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Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees

A few items coming from the Twitter fingers of the reporters down at Rogers Centre today that just seem too big to leave until tonight’s Game Threat, as we have new word on the progress of three key Jays who’ve been injured throughout the club’s recent run back towards quasi-respectability…

So… that’s some good news– at least, in a relative sense, as far as Morrow goes. And there’s more!

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Nifty little picture here of Jose Reyes, by way of Will Hennessy– aka @Williciousness– who tweets that “Reyes made good contact, ran well, fielded smooth today.”

That’s… just… fucking… awesome.

The pic is from the sim game referred to here, by Shi Davidi, who has even more decent news on the injury front:

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Holy shit, it seems as though we’re actually nearing the light at the end of the tunnel when if comes to the injury and recovery of Jose Reyes, who has been out since April 12, and remains just 43 plate appearances into his Blue Jays career. And while I don’t have a whole lot to say about it– except to maybe point out how the injury to Reyes, the most crucial one to have befallen the Jays this year, genuinely seems to be clearing up ahead of schedule, which surely must be a shock to the system of the tin foil hat brigade who are so sure that the front office has been nothing but a bunch of FILTHY FUCKING LYING MOTHERFUCKING MOTHERFUCKERS when it comes to not being clairvoyant about the diagnoses they proffer when players get hurt (seriously: morons)– um… awesome!

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Jose Reyes with a bat and glove in his hand? Yes, please.

The image above comes via Jose’s Instagram today, after last night he tweeted that he’s #comingsoon.

Of course, he can’t come that soon– he’s on the 60-day DL dating back to April 12th– but as I was quickly told when I pointed that out on Twitter, June 11th is a whole lot better than “around the All-Star Break,” as we’d originally been hearing. Which isn’t to say that there’s a new diagnosis or anything, but Jose certainly seems to feel that things are going very well with his recovery.

The Google translation of the caption for the photo above says it all, I think…

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Yesterday on Prime Time Sports, Alex Anthopoulos– according to a tweet from Bluebird Banter’s @Minor_Leaguer– said that Jose Reyes is currently in a walking boot, but that he should be out by mid-May, and that it “wouldn’t surprise” him to see the shortstop back by the end of June.

Today, while I suspect only temporarily out of the walking boot (though I actually don’t know, to be perfectly honest), Reyes stood on his own two feet, under his own power– and then showed the world via Twitter and Instagram, as you can see above.

On the Instagram post, he shared his thoughts on the humbling process of recovery:

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Calling 162 games every year is not an easy thing to do. That’s 500 hours (give or take) of talking non-stop about the same topic. While you get to cover some great games, you also have to cover the really shitty games. I gotta give credit to Buck – in my opinion, he does a good job. Sure, the BOWTEESTAH’s get annoying after a while, but such is the case when listening to someone talk for a long time.

I teamed up with Vince from to find some of the best/worst of Buck. If you don’t know about the site, it’s a catalog of all of Buck’s fuck-ups. He gave me a ton of material to work with so shoutout to him. So here you go, the Buck Martinez soundboard:

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Toronto Blue Jays v Kansas City Royals

NOTE: See updates below the jump…


As I’m trying to wrap up the non-story on Jose Bautista sitting (back spasms) and Casper Wells being D’d FA, we have the following tweet from Danny Knobler– The Knobler!– of CBS Sports:


This comes on the heels of Reyes announcing on Instagram “Next stop Toronto✈✈✈. Good news my people … #happy#azul#blue #jaysnation#”.

Yeah, I know that a week ago the thought of being without Reyes for “only” eight weeks wouldn’t have been such cause for joy, but holy… after watching the way that ankle bent…

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