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Colby Rasmus’s father, Tony (aka @FlorenceFalcon0), is a great follow on Twitter. He’s willing to engage fans, and entirely unafraid to speak his mind, even when it comes to matters involving his son, or the team he plays for. This, as you might expect, can cause some trouble from time to time. Especially when fans with too much time on their hands, and few other nuggets to satiate themselves with, get the ol’ gears turning about why what they perceive to be an “insider” dishing about the intriguing plans of the front office.

And when Tony Rasmus is talking about the possibility of Colby getting traded, that would seem to be what people do. At least, judging by the bout of clarifications he’s been making (once again) today:

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We’ve heard rumblings about this for a while, and frankly, I haven’t been quite comfortable with the details of it, because as a person under the age of 75, I’m not much for the cable TV. But the MLB Network tweeted this today, and apparently it’s a thing:

Hurray? Maybe?

I don’t know. If this means anything to you (i.e. you’re not with Bell, Shaw, or whatever other providers still exist these days) and is news you’ve yet to hear, there you have it. Congratulations.

I have no idea how the whole CanCon thing works either, or… anything about this, really. Happy to be doing so P.R. for Rogers, though, I guess.

Montreal Expos

I have no idea if this is even Jays-related, technically. Is Tim Raines still with the organization? There was a rumour, before Tim Leiper got the gig, that he might be in line to be the club’s first base coach in 2014, and his name is still on the club’s front office directory, but that’s currently a bit outdated.

Whatever, though. He’s an Expos legend! And in my book, pretty much anything Expos is fair game, especially when it’s this delightful– and when it comes from the den of awesome that is Cespedes Family BBQ (who last month were kind enough to have me give them a hand rating the top ten Jays shirseys, even though I’m not funny anymore now that I don’t write posts while half in the bag– still employed though!).

So on what’s sure to be a disappointing — yet hopefully encouraging — Hall of Fame announcement day for Raines, I pass along these blessings (after the jump)…

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We managed to sneak in one post on this blog back in the year 2006, the week before the calendar turned to 2007, meaning that the seventh anniversary of this site is now upon us, as we head into 2014, our eighth season covering the Jays.

I’d like to be able to claim that it was with some foresight that I chose this particular week to make the first post, as every year the anniversary is perfectly timed for me to mail in a post about it and get back to doing anything with my life but groping around for meaningful baseball content in late December. More likely, though, it’s Vernon Wells’ fault– or, more accurately, J.P. Ricciardi and Paul Godfrey’s fault– since this month also marks the seven year anniversary of the club signing Wells to a deal that, at the time, made him the sixth-highest paid player in baseball history.

That’s obviously not what I was on about in the very first post– the main image of which you see above, in all the lame MS Paint glory of its wiffle ball bat tribute to Reed Johnson’s tripod trick and brazenness about the ease with which one can sneak booze into the Rogers Centre– but I suspect Wells was the catalyst for our friends telling Parkes and I to take our damn baseball conversations away from their email circle (these were pre-social media days, kids), which we then did. And though we began it entirely with the thought that no one would ever read it, somehow people found it, and somehow it has turned into this thing.

I’ll spare you the boring details of the long arc from there to here, because what’s more important is to just say thank you. If not for all the readers and the community of commenters over the years, this site wouldn’t still be here, and wouldn’t still be growing, getting better, and let’s face it, I’d be working a way shittier job.

I try not to gloat about it in the company of people who don’t wake up every day and get to do a thing they love, but I’m not going to lie… my job is kinda the best, and the people I work with at theScore and who have given me the opportunity to do this (and paid me for it, unlike how certain other companies get their content *COUGH*) are amazing. But it’s the loyal readers– many of whom have stayed loyal, even in the face of me calling them braying morons or telling them to go fuck themselves, and knowing there’s a distinct possibility that I may do so again– who’ve really made it all possible. So thanks, y’all. I mean it.

Lately I’ve been putting a bunch of year-end stuff together that you’ll see in the coming days, and it’s really been striking how, despite how utterly deflating it was to watch the Jays, 2013 has been a genuinely fun year. At least it was for me, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. So here’s to, if not seven, at least a few more years before I go full Michael Baumann on this fucking organization.

Seven years. Jesus, has it really been that long?


The GM Meetings begin today in Orlando, and you’ve probably heard by now that last year’s version of the event was where the groundwork for most of last season’s big moves was laid. In fact, by this time in 2012, the Jays had already traded for Esmil Rogers and signed Maicer Izturis (though the latter deal didn’t take place until after the meetings, which were earlier on the calendar). Things have been much quieter so far this winter, but that doesn’t mean that the stakes aren’t just as high for Alex Anthopoulos, which means all kinds of fun innuendo should be coming down the pike this week. And as long as our mayor doesn’t get indicted, I’ll be fully devoted to passing it all along until the meetings adjourn on Wednesday– and for quite some time after, no doubt.

In other words, you have no reason to not be following us. But I’ll do you one better and give you another.

Back on Friday I received my review copy of Great Expectations: The Lost Toronto Blue Jays Season, the new book from Shi Davidi of Sportsnet and John Lott of the National Post. Along with it, ECW Press was kind enough to send along a copy for us to give away.

So, here’s what we’ll do about that:

The DJF Twitter account (@DRUNKJAYSFANS) is closing in on 20,000 followers– less than a hundred away last I looked– and while I figure most people who want to follow are probably already doing so, I’ve got precisely zero better ideas for using this book to the site’s benefit except to try to bump us close to the prestigious-only-in-my-mind 20K level.

So, if you’re not doing so already, follow DJF on Twitter. Then, at some point this morning I’ll send out a tweet that says something like “RT this to win the copy of ‘Great Expectations: The Lost Toronto Blue Jays Season’ that we’re giving away. You must be following us to win!“– probably something exactly like that, now that I mention it– and then later in the afternoon I”ll print out the names of everyone who retweeted, cut ‘em up, pull one from a hat, and as long as whoever gets picked is following DJF (because apparently I’m gonna be a stickler about this for some reason), they get the book.

Sound good? Of course it does.

And if you don’t win, you can always order yourself a copy by way of the link to ECW Press above, or find it later this week (if not already) in your local, preferably independent, bookstore.

Hey, and while we’re talkin’ social media, why not give us a like on Facebook, and follow me (@AndrewStoeten) and all our other friends and contributors– like @dustinparkes, @DrewGROF, @thescottlewis, @ArchiZuber and @ScottJohnson48– on Twitter.


Fear not, Mike McCoy fans.

Or.. maybe fear a little. But don’t be so sure that all is lost, even though the most well-travelled man in recent Jays history is among the players in the organization who have qualified for minor league free agency, according to Matt Eddy of Baseball America. But as Juan Perez demonstrated earlier today, being released by the Jays doesn’t necessarily mean that a player’s time in the organization is done. According to a team release, after electing free agency (and thereby being removed from the 40-man roster), Perez signed a minor league deal with the club, with an invite to Spring Training. He’ll join, the release noted, Mike Nickeas and Andy LaRoche as guys on minor league deals with invites.

Will that be the case for anyone else? Meh. I don’t know, or particularly care. But here’s the full list anyway, which includes several names that you’ll recognize, as does the full list of 550 players qualifying, which includes for the first time draft picks from 2007 who aren’t on their club’s 40-man roster– meaning one-time Jays prospect Kevin Ahrens, who was J.P. Ricciardi’s second ever first-rounder selected out of high school, following Travis Snider the previous year. Ahrens ended up truly stalling out in high-A, spending parts of four seasons with Dunedin of the Florida State League, including full years in 2009, 2011 and 2012– he was demoted to Lansing for part of 2010, and managed to spend this season in double-A.

Man, Ricciardi’s draft record is a-fucking-bysmal.

Anywho, the list:

Toronto Blue Jays
Chad Beck (AA), Tyson Brummett (AA), Buddy Carlyle (AAA), Joel Carreno (AAA), Alan Farina (AA), Marcus Walden (AA)
LHP: Willie Collazo* (AA), Juan Perez (AAA)
C: Brian Compton (Lo A)
1B: Luis A. Jimenez (AAA), Clint Robinson (AAA)Jon Talley (AA)
2B: Daniel Arcila (SS), Oliver Dominguez (Hi A), Jim Negrych (AAA), John Tolisano (AA), Lance Zawadzki (AA)
3B: Kevin Ahrens (AA)
SS: Mike McCoy (AAA), Amadeo Zazueta (AA)
OF: Blake Gailen (AAA), Adam Loewen (AA), Ricardo Nanita (AAA)

The star next to Willie Collazo’s name is just to indicate that he spent the entirety of 2013 on the DL.

So… yeah. Some names we’ve followed a little bit over the years, but certainly nobody who was going to help the 2014 Blue Jays. (Sit down, Negrych fans!)

I was going to pour over the entirety of the list for some intriguing guys who the Jays might be interested in taking a flyer on, but… uh… 550 names? Most of whom I’d have to at least check out the BR and FanGraphs pages of? Yeah, I think I’m just gonna mail this one in and leave it at that. Er… I mean… why would I want to hog all of that fun for myself? Go to Eddy’s piece and knock yourselves out!

Godspeed, Ricardo Nanita, et al.


Hmmm… Nope, still seems empty.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is cleared up by the time I’m finished writing, so I’ll try to make it brief: Munenori Kawasaki is headed back to Japan. Or maybe he isn’t.

Y’know, just like the title says.

In this corner, conflict source number one, Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star:

And in the other corner, yadda yadda yadda, Mike Wilner:

Now, the implications of any of this, of course, have almost everything to do with the Buffalo Bisons and not the Toronto Blue Jays, so I hesitate to even bother. But on the other hand, Kawasaki is pretty much as awesome as it gets, as far as depth pieces are concerned.

I don’t think I need to list his abundant virtues. It’s just, none of them would appear to involve being able to help a Major League club get better, unless you really believe in the power of magical spirit animals (in which case the Jays, by employing John Gibbons, are probably fucked anyway, eh genius?).

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