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No, the one in the middle.

It has seemed like it was imminent for a couple of days now, and it never should have been in any doubt given his college eligibility, but it’s finally official: the Jays’ draft strategy ran like a top, as they’ve now signed 22nd overall pick Marcus Stroman, the last remaining of their key early-round picks to have signed.

And who broke the news, you ask? Marcus Stroman. Oh, what a world!

I noted back on Friday that Stroman had some news for us, and again yesterday that he was on a plane somewhere, possibly Dunedin, both of which pointed to the possibility of this happening, but obviously there was no way for us to know for sure. But the thing always was, Stroman wouldn’t be doing himself any favours by not signing.

Even if he went back to school next year, stayed healty, pitched well, and moved up the draft board– none of which were givens– as a college senior he would not have had a whole lot of leverage to negotiate with the team he was drafted by. If he refused to sign whatever the club was offering, his only options would have been to go into non-affiliated baseball, like the independent leagues or Japan, and hope for yet another year of health, good performance, and that there might be a contract somewhere even farther down the line.

Clearly his best option was to take the money the Jays were offering and get his pro career started– especially since many evaluators have been saying that, if they wanted to, the club could have Stroman pitching in the Majors at some point this season, if they’re willing to use him out of the bullpen.

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MLB’s international free agent signing period opened today– the first of its kind, under the terms of the new CBA, which significantly, not to mention astonishingly ridiculously, curbs the amount of money clubs are allowed to spend– and the Jays went right to work looking to add the next maple-tingling firework-exploding laser-beavering Jacques-Rougeau-ing floating-poutining Justin Morneau to their organization…

Assuming, y’know, that said player is Venezuelan. And not at all in the mold of Morneau.

In that sense, or even a sense that doesn’t pointlessly shoehorn in a bunch of Canadian stereotypes as a nod to our national holiday, the Jays seem to have done well for themselves, signing the top rated international prospect according to Ben Badler of Baseball America.

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Or so the Jays draftee says on Twitter…

Since we’re still a couple weeks out from the deadline for signing draft picks, I have a pretty good feeling that it’s not going to be that he’s through with negotiating and is announcing today that he’ll be back at Duke next season.

Shit, at this point I’m pretty sure it’s far more likely– to steal a joke from @seancole22– that he’ll be starting for the Jays next week than committing to go back for his senior year in college, then re-entering the draft next year with a shit-tonne less leverage to negotiate a deal.

Obviously I have no idea if it really means he’s signed– he could have taken a dump shaped like Elvis, for all I know– but I don’t think it’s a terrible guess, eh?

I’ll keep ya posted if anything looks imminent.


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