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The long saga has finally ended, and John Farrell is back where he always wanted to be– something I didn’t always believe to be the case– and back with the organization that, stunningly, “helped set up the difficult radiation treatment for Farrell’s son Luke last Fall in Boston that was thankfully successful and sees Luke back in school and pitching again at Northwestern University,” according to an excellent grope around the cold grey murk of this failed relationship– this challenge one part slithered away from, one part reset by Jays’ management– from Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star.

There’s a lot to digest here, as Farrell returns to Boston, potentially taking a big chunk of the coaching staff with him– Brian Butterfield, although having preceded Farrell in Toronto, is a New Englander who may jump at the opportunity, if extended, and Torey Lovullo, ex-manager of the PawSox who was hand-picked by Farrell to join him here, could also leave, provided the Jays don’t offer him their now vacant managerial position.

Like most aspect of the story, there’s good and bad that may come with additional departures.

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Yes, it’s more insufferable fucking John Farrell talk. But thankfully the saga may finally be nearing its conclusion, seeing as Bud Selig does not care for major announcements being made during the World Series– which begins Wendesday– so a lot of folks seem to believe that it’s in the interest of both the Jays and the Red Sox to resolve this whole John Farrell mess– or, potentially, and far, far worse, the John Farrell plus two thirds of the damn coaching staff mess.

Joe McDonald and Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston have spoken to a source who say that the Red Sox have asked the Jays for permission to speak to Farrell himself, ostensibly about a contract.

“The source guessed it would take a player or players of ‘substantial value’ for the Jays to allow Farrell to go to a division rival,” they add, “though the source did not have direct knowledge of the negotiations, which are taking place on multiple levels of each organization.”

Dr. Rosen Rosen writes at Fox Sports that “discussions between the Blue Jays and Red Sox about that compensation are reaching an advanced stage.”

He also has a source that echoes what we heard from Jon Heyman yesterday at CBS, who was told by a source that the Jays’ people “would charter a jet to get him out.”

“There’s no question it gets done in my mind,” a rival executive told Rosenthal. “Toronto doesn’t want him there anymore.”

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Is the insufferable saga of the courting of John Farrell by the Boston Red Sox finally nearing its conclusion? It sure as shit is starting to feel like it, as reports now indicate that the talks are moving well forward, and it’s getting harder and harder to see how the Jays could, at this point, pull back and continue on with Farrell, who they’re very obviously not insistent on keeping, as their manager.

As has been the case lately, it’s Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe who appears to have been first to stick his neck out:

In the Toronto Sun, Bob Elliott writes about Cafardo’s report, explaining that “we believe, as the Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo wrote, that the teams are ‘beyond preliminary stage of compensation talks for Farrell’ since the two teams have been talking for a week,” however, “we do not believe that talks “have reached the ownership stage” as we’ve seen reported.”

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Crank up the ol’ intrigue machine, because Alex Anthopoulos had been scheduled to appear on the Fan 590‘s Jeff Blair Show tomorrow morning at 9 AM, to address– presumably among other things– the nauseatingly rampant innuendo about Boston’s coveting of Jays manager John Farrell. And now that appearance has apparently been cancelled.

Obviously there could be many reasons for Anthopoulos to back out: it could be personal, it could be a scheduling conflict, or some piece of crucial business (unrelated to you know what) may have come up. But… um… one guess as to how many people are going to be speculating any of that.

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Come on. Did you really think that today’s bout of Farrellmania would end with Boston Globe writer Nick Cafardo’s oddly vague tweet last night?

There’s pageviews to be had! And damn it if everybody else in Beantown isn’t going to make sure they get in on the act.

This morning we have Alex Speier of, saying that he has an “industry source” that confirms Cafardo’s initial report, that “the Red Sox and Blue Jays have begun preliminary discussions about potential compensation for Toronto manager John Farrell.”

Of course, “preliminary discussions” could mean a lot of things. It could simply be that the Jays are listening to what Boston might offer in exchange for their manager, which they entirely owe it to themselves and to the franchise to do. The Sox may– and sure as shit appear to– be too desperate to make this happen for the Jays to do anything but let their man go and extract the highest price possible for him, and how else are they going to find out if Boston has reached that point unless they feel out what kinds of compensation is going to be available?

Simple enough. Yet believing that means we have to believe the Jays even want Farrell to continue on as their manager, or that he is as open to winding up in either place as he’s publicly suggested.

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Where’d his camera and green Sox hat go?

With precisely the amount of vagueness needed to make it sound as though something has perhaps dramatically changed– um… maybe?–since last we were privy to whatever the Boston media has deigned to let dribble out of their mouths in our direction regarding John Farrell, the Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo gave birth to a tweet late Wednesday evening:

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The few, the loud, the Boston media.

Jays manager John Farrell spoke today on MLB Network Radio, affirming that he is, indeed, the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. “That’s where I’ve been the last year. That’s where I currently am,” Sherlock fucking Holmes continued.

“This speculation started to rear its head again about the final two months of the season,” he explains, and “I can tell you this: in my conversations with Alex it hasn’t distracted me from my job and what the commitment there is. I’m extremely challenged, happy as the manager of the Blue Jays. But it’s obvious that there’s a vacancy to fill there, and they’re going about their interview process as it is, with a couple of guys coming in there today and tomorrow, I guess. But nothing has been communicated directly to me, as far as– if the Red Sox have contacted Alex, I’m unaware of that. So where it stands is what I said: manager of the Blue Jays.”

Now, if we really wanted to, I suppose we could parse some of his words here. For starters, I suppose you could say he’s not exactly as entirely emphatic you could imagine in his statement of commitment to the Jays, but that’s really only if you’re expecting him to bang his fist on the desk and start frothing at the mouth.

Or, y’know, actually say that he’s not interested in going to Boston, which would fucking end this all real quick, no?

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