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I know, I know, at the end of the last one I promised a look at Jon Heyman’s latest would be the next post here, but I simply can’t not post this: it’s Colby Rasmus in an series called Home Field Advantage, where they take a look at where the players live in the cities that they play in and… it’s… just… it’s… Colby is so the best.

He pronounces Toronto right!!! He gets a hot dog from outside the stadium!

It’s kind of amazing…

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I could have sworn I saw R.A. Dickey on the hill at Rogers Centre the other night, but you could be forgiven if you were in Hamburg, Munich, Rome, or several other European locales and thought you spotted the Jays’ knuckleballing… um… ace?

Because he was totally there! At least, he was in bobblehead form — and we have proof thanks to Twitterer Christine Sommerville (aka @FreeFallinFilms), and her awesome Tumblr, Dickey Bobble Blog. To wit:

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As noted in the comments of the post below, this fancy little Vine clip — via @DanToman — is even better than the curveball GIF I used.

Safe to say Eric Hosmer was impressed.

This kid is ballin’ hard right here. Just so amazingly the best.

HE DIDN’T EVEN GIVE HER THE BALL HE JUST CAUGHT! Guy in red also killing it. So much good here.

Full video via following the jump!

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What? Did you think I was lying?

And don’t think that the tweet doesn’t make it even better.

He ain’t wrong. Except… well… I’m maybe not so sure that an extra inning win counts as beating the fuck out of someone, but whatever. Amazing.


Crotch grab in the direction of Wilner for the tip. Because for some reason I apparently do not follow the Sheik.

Fantastic stuff here — by way of @DanToman — from Jose Bautista, who was evidently getting ragged on all night by the Philly fans out in right field, and had a sweet parting message for them after Brett Cecil finished off the shutout that J.A. Happ started (no, really). Let’s hope for more tomorrow night — of this, of the winning, of the pitching performances that don’t make me want to break things — it’s all good.

Amazingly, this may not even be the best Bautista GIF of the night. Check out Jose’s outstanding throw to the plate to get a tagging Marlon Byrd — who was on third base thanks to a triple off of Esmil Rogers — in the bottom of the sixth.

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Great catch from Dan Toman, who was quick to throw the following Vine out into the digital ether, while the Blue Jay Hunter’s Tumblr had another part of the… um… festivities?

I don’t even want to know.

Hard to fault young Brett for feeling good on a night when he broke a 3-3 tie with a three-run bomb — or any of the Jays, really, after what looked like it might be yet another disaster for R.A. Dickey, who cruised through five innings before a Steve Lombardozzi pop up double (not taken by either Melky Cabrera or Jose Reyes) was followed by a Nick Markakis walk and a Nelson Cruz blast to open the scoring. Shit, it looked like it might get worse when Dickey managed to walk (and HBP) the bases loaded before getting out of that inning. Or when a single and a ground rule double from Markakis created a gigantic jam as Dickey finally, mercifully was pulled in the seventh — a jam that nearly erased all the good of Edwin Encarnacion’s game-tying three-run blast in the bottom of the sixth, but was spectacularly worked out of by Neil Wagner and (mostly) Brett Cecil, setting the stage for Lawrie’s eighth-inning heroics (and another three-run blast off the bat of Melky Cabrera, to boot).

Or, at least, so I heard from Twitter while watching the basketball game.

Anyway… yeah… you be you, Brett Lawrie. You be you. Whatever the hell you are.

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