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It’s a hell of a strange thing seeing J.P. Ricciardi as the wise centre of a piece on the state of 2014 Blue Jays and the bizarre off-season this club, and its ownership, has just taken fans through, but that’s how I felt watching the just-released Stephen Brunt narrated video essay from SportsnetAlex Anthopoulos: State of the Franchise, which is the second of their four part series Blue Jays In Focus.

Most likely it simply comes down to presentation and his lack of a vested interest to protect, or maybe that those of us who follow the minutiae have seen all of the other stuff before ad nauseam, but it’s the former GM who, for me, gave off the clearest signal of any of the interview subjects in the piece, standing in stark contrast to the noise emanating out of the typically coy hypertension of his successor, and the doddering of Paul Beeston.

It’s not entirely fair to place so much of my focus in reviewing the piece on Ricciardi, who has comparatively little screen time, and not Anthopoulos himself, who — along with the way Brunt’s interviews are woven together to make a compelling story out of the club’s disaffecting winter — is the star of the show. But it’s awfully telling about how things are going for the Blue Jays right now that a man once so vilified in this market can appear so much the calm, thoughtful veteran sailing through thick seas swirling with Anthopoulos and Beeston’s usual shtick.

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Ricciardi Speaks!

The New York Mets are in town, but their special advisor to GM Sandy Alderson isn’t. No, not because JP Ricciardi worked those extra-special living-in-Massachusetts privileges into the contract with his new team, but because he’s out scouting. But hey, why not dredge up that old line of absolute horseshit, right? Because it’s totally cool to shit on JP for how he used to not live here, exactly the way I’m sure we all shit on the Golden God that is Pat Gillick for still living in Toronto when he ran the Baltimore Orioles, RIGHT???

Anywho, even though Ricciardi isn’t in tow, the arrival of the Mets makes for an opportune… um… opportunity to speak with the ex-Jays GM, which is exactly what Shi Davidi of Sportsnet did, phoning JP, who was on a scouting trip in North Carolina, allowing him to reflect on how his tenure, how things here have changed since he left, and to say a few things that are no-doubt going to infuriate a whole lot of Jays fans… because… that’s how we do, when it comes to Ricciardi, isn’t it?

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