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Keith Law had a chat with readers today over at, and… actually there wasn’t a single Jays-related nugget to be found. Fortunately for us, though, we aren’t without our weekly dose of KLaw, as earlier in the week he gave some insight into the Jays’ managerial situation– or, at least, why the Red Sox might be so damn interested in John Farrell, despite little resembling accomplishment during his two years here.

Asked this directly on Tuesday’s Baseball Today podcast, Law replies…

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A Blairrell of Laughs

… and I’ll be headed straight fer that door so fucking fast it’ll make yer gad-damn head spin! 

Jeff Blair was at his absolute Blairsy-est in the pages of Wednesday’s Globe and Mail– assuming anybody actually goes to the trouble of printing those out anymore– ruminating on the still-unrelenting John Farrell saga, and the identity at the very core of the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, in ways that make you really want to believe he’s got it spot on, but that often crumble given enough scrutiny.

Funnily, in one of his more prescient bits, that’s exactly the sort of trick Blair suggests Farrell has pulled. “He looks like he should be a good manager – he’s got good face – and you kind of, sort of, maybe want to see him be a success,” he writes, groping, perhaps, towards exploring what I figure is as good a guess as any as to how the Farrell experiment has possibly gone wrong so quickly. But insights like this– and his gorgeous excoriation of Omar Vizquel, “who in truth took a victory lap around the league on the Blue Jays’ dime without making much of an impact in the clubhouse, other than offering a ham-handed defence of Yunel Escobar’s homophobic eye-black slur”– are a little too few and far between in a piece that, for my taste, is built largely on some questionably assumptions, assuming it even wants to go anywhere new.

He digs himself a hole in paragraph two:

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 What the fuck do you mean they haven’t even ASKED already?!!?!???

In a confusing bit of reporting, buried beyond the paywall in the latest from Buster Olney of (Insider Olney), we’re told that “Boston’s search for a new manager will begin in earnest in the next few days, and it will start with the Red Sox seeking permission to speak with John Farrell.” Then, not five bullet points later, we’re similarly told that “the Red Sox could reach out to the Toronto Blue Jays about Farrell as soon as today, and then we’ll find out how much Toronto wants to keep him.”

Whichever the case, it sounds like we might– just maybe!– finally, possibly, fucking mercifully be nearing an end to all the ridiculous speculation which– you may notice from the Boston Media Round-Up vibe of our latest Afternoon Snack– seems to be entirely fucking driven by those in /ˈbɔstən/

Which is kind of a shame, in spite of the fact that it would be real fucking nice to get this all over with one way or the other (even though there’s maybe less urgency due to Terry Francona being off the market), because it means we’ll start to see the slow tapering of articles exhibiting the kind of bleary-eyed hilarious madness that we saw published over the weekend in Charlottetown, PEI’s The Guardian.

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As the Farrell Turns…

I’m just not sure I care enough either way whether John Farrell returns to manage the Blue Jays or not to bother making a new post about it every time the damn wind changes direction, but since it would be in absolutely nobody’s interest to let this damn thing linger, the feeling seems to be that if it happens, it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen soon, one way or the other. So I guess I might as well write about what’s out there.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any more clarity on the matter now than when we tackled it this afternoon, after Bobby Valentine’s firing became official.

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Welp, here we go with the off-season.

In truly the most shocking news ever imaginable in the history of the world, Bobby Valentine has been fired by the Boston Red Sox. Drew has the details over at Getting Blanked, where he relays an official club tweet that tells us GM Ben Cherington will be heading up a managerial search… again.

And, again, John Farrell is in the sights of… if not the Red Sox themselves, the entire fucking Boston metropolitan area.

Seriously. If you hate yourself, go do a Twitter search for Farrell and enjoy all the entitled twats who think Farrell is simply there for the taking, if the magnificent Red Sox come a-calling.

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Boston-based reporter Jen Royle, formerly of MASN and YES and currently writing for SB Nation, among other things, cause a bit of a stir last night on Twitter, as she went out on a limb with an exclusive “scoop” on… internal conflict between the Jays’ GM and manager?

I put the word scoop in quotes, of course, because this sure as fuck is a powerful bit of information to have slipped past the local wretches, coming to us from a source whose mere existence, I’d wager hard, is as much a revelation to Jays fans as her claim.

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I wish somebody else had this story, because I’m not seeing it anywhere else just yet, and I’m loath to link to Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun, yet apparently I have no choice, as he’s got choice quotes from Omar Vizquel, who goes all Zaun Cherry and gives us more to ponder about the stewardship of John Farrell and his coaching staff, and whether or not their attitude with players is too lax.

“No doubt this is a good young ball club,” Vizquel said. “Obviously, they need some veteran leadership in here. I tried to do my best, a little helping here and there. But I think the coaching staff have a big responsibility to kind of get in there and tie things up a little, have a bit more communication with their players and try to make this thing happen the right way.

“Sometimes you have to punish players because they’re making the same mistakes over and over again,” he adds.

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