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There has been lots of Jays stuff coming out of MLB’s Fan Cave so far this season, thanks in no small part, I’m sure, to Jays fan April Whitzman (aka @Alleycat17), who is one of the select group imprisoned taking part in it this season. Case in point? This gem of Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion dropping bombs on the driving range at Manhattan’s Chelsea Piers.

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Not a whole hell of a lot to talk about just yet here on the second off-day of the week (until I muster the energy to tackle the latest Ricky Romero minor league shitcanning), but this shot of the age- and, dare I say, talent-defying Ramon Ortiz celebrating the end of an inning last night during his terrific performance against the Junior Varsity Giants seems like a rather awesome moment to linger on now that the Jays have actually started looking something like the team we expected them to look like.

It comes from the always-excellent Flickr stream of @James_In_TO.

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With the Jays set to return to the Rogers Centre turf, and about to begin a two-game mini series with some west coast team from the Junior Varsity division, it seems like an appropriate time to revisit some of the early-season’s most trod-upon subject matter, crowd behaviour. And today we’ll do it through a nifty (um… week old, already having appeared on the Blue Jay Hunter and elsewhere) video about when it’s appropriate to boo at a baseball game from reader and Facebooker, Emily W.

Most of it I can get on board with it– though I must admit I’m a little bit wary of the whole unconditional loving of this team thing that they come around to at the end. I also wouldn’t want to tell anybody not to boo whenever they feel is right, rather, I prefer to point out that, when it’s done at certain times and with certain motivations, it just kind of makes you a bit of a lump of shit. So… like… do it if you really have to, just know that.

Anyway, it’s mostly on point. Check it out after the jump!

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So… this is a thing.

It’s the trailer for the upcoming Touch ‘em All Joe, which– as you learn in the clip– is from Bob McCown’s Fadoo Productions. The company’s Vimeo channel describes them as specializing in TV production, so I’m going to guess you won’t be seeing a theatrical release of this, but if you didn’t get enough good vibes out of your Blue Jays experience from watching come-from-behind wins the last two nights, perhaps this quick preview of a documentary on (arguably) the biggest moment in the team’s history will do the trick.

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I pretty much took a break after Friday night from the soul-crushing experience that is being a Toronto Blue Jays fan this weekend, which turned out to be a great call on Saturday, but not so much on Sunday. And which I point out only because it means this clip is new to me, even though most of you probably already saw it.

You see, Melky Cabrera hit his first home run in nine months yesterday, and when he got back to the dugout, his teammates were… shall we say… unmoved?

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When a reader sent me this picture he’d taken in Union Station he’d described it as though the man in the jersey was actually wearing an old-skool Jays jersey. It sure as hell looks like a White Sox jersey to me, and I was totally going give the man the benefit of the doubt when I did a post about it… until the reader, @TJGoertz, emailed me back to respond to my questioning of whether or not he might have been mistaken about the logo on the front.

“100% man,” he said. “I saw the front. It was the pre-2012 Jays logo but black. One of a kind.”


That’s… that’s fucking unfortunate, man. Well, unless the guy’s name is Chad Beuhrle or something, I guess.


“Hey! Rajai Davis, you just saved the Jays season with a bullet throw from left field to gun down Manny Machado at the plate as he attempted to score the winning run! What are you gonna do now?”

“I’m gonna go hang out with a bunch of weirdos in the MLB Fan Cave!”

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