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You wouldn’t believe how long it took for Grof to get this pose right.

Marcus Stroman is on the hill in Buffalo, as the Bisons make their season debut today, while Aaron Sanchez will be in Trenton starting for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, and Brandon Morrow will look to carry over his excellent-ish performance from Montreal as the Jays hope to actually complete a rare series win in Tampa… but let’s not start looking to the future just yet. Let’s savour a little bit about last night, as Mark Buehrle was simply brilliant against the Rays.

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As I’ve mentioned at least a couple of times today, Jays fans seem to be getting awfully antsy about the fact that their club hasn’t made a major move yet. Shit, some hopeless person calling in to Jeff Blair’s show this morning was telling folks to book it that the waves made by the Jays’ big off-season splash had already calmed to nothing– they were getting Dioner Navarro, and that’s it.

For fuck sakes.

I know I’m preaching to the choir on a thing like that here, but it really does seem, especially as these Winter Meetings are now half over, with the Jays having done nothing, like it’s a battle to help people maintain perspective out here. Not that that’s any different than any other time of the year, I guess, and not that it’s not at least a little bit worrisome that the Yankees have gone out onto the market wielding a giant club made of money, but with the Jays focus being so clearly on pitching, there are a few things that we’d do well to keep in mind.

Namely: Tanaka, Garza, Jimenez, Santana, Burnett, Arroyo, Hammel, Colon, Price, Masterson, Lee, Hamels, Samardzija, for starters. And how about the fact that, as I noted in the last post, Angels GM Jerry Dipoto says that there’s “a long list” of pitchers they’re considering.

For those of you who’ve forgotten the title of the post, here’s a hint who might be out there:

Here’s another one:

Now, obviously that one doesn’t exactly help the Jays’ rotation depth issue, necessarily. And since Anthopoulos had been acknowledging he’s taken calls on just about everybody on his roster ($1000 says it’s only “just about” because of Melky and Maicer– though no, because even they might get calls from clubs hoping the Jays would pay a bunch of their salaries), I’m not sure it’s terribly newsworthy.

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Here’s something rather interesting, though there isn’t a whole lot of meat on it as yet. And by “not a whole lot,” I mean nothing more than just this, basically:

Mark Buehrle rumours?

The fantasy-focussed site seems to have noticed the tidbit, but all they’re adding at this point is this:

The Toronto Blue Jays are shopping SP Mark Buehrle this offseason. It’ll be difficult to deal him because his contract was heavily backloaded.


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There are some pretty big qualifiers in a pretty small passage in the latest from Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail, as he looks at the developing off-season market in the wake of the Fielder-Kinsler bloickbuster, but this is still pretty interesting:

Every team needs starting pitching, but few teams can point to that commodity as 90 per cent of the reason they finished in last place – except for the Blue Jays. In Anthopoulos’s perfect world, he’d be able to trade for a front of the rotation starter, sign another through free agency, and go into spring training with R.A. Dickey and Mark Buerhle while keeping his fingers crossed that Brandon Morrow comes back healthy. There remains a chance, industry sources believe, that Buehrle might be moved if the pitching market really heats up although that would seem to be dependent on Anthopoulos making hay in the free agency.


Yes, those are some pretty gigantic ifs, and I’m not sure how much sense it would make for the Jays to fix their starting pitching issues, only to immediately go and create another large, stunningly-dependable hole in the rotation. But there are certainly elements of the idea that could make sense.

Uh… I think.

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This morning at (Insider Only) the one and only (hopefully) Jim Bowden began looking ahead to the trade deadline, which is only about six weeks away, coming up with a list of the top twenty pitchers who could be traded.

It should come as no surprise that two names on it belong to members of the Toronto Blue Jays– unless, of course, you’re surprised it isn’t more. Josh Johnson, a free-agent-to-be on a club looking to retool and already armed with a bunch of young… er… arms either returning to health or getting very close to the Majors for 2014, is there and makes perfect sense.

Sure, the Jays could hold onto him and try to extend him, or cross their fingers that he stays healthy and productive enough through the end of the season to be worth a qualifying offer that would either retain some productive form of him or net a draft pick next year. But… seems to me that the Jays could probably use picking up some assets that will help them in the near term, even if they payoff ceiling may not be quite as high as yet another early round draft selection who’ll be just about hitting his peak around in 2020, when Alex Anthopoulos and the rest of the front office would be naive to assume anything but that they’ll be long, long gone.

Bowden evidently thinks so too, placing the likelihood of Johnson being traded at 70%– tied with Scott Feldman for the third-highest percentage on the list, behind Ricky Nolasco (95%) and Matt Garza (90%).

More interesting, however, is the fact that Mark Buehrle’s name is on the list. And more more interesting is what he says about the Jays’ expensive left-hander.

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When a reader sent me this picture he’d taken in Union Station he’d described it as though the man in the jersey was actually wearing an old-skool Jays jersey. It sure as hell looks like a White Sox jersey to me, and I was totally going give the man the benefit of the doubt when I did a post about it… until the reader, @TJGoertz, emailed me back to respond to my questioning of whether or not he might have been mistaken about the logo on the front.

“100% man,” he said. “I saw the front. It was the pre-2012 Jays logo but black. One of a kind.”


That’s… that’s fucking unfortunate, man. Well, unless the guy’s name is Chad Beuhrle or something, I guess.

Mark Buehrle and Josh Johnson each spoke on conference calls with the media today, and… there was nothing terribly earth-shattering to come out of it– so much so that I wasn’t going to bring myself to write a whole post on it, until I tried stuffing a bunch of notes into a link dump and deciding that I could probably hack together what I’ve got into… something.

Mike Cormack of Sportsnet (@MikeCormack) has as comprehensive a group of tweets from the calls as you’ll find, so I’d suggest checking his feed out now, if you want a preview of the transcripts– and audio highlights, he says– that will likely come later.

Until then, here’s what’s worth knowing:

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