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Maybe I’m missing something here, but back on Friday’s edition of the Fan 590′s Prime Time Sports, former Toronto Star man Dave Perkins, after ridiculously asserting that he’d get rid of Jose Bautista “in a heartbeat,” and before ridiculously asserting that “they won’t sell one ticket this off-season– who’s gonna fall for it this November and December like everybody did last year?”, laid on us some supposed inside information on the contract status of Josh Johnson (audio here– starts around the 25 minute mark):

The scenario I heard last week was, they have a wink and a handshake deal with Johnson whereby they extend him a qualifying offer, he turns it down, and then signs a two-year contract for less, that he’s got in his back pocket. They’ll give him less for two years, and they’ll take it for the security of having a two-year contract, and the chance to rebuild his reputation.

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New York Yankees v Toronto Blue JaysWelp.

I really have nothing on this one, folks. It sounds about right for this fucking season, don’t it? And it further complicates the whole qualifying offer thing, much to the delight, I’m sure, of those who have yet to grasp that Josh Johnson didn’t just emerge from the ether last November, and actually has a track record that looks a metric fuck-tonne better than what he’s shown in most of his starts this year and demands at least a little attention be paid to it. Oh, but sure, hate him and think he sucks, go ahead! See if I care! Just makes it easier for me to figure who’s useless.

So… yeah.

Thad Weber is coming up from Buffalo to complete the roster move. He’s posted a 2.65 ERA starting 12 times for the Bisons this season.

So… yeah.

As has been obvious for months, basically, Melky Cabrera simply can’t play adequately in the outfield right now, and while the play above was the cherry on top of the giant pile of shit, it’s his legs that have been his undoing. The Jays, mercifully, have stopped trying to hump the dream that he’s passable, placing him on the DL following tonight’s disaster in Anaheim, and calling up Neil Wagner to help ease a bullpen that once again needed to clean up a turd of another kind, which came again from the arm of Josh Johnson.

With a $16-million contract and a two-year commitment to play left field, it’s not like John Gibbons has had much choice but to run Melky out there this year, but with his legs– and the season– in the condition they’re currently in, it’s clearly become untenable.

Maybe it always was– the Jays starters’ second-worst-in-the-league ERA can’t have been helped by poor defence too often at a few too many positions, though their second-worst-in-the-league FIP suggests it’s more down to the pitchers– and certainly they’ll have to reconsider what to do with him next season, as he’s looked far more like a DH than an outfielder this year. And maybe not even that!

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Matt Sosnick is about as upfront as it gets. And while I can’t say that I’ve had a lot of dealings with player agents in the baseball world, I suspect that’s a fairly rare quality. It certainly makes him an excellent radio show guest, especially at a time like this, with his client and his team struggling so badly, and that’s why I’m hardly surprised that he said something noteworthy when he appeared with Jeff Blair on the Fan 590 yesterday morning (audio here).

It’s certainly not how I heard it, but the description of the conversation on the Fan’s audio on demand page tells listeners that “despite an awful season thus far, Matt Sosnick still expects that his client, Josh Johnson, can sign a monster contract if they elect to choose free agency this off-season.”

Sosnick did use those sorts of terms at one point, though I don’t think expects is the right word at all.

“He’s a guy who had a chance, going into the season, to sign a Sabbathia-type contract if he went out and had a Cy Young-type year,” he says, early on in the interview– “had,” I think, perhaps being the operative word.

“If he’s over [his past injury issues], he’s a guy who can sign a monster contract,” he added, and then later emphasized the anomaly that this season has been for Johnson, and says that his sense is that he’s going to turn it around this year.

I suppose you could combine the fact that he expects him to turn it around with the fact that a healthy and productive Johnson would be in line for a monster deal and come to the same conclusion that the Fan did, but later on Sosnick got much more realistic about what’s in store for his client, given the way things currently stand.

Calling this winter’s free agent pitching market possibly the worst in the last ten or fifteen years, he added, “It doesn’t look like Josh will be part of it now.”


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Los Angeles Dodgers v Toronto Blue Jays

Tomorrow Jake Marisnick will be a Major Leaguer. Following last night’s game the Marlins announced, via Twitter, that both he and top prospect Christian Yelich are on their way to the big leagues, straight from Double-A Jacksonville, where the 22-year-old ex Jays prospect and his 21-year-old teammate were both in the top ten in OPS despite being among the youngest qualified hitters in the Southern League.

It’s a bit of an early debut for Marisnick, but it’s hard to deny that he’s zoomed past Anthony Gose– who continues to regress at the plate and on the basepaths in his repeat year at Triple-A– and firmly made himself a centrepiece of last November’s deal between the Jays and the Marlins.

A decent lavishing of praise is sure to come today, as tends to happen when top 100 prospects make their debuts, which will surely make a lot of Jays fans sick to their stomachs. Meanwhile, one of the key players who went the other way in the deal, Josh Johnson, is left to pick up the pieces of another terrible outing for the Blue Jays last night.

Johnson recorded just six outs on Monday against the Dodgers– one of the few teams who, had he been pitching better, may have been convinced to have some genuine interest in him at the trade deadline– and for the sixth time in thirteen starts this season he allowed four or more earned runs, ballooning his season ERA a half run from 5.16 to 5.66.

So while Marisnick is about to become a big league player, is it possible Johnson could be heading in the other direction, all the way out of the league? I’m sure there are some fans that so, but I highly doubt it’s remotely close to that dire. Johnson’s fastball still sits at 93 and touches 94, even though he doesn’t pitch like it, so there’s always going to be interest there. But something absolutely has to change if he’s going to rediscover what made him successful– or to discover for the first time what he can do to get by now that he’s no longer the power pitcher he was back in what I think we can safely, already, call his pre-injury heyday.

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Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays

For whatever rumours this time of year are worth, Jerry Crasnick of ESPN tweets some news– or, perhaps some non-news, which… if you read the title of this post you’ll already know about– regarding the Jays plans for Josh Johnson:

There are a number of things we can take from this.

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Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees

Not that I want to try to make something out of nothing here, but R.A. Dickey had a wide-ranging talk with Eno Sarris of FanGraphs published this morning, and while it’s all pretty interesting– particularly the stuff about Dickey’s health, which sounds not even close to 100%– a couple comments really stood out to me, and maybe not in a good way.

Sarris: How does this relate to, you called it 75% effort vs when you were a conventional thrower… Did this remind you of your age? The thing about knuckleballers is “oh, they can pitch forever.”

Dickey: I don’t know if it reminds me of my age, as I look to my left and right, I see far younger players on the DL for far lesser things.

Sarris: Touche.

Dickey: So it’s hard or me to equate this with just my age. What’s much more important to me is to take the ball every fifth [day] and be counted on for 200 innings. You have to be able to take the ball when you’re not feeling great. The guys that can’t really pitch unless they are 100% that don’t ever get to those milestones. Do I feel old? Not really. Am I old?

Hi Brandon Morrow and Josh Johnson!

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