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As we’re well aware of by now, the Jays– thanks to their all-encompassing no comment policy when it comes to anything resembling a transaction– have their name dragged into the mix for just about any player available and sought after by MLB clubs, and apparently that’s no different when it comes to the last international amateur free agent to hit the market before the CBA changes, Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler (not pictured, since most pictures purportedly of him appear to be mislabelled).

Take it away, Jon Heyman…

Of course, simply dismissing these rumors as the product of the ability for anybody to claim that the Jays are involved, without it being shot down by the club, would be a bit premature, I think.

We know that the Jays have viewed the amateur free agent market as a cost-effective way to acquire assets, and that they’ve dipped in it to sign high-profile Cuban Adeiny Hechavarria, and came up just short on Aroldis Chapman. We also know that Alex Anthopoulos watched Soler work out back in February.

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