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According to an official release from the Jays, outfielder Casper Wells has been designated for assignment by the club, and Buffalo starter Ramon Ortiz– yes, that Ramon Ortiz– has been called up to the Majors to take his place. Meanwhile, Jose Bautista is out of the lineup for tonight’s game.

So… this makes no sense.

At 3:20 PM ET, Richard Griffin tweets that “we’ll see why” Bautista is out “in about fifteen minutes.” And a few minutes later– while I was working on the Jose Reyes stuff– Shi Davidi of the Rogers-owned Rogers Sportsnet reported first from Rogers Centre that the Rogers-owned Jays announced Jose is dealing with back spasms.

The fact that put themselves down an outfielder with Bautista not in the lineup suggested, to my mind, that whatever’s up wasn’t terribly serious. The Wells-Ortiz stuff, however, strikes me as a little bit odd.

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A few items of note being tweeted from camp by the various beat reporters down in Dunedin on this last Monday morning of Spring Training, with the biggest news being that the Jays are taking the cautious– read: smart, albeit frustrating– approach with Brett Lawrie, and will not have him on the roster for Opening Day. He will start the year on the Disabled List in order to take more time to recover from the rib injury that he picked up during the WBC, in the hope that it doesn’t turn into something that nags him throughout the year.

Want proof? Shi Davidi of the Rogers-owned Blue Jays’ Rogers-owned TV broadcaster, Sportsnet, appears to be the first of several to have tweeted this piece of information:

So, that’s  not great, though it will allow the club to carry an extra pitcher– which, while slightly ridiculous, gives them just a bit more time to make a decision on one of their out-of-options guys, and maybe lets them use a bit more strategy in timing when they try to send the odd man out through waivers.

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Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins

What, were you expecting a picture of that dopey-looking Ross motherfucker?

While the Jays were in the midst of their spring debut an interesting, perhaps oddly-timed piece of information came our way. Or, to be more precise, came the way of Jim Salisbury of CSN Philly:

And hoo boy, apparently that was hilarious. He’s got the same name as that guy from Friends! He’s the lone Jewish player on the team that just acquired Delmon Young!

The Twitter gags just write themselves, don’t they? But there’s an intriguing arm coming the Jays’ way, and an intriguing young hitter going the other way, so let’s– please– skip the jokes and have a look at what the hell just happened here…

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That’s Andy LaRoche. Andy.

Not the good LaRoche. Andy.

And according to a team release, the Jays have signed him to a minor league deal with an invite to Spring Training.

LaRoche was last seen in the Majors in 2011 with the Athletics, playing below replacement level for 40 games, with a sub-Arencibia .293 wOBA and 93 wRC+. But hey! He hit left-handers to a .370 wOBA in 2009, and… also… y’know… uh… he’s entirely just minor league depth.

Which would be entirely warped if you’d been in a coma since 2008, when he was the “big get” in the deal that moved Jason Bay to the Red Sox and Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers (as Paul Swydan wrote about at FanGraphs in 2010, when the Pirates finally cut bait on the newest Jay Bison), but… is totally not at all warped in the slightest here in twenty-effing-thirteen, with his career wOBA and wRC+ sitting at .288 and 73.

So… yeah. Enjoy him, Buffalo! Whatever is left of him, that is. And hey, the usually-fastidious Mike Wilner tweeted that the club had signed “Andy LaRocke,” so maybe there’s still hope that it’s a different guy.


(No, really, that’s the whole post.)

Oh hey, more of this VTRN LDRSHPPPPPP noise, as the Jays have signed journeyman infielder Mark DeRosa, to presumably fill their right-handed bench coach void. Cue inspiring first bio line from the club’s press release:

DeROSA, 37, batted .188 with five doubles and six RBI in 48 games for the Nationals last season.

They’re giving him $750,000 for this season, with a club option for the same amount in 2014, and have designated Sam “Best Stuff In The Organization” Dyson for assignment to clear room on the 40-man.

For what it’s worth:

Welp. At least he’s good for something– y’know, beyond making Mike McCoy miserable– because the numbers over his past three seasons have been pretty damn fugly.

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To the chagrin of millions of right-thinking, unflinchingly-righteous fans, and the media that bombarded us daily with screeds expressing their profound disappointment, Mark McGwire hits number 60 off Dennys Reyes in 1998.


Because that’s how it all happened, right?

Anywho, uh… Dennys Reyes, you guys. You know… Dennys Reyes? Soft tossing lefty reliever last seen getting absolutely shit-hammered over 1.2 innings for the 2011 Red Sox Dennys Reyes?


Yeah, about him. Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLBTR throws this at us:

Dennys Reyes told Puro Beisbol that he has offers from the Dodgers, Orioles, and Blue Jays. Among the three, Reyes said, “I’d like to return to the Dodgers,” the team he debuted with as 20-year-old in 1997 (translation via Nick Collias).

Yeah, I think we can rest assured that it would have been some form of minor league offer that the Jays have out to Reyes, who has been pitching (though mostly hurt) this year for Naranjeros de Hermosillo in Mexico, and who last posted a sub-4 xFIP, a walk rate below 10% and a strikeout rate above 20% for the 2008 Twins (and actually only did that one other time in his 15-year big league career, a stellar 2006 season in Minnesota).

But hey, the Jays are still fishing for some interesting depth at least, I guess.

Fuck, I don’t know. I think it’s gonna be a slow news day…

Well, here’s something interesting: MLBTR passes along news out of Honduras that pitcher– or “launcher,” if you believe Google Translate– Denis Villatoro has decided to sign with the Blue Jays, over a number of interested clubs.

The news comes from Saúl Carranza of Diez, who reports that the 18-year-old has signed a five-year deal.

Through Google Translate, he explains (his bold):

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