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All the nonexistent highs and dreadful feelings of being completely fucking lost in the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays season can be yours again– and all in one afternoon! It’s the Blue Jays themed corn maze at Cooper’s Farm in Zephyr, Ontario!

Put yourself in Alex Anthopoulos’s shoes as you stumble blindly around corner after corner, slowly losing the will to live and ever hoping that the miserable fucking experience will finally, mercifully end!

Who’s up for some self inflicted psychological torture!!!

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Image via @Wilnerness590.


Need something to lighten the mood in the wake of today’s avalanche of Jays deadline-related non-news?

Me either, but here it is anyway! Jays players talking about their walk-up music to

Check it out after the jump…

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No, you’re mailing in a post.

Here we have Jose Bautista appearing on Intentional Talk with Kevin Millar and Chris Rose on the MLB Network, talking about lil’ Bautista, dunking our old friend Cabbie into a vat of eggs, wearing McCutchen dreads, and answering questions about hidden talents and ugliest teammates, among other things.

It’s Friday, what of it? Check out the clip after the jump…

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I did pretty much this exact same post a month and a half ago (also: a year and a half ago) , when I showed up on the Rogers-owned sports radio station in town, but today it was the other guys’ turn, as I joined Gareth Wheeler (aka @WheelerTSN) this afternoon at 2:30 on TSN 1050 (aka @TSN1050Radio) here in Toronto for a Jays talkin’ segment. And with no Getting Blanked podcasts this week (maybe a Thursday DJF one, though– but don’t hold your breath!), I’m figuring you might get a kick out of whatever the hell it was that I rambled.

Click here to have a listen.

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox

He’s not wrong– and neither is Scott MacArthur of TSN when he provides some follow-up context– but Edwin Encarnacion gave what might be considered a comment worthy of attention today. Or… y’know… maybe it’s just a horrifically slow news day.

To wit:

Like Edwin says, I don’t think the starting pitchers would disagree (and, obviously the relievers wouldn’t, seeing as there’s zero chance he’s talking about the bullpen), but… maybe not the best precedent to set, from a P.R. standpoint.

Not that I care. It’s just, it’s not like it needed to be said, and the risk of pissing off teammates probably isn’t worth it. On the other hand, it gave me something to post about so that I don’t have to bother wasting any more words on the Home Run Derby than absolutely necessary.

Speaking of: Jose Bautista was asked by the Jays not to participate in tonight’s yawn-fest, according to a tweet from Shi Davidi. In a follow-up tweet Bautista is quoted as saying he agreed with the decision. (Though some folks are saying on TV it sounded like he was more upset about it than this suggests, but… whatever. Also, what’s he going to say, “meh, balls to this snoozefest.”)

He also had some truth bombs… for himself!

OK, just one truth bomb. But he’s not wrong either– and I’m sure it was much easier for him to take the diplomatic route here than it would have been for Edwin, who is kinda fucking nailing it this year. Not a lot of blame Encarnacion could have put on himself, so… the truth seems like a solid way to have gone, I guess. I don’t know.


This slice of gold (that you’ve probably already seen) from R.A. Dickey’s Twitter feed has spared me from actually using my brain for at least another hour or so, which… fucking eh!!!!

No, you’re mailing in a post!

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