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Hank Conger

Late last night, while some of us were too busy Jagging off to have noticed, Bob Elliott wrote in the Toronto Sun… well… this:

Toronto has targeted either Chris Iannetta or Hank Conger, according to those familiar with the Jays’ plans.

Those, of course, would be the Angels’ two catchers, and… well… of course they have.

The reason Jays fans have been so enamoured with Howie Kendrick, of course, is that the Angels sure look like they could use relief help or the kinds of back-end starters that the Jays are flush with. The same considerations apply here, though they’d do so a little differently depending on which of Anaheim’s catchers they may be looking at.

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It’s been a great day for baseball so far, and it isn’t over yet. Even the Jays, who once trailed Tampa 7-0, brought the winning run to the plate in the bottom of the seventh (don’t ask), meaning that the Rays remain hardly safe to get through to the Wild Card play-in game, or whatever tiebreaker may be necessary to determine who does. Meanwhile, the Rangers are down early, the Clevelands are up, and the Brewers– who would secure the Jays a protected pick with a win– lead the Mets 2-1 late (note: not anymore).

And there are great stories on the individual front, too, as the image above comes from Miami, where ex-Jay Henderson Alvarez pitched a no-hitter against the Tigers– which ended on a wild pitch, as the Marlins scored their lone run of the game in the bottom of the ninth, with two outs, the bases loaded, and Alvarez himself on deck.

And here in Toronto, of course, there’s Darren Oliver, who ended his career with a 1-2-3 inning, with a pair of strikeouts, one of which was to his last batter, Evan Longoria, who was frozen on a curveball for a called third strike. Not many better hitters in the game to do that to while ending a terrific career.

Baseball’s pretty damn cool sometimes, even if… yeah, as far as that whole winning-run-to-the-plate thing goes, don’t ask. Seriously. If you were looking for season-ending wistfulness, here you have it. I won’t even complain about the Rays demonstrating right in the Jays’ faces why it’s absurd that our team moved away from defensive shifts this year. Well… not too much.


The Jays just missed a huge opportunity with the bases loaded in the bottom of the eighth, with Moises Sierra striking out to Fernando Rodney ending the threat. But they’re within a run with three outs left– a run that would put a huge dent in the Rays’ playoff chances.

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The Pearl Harbor Gift Shop is, according to its website, “a traditional tattoo parlor” in Toronto’s Kensington Market neighbourhood– with a pretty sweet-looking location, which those of you who’ve been by it on Kensington Ave. will know.

The site also has a photo blog that shows off some of their always impressive new and in-progress work, which… you’re totally not even reading what I’m writing at this point are you? You’re mesmerized. Lost in the eyes of that beautiful Beest, wondering what sublime creature is out there in the world, walking around with this image etched on its leg.

Yes, it’s magnificent.


Yeah, this one’s pretty mailed in. And you’ve very possibly already seen the clip. But I’m thinking… so what? The appearance of Munenori Kawasaki and Mark DeRosa on the MLB Network’s Intentional Talk with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar didn’t air until long after Friday Lunch (TM), and… I mean… what was I gonna do, post something on the weekend?

Certainly not something as frivolous as this!

But it’s good for a larf, and seems a reasonable enough way to get our Monday-morning-in-the-most-technical-sense-of-the-word going. So here you have it! (After the jump).

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Here’s something to mildly brighten our sorry, sorry lives as we wait for this miserable fucking season to end– and I don’t just mean that sweet picture above– Edwin Encarnacion will return to the Jays’ lineup tonight as the designated hitter, while Colby Rasmus is feeling good too, and is in tonight’s lineup as well!

Don’t believe me? OK. But would you believe that Jays’ official Twitter feed?


Barry Davis was the first to tweet tonight’s lineup, which features Encarnacion hitting third and Rasmus hitting sixth.

I dunno. Beats thinking about the long, sad downfall of Ricky Romero, or most of what I’m going to talk about in my next post…


Crotch grab in the direction of @Proposition_Joe who sends the above picture our way with the caption: “Yikes, clearance rack at Jays Shop consisting entirely of Romero jerseys.”

If I wasn’t lazy and felt like doing some investigative reporting I might call the shop, or walk down, and check out to see if these really are all Romero jerseys– might buy a hat while I’m at it!– but… why would Proposition Joe (aka Chris Romero– presumably no relation) lie?

He wouldn’t lie. I assume.

And if that’s for real… man, that’s cold.

He’s still on the damn roster! I mean, I’m sure that, after a shaky season in the minor leagues and your GM telling the world that you’re going to be taken off the 40-man once the season ends, the number of people willing to invest in your jersey probably takes nose dive. Still, though, not exactly a strong vote of confidence, even if it has more to do with shelf space than what anyone actually in the business of baseball thinks.

The forces of the market can be cruel, huh?


This week’s Griff Bag– i.e. Richard Griffin’s mail bag over at the Toronto Star– was a study in extremes, with some quite excellent questions, and some astoundingly infuriating ones (including one I thought might totally be racist!), balanced out by a healthy serving of mush. Not all that different from most weeks, actually, but for some reason I just didn’t have the wherewithal to mash my keyboard into a pulp in a hulk-like diatribe furor, so… one sentence or less is all you get!

Frankly, it’s more than at least a couple of these questions deserved.

As always, I have not read any of Griffin’s answers.

If there’s a question you’d like me to answer, email it to and maybe he’ll select it for a future mail bag. Fingers crossed!

Q. Hi Richard Stoeten

After last week’s mailbag perhaps I could give a little bit of support (and perspective) to those who want John Gibbons out.

1. To those who wanted a big name perhaps it’s worth remembering that wishing for Terry Francona, Joe Torre, Joe Maddon etc was simply fantasy baseball. They were either not available or not interested. That leaves you with a whole bunch of guys named ‘Who.’ Tony Pena? A complete bust at Kansas. Charlie Manuel? Even folksier than Gibby and 20 years older. Buck Showalter, the two-year wonder? The list goes on.

3. It’s maybe worth remembering that Francona spent 4 seasons under .500 at Philly before getting it right. Joe Torre even worse at the Mets. Jim Leyland in 11 years at the Pirates probably only got them anywhere near once or maybe twice. All bad teams? Sure but what do you think the Jays have been plunking out? The best team in the East is managed by the same guy who was pathetic in Toronto even before he saw the Holy Grail.

So is Gibby as good as these guys? I have no idea but I can’t think of one thing that he did, or didn’t do that would have made one jot of difference to this season. So just for once can we stick with a guy and find out now the pieces are finally coming together. He has total respect for his players, the fans and the game. He treats them as men and if these guys are good enough the Jays will win because of how they perform. And because the manager stayed out of the way and let them play their game.

Thanks again, Griff

Frank Taker, Prescott, Ont.

Bang on, but what happened to number two?

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