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Brand spanking new Blue Jays minor-league affiliate the Buffalo Bisons showed off their new uniforms for the 2013 season this afternoon. The team trotted out a few children to show off the new threads, because kids look adorable in pretty much everything.

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The R.A. Dickey press conference has come and gone. I’m still buzzing from the high induced by the Dickster’s personality and I’m sure those actually in attendance will also┬ábe too smitten to put their thoughts on the matter into proper words.

Things went pretty much as expected and the only thing that happened that wasn’t totally predicted was Dickey’s struggle to put on, unbutton, and re-button a Blue Jays jersey for the first time. I’m sure this isn’t a bad omen, you guys.

The moment captured in the hilariously popular medium of animated image follows the jump.

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It’s December, which means the Winter Meetings are over and most of the off-season dust has begun to settle. It’s time for baseball players league wide to stop worrying about where they’ll be playing next season and start worrying about the gifts they’ll be receiving from loved ones. Yes, the holiday season is upon us and in the true spirit of giving I’m here to lay out a guide to the greatest gifts you can give that special Blue Jay in your life that you no-doubt know on a personal level*.

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It slipped by me when it was tweeted out by the Jays late last week– crotch grab in the direction of @HumandChuck for the tip– but apparently the club has released its first commercial for the 2013 season, and while there’s no Frank Thomas child abuse, or any of the recently-acquired Jays, but… uh… yeah, I think it’s probably gonna move some tickets…