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Great catch from Dan Toman, who was quick to throw the following Vine out into the digital ether, while the Blue Jay Hunter’s Tumblr had another part of the… um… festivities?

I don’t even want to know.

Hard to fault young Brett for feeling good on a night when he broke a 3-3 tie with a three-run bomb — or any of the Jays, really, after what looked like it might be yet another disaster for R.A. Dickey, who cruised through five innings before a Steve Lombardozzi pop up double (not taken by either Melky Cabrera or Jose Reyes) was followed by a Nick Markakis walk and a Nelson Cruz blast to open the scoring. Shit, it looked like it might get worse when Dickey managed to walk (and HBP) the bases loaded before getting out of that inning. Or when a single and a ground rule double from Markakis created a gigantic jam as Dickey finally, mercifully was pulled in the seventh — a jam that nearly erased all the good of Edwin Encarnacion’s game-tying three-run blast in the bottom of the sixth, but was spectacularly worked out of by Neil Wagner and (mostly) Brett Cecil, setting the stage for Lawrie’s eighth-inning heroics (and another three-run blast off the bat of Melky Cabrera, to boot).

Or, at least, so I heard from Twitter while watching the basketball game.

Anyway… yeah… you be you, Brett Lawrie. You be you. Whatever the hell you are.

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A good, old fashioned doubleheader! Uh… y’know… in snowy Minnesota in April.

The Jays and Twins have been snowed out today, meaning that R.A. Dickey and Dustin McGowan will both be pitching tomorrow, with Dickey presumably taking the regularly scheduled 1:10 PM ET start, and McGowan going at 7:10 PM ET in the game we’re all going to be far too drunk to remember the end of.

What, you’re not getting drunk all day and watching baseball? I thought I knew you.

The current forecast for Minneapolis, according to the Weather Network, has a high tomorrow of 5°C with a low of -2°C. Fun!


Image of Barry Davis’s “view” of Target Field via Barry Davis.


Dusty Lambchops? Roy Halladay? What fucking year is this? …


Rather than spend a few extra seconds working on today’s game threat, shamelessly self-promoting @SportsBarHeroes, venting about Ervin Santana, or… I dunno… walking to get a burrito maybe? I’m going to mail in a post and share this delightful little slice of nostalgic awesome with you all, because… holy lord this is all so the best.

I mean… if this isn’t the new line of Blue Jays hats, shirts, jackets, jeans, and moustaches within six months, then you know something with this organization is especially fucked. Because… I mean… obviously.


Crotch grab in the direction of @ToddRadom for the pic!


The title is probably all you need to know about this one. Especially since it’s just, like, Buster’s opinion, man. But here’s what was said in his piece today at (Insider Olney).

The Blue Jays appear to hold the commanding position in the free-agent pitching market that remains, to the degree that Toronto is like a beer vendor inside the Super Bowl site.

If anybody wanted something to drink at MetLife Stadium, they had to deal with the vendors’ terms. Similarly, Toronto can just sit back and wait for one of them to agree to its terms. The Blue Jays need a starting pitcher and are willing to pay, and because there are so many free-agent starters available, one of them will need Toronto, whether it’s Santana or Jimenez or A.J. Burnett.

Dude, nothing is fucked. Come on.

Everything seems to be going entirely according to plan… sort of. Provided the Jays’ plan all along was to get whatever half-decent free agent pitcher comes for the cheapest and the shortest term. Which isn’t really a bad plan when you get right down to it. It’s just… it sure had better work.

I don’t know. We know all this.

Funny, though, that Olney would be referring to beer price gouging at the Super Bowl, considering that, according to this pic, it wasn’t far off what beer goes for at Rogers Centre (keeping in mind that the bottles seen there are of the 473 ml variety, which is the same size as a domestic tallboy). But… we know all this, too. Hey, and price gouging seems to be our thing in this province when it comes to beer.

So… yeah. That’s all I got.

Still, though, ”commanding position”!!! “Willing to pay”!!! Beats talking about Brent Morel, at least.

Or is it Brett Morel?


Image via the great @TRIPPINGOLNEY.


Click to embiggen.

This nifty little image, which comes by way of Redditor atomicbolt (aka the great @mattomic) at r/TorontoBlueJays, is pretty much the best thing you’re going to see today. Also: the most depressing. So why not just put up your feet and phone it in the rest of the way already? That’s my plan!

Crotch grab in the direction of @jon_cookie for the tip.



Some people like pizza. Some like certain brands of pizza better than certain other brands. They used to sell pizza made by Pizza Pizza at the Rogers Centre, and some people liked that, other didn’t. Today the Blue Jays announced that they had signed an Official Pizza Agreement with Pizza Nova, and now they will sell that pizza at the Rogers Centre. Some people like that, others don’t.

And now I’m writing a dreadful post about pizza.

Hey, it beats what I was going to do — writing more fretful pieces about the Jays being horrifically outdated in some of their thinking — right??? Like, all that stuff about Brandon Morrow and biomechanics that came up yesterday, or new hitting coach Kevin Seitzer speaking exclusively in terms of batting average and RBIs in every. fucking. interview. Or a new one from Jeff Zimmerman at FanGraphs showing that over the last few years a player’s BABIP will begin to drop as soon as he reaches the Majors, which wasn’t the case even just a few years ago, with the theory being that it’s based “on the increased knowledge and use of defensive information,” since “teams are doing a better job of tracking players in the majors and minors and know their hit tendencies.” Yet, of course, the Jays plod along with Luis Rivera, who replaced Brian Butterfield last season, still entrenched as the club’s point man on this stuff, despite announcing a year ago that he would be more conservative with shifts, putting that pronouncement into action by becoming one of only two big league clubs to buck the trend and shift less in 2013 than the previous year, and overseeing some atrocious on-field results. (Granted, undoubtedly some — maybe even most — of it comes down to personnel, but in 2013, on ground balls in play, Jays opponents hit 15 points higher than the MLB average (.255 BABIP on ground balls versus a .240 league average), after being 17 and 24 points under the league average in the final two seasons with the uber-shifty Butterfield).

But no. Today let’s pay no attention to the front office’s possible deference to stubborn old school-ness that’s potentially costing the club. Let’s just go with pizza.

WHICH PIZZA DO YOU LIKE??? – Take the survey after the jump!

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