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I… uh…

Yeah… nope. I have no idea right here.

I mean, sure, I suppose that if you want to illustrate the immense speed at which you think the Jays season is hurtling towards the ground, you’re going to need some indication of movement in your drawing. But to do that, and have the maple leaf being displaced by what preeeeeeety clearly looks like the symbol of the military wing of Hitler’s Nazi party? That’s… something. And precisely the editorial cartoon image the Toronto Sun crowed about this morning on Twitter, and presumably published within its pages.

I’m not suggesting it’s intentional or that anything is actually meant by it or anything — mostly because I can’t imagine what any possible suggestion might be. Just weird is all. And probably not imperceptible to the Sun’s target football and porno and books about war demographic, which sort of makes it doubly strange.

I dunno. The Tao of Stieb offers a slightly less horrifying interpretation.


I learned it from watching you!

The Jays return home today after picking up their first series win following a near-sweep of the Royals in Kansas City, meaning that there’s a new chance for unruly, lunatic Jays fans to make themselves a story!

A lot of words were written during the team’s first, less-than-stellar homestand about hysterical fan overreaction to the poor start — several of them by yours truly– but not necessarily a whole much about their media-paid hysterical spirit animals, who generally stuck to tsk tsking in the wake of Opening Week’s plane-throwing, pitching-coach-booing, drinking, fighting, running-onto-the-field antics.

This weekend, however, the headline writers and reporters showed mouth-frothing fans that they still have a thing or two to learn, and made the rest of us wonder if perhaps what seems like the bipolar nature of many Jays fans has more to with how their worst impulses are infuriatingly empowered by what they read.

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