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John Morosi of Fox Sports was on the Fan 590′s Brady & Lang show this morning (audio here), giving his impressions of the Jays’ camp in Dunedin, and the man liked what he saw– particularly from Brett Lawrie, but from others as well. Like Brett Cecil.

No, really.

“He’s a very physical player,” Morosi says of Lawrie. “There are some people who, you watch them and their physical tools just jump off the field and smack you in the head, and he’s one of those guys.”

“He really brought his game to a Spring Training game, and he was playing it like it was a pennant race game in September,” Morosi adds, after noting how hard Lawrie runs and how he beat out an infield hit at one point, and saying that he looked even more comfortable at third base than he did last year. “I really think he’s the guy who’s going to make this team go.”

Subjectively, he says he just liked the way the camp looked, and how confident the players looked and acted.

Asked about the reliability of Brett Cecil, Morosi said he thinks he can get the job done. “The mechanics, to me, looked better,” he says. “He was very fluid, mechanically, I felt, tonnes of strikes. There’s just a lot of upside to this rotation, I think.”

“Cecil certainly left a good impression on me. He looked a lot better than the Cecil I saw last year.”

“I’ve been hearing rave reviews about Henderson Alvarez,” he later adds, noting that, while he was of the mind that that Jays needed to add a number two starter in the off-season, if Cecil can continue to be as good as yesterday, if some of the young arms take a step forward, with the revamped bullpen and what he thinks can be a “dynamic offense”– he said Lind looked good yesterday– he thinks this can be a team “that could really surprise a lot of people.”

I’ll take it. It’s still early in Spring Training, so all the optimism in the world exists, just waiting to be crushed by mid-May, but… y’know… right on!

Or, should I say, OH, YEAAHH!

It’s probably not a healthy thing to keep stoking Jays fans’ maple-fuelled infatuation with a player still under contract to the Cincinnati Reds for two years, but there are a lot of reasons– something like two hundred million of them– to think that, when the time comes, Joey Votto is going to hit the open market. And for Jays fans yearning (ridiculously) for a Canadian superstar, a first baseman that isn’t Adam Lind, and a club building a national brand and shameless in their willingness to exploit players’ birth certificates, obviously that’s going to be the cause

Jon Morosi addresses this in his latest piece for Fox Sports, citing a source “with knowledge of Votto’s plans” who says that he and the reds “aren’t actively exchanging proposals now and that Votto is ‘in no rush’ to start.” He paints a picture of Votto as an extremely driven player, but more interestingly, for our purposes, someone who has done some thinking about how best to position oneself for stardom.

Sure, on one hand he says that he has “no problem falling under the radar,” but he also tells Morosi that “I think Albert might find — not that I know — that St. Louis might have been a good market as far as him being a star.” Morosi also points out that Votto “recently remarked to Hal McCoy of FOX Sports Ohio, ‘Prince Fielder sure got a lot of money, didn’t he?’ “

But he’s certainly not all about money, as demonstrated by a comment that should make us Jays fans take notice.

“The Blue Jays will be under intense pressure to pursue Votto if he hits the open market, since he was born and raised in Toronto,” Morosi writes. “But Votto seemed unmoved by the local-boy-makes-good-and-comes-home narrative when I mentioned it to him. ‘I want to play for a good team,’ said Votto, who now makes his offseason home in Florida. ‘Cincinnati has a good team right now.’ “

For now. With Votto. Two years from now, who knows?

I have no fucking clue what Jon Morosi of Fox Sports figured Joey Votto, who is under contract to the Cincinnati Reds for two more seasons, was going to say when asked about his interest in signing to play for the Jays when he becomes a free agent, but hold onto your tits, this is going to be a real ball-buster:

Holy shit! No way! So I guess he’s really not coming. Sad trombone.