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Melky Signs Officially

Because obviously I would never want to stop staring at a computer screen for a few damn hours, angrily tweeting with people desperate to work out a way to bring Roy Halladay back, or certain best catching prospect in baseball Travis d’Arnaud needs to be traded because he’s “unproven,” or that JP Arencibia is a whole lot better than his yet-to-break-.285 OBP might suggest, the Jays just continue making news, officially confirming tonight, by way of an official release, their signing of Melky Cabrera.

So… there’s that.

Or… well, there could be a few more words, I suppose, but why? We knew it was coming. I think we’ve all digested it. Let’s drink a beer or something– or, atleast if you’re not, I know I am…

Got Melk?

In the middle of a career year, Melky Cabrera was suspended for fifty games last season after he tested positive for high levels of testosterone, which indicated usage of performance enhancing drugs. After being found out, and while appealing the ban, Cabrera had a website setup to reverse-engineer a digital trail that would make it appear as though he had purchased a legal supplement in good faith, aiming to argue that he’d ingested the drugs through no fault of his own. He was quickly found out, failed to get the ban overturned, and when it expired five games into the playoffs, the San Francisco Giants declined to add him to their playoff roster, despite having an anaemic offence– which obviously didn’t hinder them very much.

So… why sign him?

Oddly enough, it’s kinda mostly because of that.

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