/.360/.514.” He adds that “with the first-base slot suddenly open due to Adam Lind’s continued struggles, there just might be a way to keep both the incumbent and the top prospect in the end.”

Lastly, also at BP, Sam Miller looks into the wonderful world of baseball profanity– with a nice mention of Brett Lawrie’s you-know-what-kind-of outburst, among many others.


Image of @ChrisDartCOTF by Chris Trotman/Getty.

Today in news that broke over an hour ago that I didn’t bother to post about, Jays reliever Jesse Litsch has been shut down for seven days due to shoulder inflammation, according to tweets from… well… everyone.

But it’s John Lott of the National Post who gets heavy with it.

Dun dun dun….

Litsch missed nearly all of 2009 with Tommy John surgery. That, of course, involves the elbow. Now the shoulder– which was the cause of a trip to the DL last year thanks to what Baseball Prospectus categorizes as an “impingement.”

He may not exactly be the most integral piece of the Jays’ bullpen, but you hate to see anybody go down with a potential long-term injury, not just for the sake of the club, but for the sake of the livelihood of a pretty decent pitcher (who, y’know, might be better suited to, say, the National League). Especially someone who has already had such a recent, long year of rehab.

They don’t send you to the Grim Reaper unless something is serious, but that said, let’s not forget that Frank Francisco visited Dr. Andrews last spring, and he was fine enough to turn in a rather spectacular second half (like Rocky V, I’m pretty sure the first half of Francisco’s season didn’t happen). So… here’s hoping everything is alright.