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Uh… OK, well here’s something new. And kind of hilarious– though probably not the worst notion for the Red Sox, at least from an on-field perspective.

Call me crazy, but I still have some faith that Escobar has good years ahead of him. Obviously, from his past results, the bat is a whole lot better than he showed last year, and he still plays a solid shortstop. Read the rest of this entry »

There’s just too much synergy involved in my coming across a recent item from Boston’s and the fact that I’ve been looking for an excuse to use this great pic that I’d seen making the rounds on Twitter, and was also emailed to me– thanks Jordan– to not go ahead and make a post combining the two. Even though, y’know, there isn’t a whole lot more to say about it than this.

Aaaaaand money quote:

“There was always, I think, an indication that there was going to be a point in time in the future that finances were going to be freed up to increase payroll. But to balance that out, there was such a high value placed on a number of young players coming through the system. To see it shift so quickly, that’s probably been the surprise. There was a number of good players that they gave up, from a baseball standpoint and setting aside the money that’s attached to those contracts, Toronto gave up a lot of good talent to get more established big league players.”


Oh, and just in case you somehow get to feeling sorry for Boston’s new favourite adopted son, Farrell isn’t terribly worried about the attractiveness of playing for his new team being subsumed by that of his old: “There’s passion in both [Toronto and Boston],” he added. “But I think this is a more intense environment, which is an attraction in and of itself.”

Oh, I’m sure it won’t be after you run your new team into all of the outs and realize how unlikely it is that you, personally, hold the key to turning Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz back from pumpkins into fucking princesses.

Hey, but good luck, eh!

“Free agency began at 8 a.m. Monday, with teams retaining exclusive negotiating rights until midnight Friday,” wrote Jeff Blair in a piece chalk full of goodies in this morning’s Globe and Mail. “Other teams are not precluded from talking to free agents during these five days, but only the players previous team can re-sign him during the period.”

In other words, the Jays need to get on their damn horse with this managerial search, in order to make sure they don’t have too many balls in the air as the most ridiculously crucial free agent period this team has faced in a long time gets set to begin. And, at least according to Blair, it’s not going to be an easy decision, explaining that “one veteran baseball man, who knows Anthopoulos and the Blue Jays, said last week that he believed Anthopoulos would lean toward hiring a candidate with a background in player development as well as coaching – much like Farrell – which could hint of Wakamatsu,” however, he also believes that “finding someone who has proven that he can manage a Major League team and has demonstrated tactical nous would seem to be an important consideration.”

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Um… hhhhhhWhat?

Buster Olney lays down some knowledge on Twitter, presumably via the fucking sieve that is the Red Sox’ front office:

At first it’s kind of surprising– and disappointing that the Jays didn’t take Bailey just so that we could say that the Red Sox, in a roundabout way, ended up trading Josh Reddick for a fucking manager, though I suppose it’s funny enough just knowing it was an option– but ultimately there are reasons why it entirely makes sense.

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I don’t want to write a full on This Week in Morons post about this, because there are still a lot of words out there to be digested on the Jays, their ex-manager, and their search for a new one, plus, I entirely understand that it’s the Toronto Sun’s job to be petty little trolls. Very obviously it’s part of their business model to rile up the masses, to get people talking, and perhaps even to get folks like me to start linking back to them all over the place going, “look at this steaming pile of shit in the Sun!”

Yet, knowing full well that I may be falling into that trap, um… look at this steaming pile of shit in the Sun!

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So much has been written about John Farrell over the last few days, and so much needed to be done here on my end, that it was inevitable that some of it would slip through the cracks. Or… y’know… that a lot of it would slip through the cracks. And rather than just flush it all out of my RSS reader, never to be seen or heard from again, I figured I’d go through a bunch of stuff we’ve seen written since this story first broke late on Saturday night, and link it all up here, even though I know full well that most of you are probably as sick of it all as I am. But there are a number of good pieces to read about the whole affair, and we’re in the dead zone of an off-night before the World Series starts tomorrow, so why not have a look and see if there’s anything here that might be worth a read, or a re-read. There sure is lots of it…

Cathal Kelly of the Toronto Star thinks the Jays need a “leader who will lead” (or so says the headline), and suggests that Alex Anthopoulos got “as close as the GM will get to taking a parting shot” when he told reporters that “after you’ve lived in the [first house] for a while, you say I’d like ‘x’ and ‘x’ and ‘x’ from the next one.”

In his first reaction piece for the Star, Kelly calls the deal lopsided in the Jays’ favour, as they got something for nothing.

In a blog post at the Star, Richard Griffin points out the conflicting chronologies given by John Farrell– who says he told the Jays he wanted to move to Boston last year– and Alex Anthopoulos, who said the subject wasn’t broached until last week.

In his first reaction, Griffin goes deep to explain why he thinks the Jays ultimately let Farrell go, in a must-read piece for the Star.

For me, the clear sign that there was something to this Farrell speculation came on Aug. 25 when the Dodgers and Red Sox reached an agreement on a blockbuster trade,” writes Gregor Chisholm on his North of the Border blog. After relaying the details to the Jays’ manager, “Farrell thought about it for a few seconds and then began running down the list of players I just mentioned were in the deal. Within a minute, Farrell had the total amount the Red Sox would be shedding in the trade. I remember being somewhat taken aback by this because — despite public opinions to the contrary — this is not the type of information most managers would know off the top of their head.”

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A New Villain Is Born…

Did he ever looked remotely this happy in Toronto?

John Farrell was introduced to the media in Boston today (video here), and while I made it clear on Twitter that I wanted no part of the agonizing over it, there were certainly a few things that require our attention– which I’ll mostly do below, via the angry tweets that populated my feed when I returned from recording the Getting Blanked Podcast. In particular, there were two moments– which I’ve, of course, heard about after the fact– that I think require a bit of additional scrutiny.

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