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Philadelphia’s annual Wing Bowl took place this morning — note: morning — and while you maybe can’t quite tell from the dual beer cans and gushing foam blocking his face, that Steve Austin lookin’ motherfucker right there is none other than Matt Stairs. Doing the Great White North proud!

The image above comes from Philly Sports Live’s David Malandra (@DaveM_PSL), but don’t sell your afternoon short by settling for just the still image. After the jump, by way of the 700 Level and Comcast Sportsnet, we’ve got the video, and… um… remember when the CBC did that Greatest Canadian thing Tommy Douglas won? Might want to revote.

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I feel I must preface this post by saying that I haven’t heard the source material myself, and am simply relaying second-hand information being tweeted by @GSJays. Which isn’t to say I think he’s making it up, I just want to be clear about that, and the fact that any interpretation of the tone of the comments (I’m thinking of words like “hated” and “horribly” when I say this) is his and not mine.

Now, with that out of the way, Matt Stairs, everybody!

So… there’s that.

It all kind of makes sense, of course. I mean, it’s not an entirely surprising sentiment for a Jays player from that era to have, though it’s a little surprising to hear it supposedly expressed. And Stairs is pretty much exactly bang on when it comes to the approach the Jays should finally take with their once ridiculously-elite prospect. It’s just… at the same time, I kinda really want to hear the XM radio interview clip for myself before getting too worked up about it. (Anybody? Li’l help?)

Even then, it’s kinda old news. Cito got away with a lot of absolute ridiculousness, because he’s Cito. We know.


Update: Tom Dakers of Bluebird Banter caught the segment as well, and relays the information as well, in a slightly less incendiary way.