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I’m not sure this is necessarily a good thing, actually, given the reintroduction of “payroll parameters” into our vocabulary and the fact that the Jays aren’t playing for anything anyway, and could probably use getting an extended look at either Anthony Gose or Kevin Pillar in left field, but in today’s big piece on A-Rod and the Biogenesis mess at CBS Sports, Jon Heyman suggested that the possibility of additional punishment for Melky Cabrera, and others who have already served suspensions, is “remote.”

MLB is working with all the affected players and appears likely to suspend or have an agreement to suspend the other Biogenesis-linked players who have never previously been suspended for 50 games, though it’s remotely possible one or two others could get more than 50. Word is, though, that three players on the Biogenesis dockets — Athletics pitcher Bartolo Colon, Blue Jays outfielder Melky Cabrera and Padres catcher Yasmani Grandal — aren’t expected to be punished further as they are apparently considered to have done their time with suspensions served for failed tests in 2012.

He doesn’t entirely close the door on a suspension for Melky, but that’s about as good a bit of news (y’know, for his wallet) as we’ve heard on the subject. It makes sense, too, I think, given that Ryan Braun, who was such a massive target of MLB’s investigation, only got 65 games. Melky, were he to be suspended under the league’s drug testing policy, and not through whatever magical powers of the commissioner Braun had extra games tacked on for, and A-Rod appears to be running headlong into, would have been looking at a 100 game absence, which seems a bit disproportionate, right?

I don’t know. Sounds like we don’t have to worry about it, and that Melky will be safely patrolling (read: standing statue-like, then feebly running like your arthritic grandmother) in left field for the months to come.  Or, y’know, until sometime in August, because– despite what the rumour mill will tell you– I have a hard time believing anyone is actually interested in Cabrera’s contract at this point, so it shouldn’t be terribly difficult to move him in August, should the club so choose and a sucker come a-calling.

Which… actually is harsh, because I really still do believe Melky is a whole lot better than we’ve seen. He was always going to regress at least a little, but what we’ve seen– exacerbated by the hamstring issues, I truly want to believe– has been pretty fucking ridiculous. Find a taker for Adam Lind before tomorrow and Cabrera can be my DH next year real easy. Which… I don’t even know anymore if that’s just stubbornness or what. This season sure has fucked with the ol’ ability to trust in ones assessments, hasn’t it?


So much for the silence, as Ken Rosenthal tweets that a source tells him that… well… you read the headline. And you’re about to read the tweet:

Rosenthal adds:

I’d think that would be a whole lot easier part of the sell than the fact that he, y’know, kinda sucks. Right?

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A fresh report from T.J. Quinn and Mike Fish of says that suspensions related to the scandal surrounding Tony Bosch and his BioGenesis clinic, in which Melky Cabrera has been implicated, may be very shortly in the offing:

Commissioner Bud Selig’s office is expected to suspend Braun and Rodriguez, along with as many as 20 players sometime after next week’s All-Star break, several sources told “Outside the Lines.” As OTL reported, MLB started building cases against the players last month after Bosch agreed to cooperate with investigators.

I wrote about the possibility of Melky not being protected by the notion of double jeopardy last month, and it certainly still seems plausible, given the way MLB intends to go after the big fish, Braun and Rodriguez.

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Those of you who were sad to see Munenori Kawasaki go when the Jays dropped him to make for Jose Reyes to rejoin the club for Wednesday’s finale in Tampa have got your wish– albeit at the expense of Melky Cabrera’s bat and creaky legs.

The plucky Japaneeeeeeeeeeese crowd-pleaser has been recalled by the Jays, while the ailing left fielder has (presumably) been given the order to rest for at least a couple of weeks, so that we all can get a break from the searing hamstring pain we feel when watching him attempt to run the bases or play the outfield.

Don’t believe me? BOOM:

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The primary focus of the latest twist in the BioGenesis story has been the implications it may have for Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, two true superstars in the game who have, so far, escaped punishment for any alleged PED usage, despite the pungent stink of ‘roids taint that surrounds their every step. I suppose it’s understandable why that’s the angle most explored, but to me, and I would assume to every Blue Jays fan, by far the most fascinating thing is how Melky Cabrera, and others who served 50-game suspensions that ended his 2012 season, has continued to be listed among those potentially facing punishment.

Melky, quite rightly, certainly believes that the matter should be closed, telling Jorge L. Ortiz of USA Today following yesterday’s game in San Francisco that “I don’t know anything about it. This is the first I hear of it. If they suspend me again, I think that would be a harsh punishment because I already served my sentence. But it’s up to them. I believe I’ve already served my sentence, especially missing the playoffs. That’s what hurt me the most.”

That’s precisely where Alex Anthopoulos was at during Spring Training, telling Jayson Stark of, “My understanding is there’s no issue. My understanding is that, as of today, we really don’t have anything to be concerned with. He served a suspension and right now, that’s it. His suspension has been served.”

As of today– an Anthopoulos classic that gives just enough of a speck of daylight for things to change dramatically without him ever having been technically wrong on the issue. And wrong he still might be, unfortunately.

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Melky Vday

Welp. Seems like every member of the Jays’ staff is already on ludicrous ol’ Dunedin time, because it was at 7:01 AM this morning (which is a time that, apparently, exists) that my inbox was hit with a release from the club– and not just any old we sold out the home opener bit of typical PR babble.

As you’ve probably read elsewhere, Melky Cabrera finally talked about PED stuff, then said he was through talking about it. Like, forever-ish. For the sake of completeness, here’s the full statement:

“Last season ended for me when I admitted taking a banned substance and accepted and served my punishment of a 50 game suspension. Since that day, my goals have been to serve my punishment and to put that mistake behind me, and to work hard to be the best baseball player I can be. At the end of last season, when it became clear that I would win the batting title despite my positive test, I asked the Players Association and MLB to make sure a more deserving player won, and I am very happy that my former teammate Buster Posey won that award instead of me.

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When the Miami New Times broke the story of Biogenesis this week, including dealings that the Jays’ big off-season signing, Melky Cabrera, had with the allegedly corrupt anti-aging clinic, it seemed as though nothing terribly new was uncovered.

The earliest date associated with Melky’s use in the original New Times story was in December of 2011. Cabrera, we know, was found to have elevated levels of testosterone during the 2012 season, was suspended for the violation of MLB’s drug policy, and has already served his fifty games.

Today, however, while we don’t have anything new linking the All-Star Game MVP to particular substances or regimens, we see that his relationship with the clinic may go back farther than was initially reported. The New Times has published what they call The Melky Files– a chronicle of all the times that Cabrera’s name appears in notebooks obtained from the clinic– and it turns out that the first notebooks he’s mentioned in were labelled “2009″.

The overlay in the image above came from one of these notebooks, along with two other similarly non-specific mentions of his name in 2009 and one more in 2010.

So, what do we make of this?

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