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It was my third or fourth time down at the Rogers Centre with a media pass. I had somehow convinced theScore to let me try to rip off Craig Kilborn’s 5 Questions, but with baseball players, and the results were … awkward. Forget about a camera adding ten pounds. For me, it magnified how horribly unnatural and self-conscious I am.

My very first experience involved asking Aaron Hill a question about the Eric Clapton song Layla. We included it in the list of questions because in a Blue Jays player profile, the team’s second baseman at the time had said that it was his favorite song to play on guitar. In reality, he hadn’t even heard of it, and the segment only got worse from there.

Nevertheless, I soldiered on, and on this specific day, I approached fan-favorite, back up infielder John McDonald to answer questions about whose jock he’d least like to wear if he forgot his own (Rod Barajas).

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