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The non-waiver trade deadline hits Thursday, and there is all kinds of chatter, big and small, out there regarding the Blue Jays and everyone else, so let’s check out what’s going on over at the invaluable, fantastic, and comprehensive MLB Trade Rumors and see what we’re hearing as the hot stove gets close to its boiling point… 

Jon Lester fever is getting close to 106 degrees. The Red Sox look pretty certain to be moving their ace — a free-agent-to-be who may well already have designs on returning to Boston in the winter anyway — with all kinds of rumours a-flying, and the Jays catching a break on account of the Sox having scratched him from tonight’s start.

They may have caught an even bigger break than that, though, as reports earlier today had Baltimore making a swoop for him, but at the time of this writing it appears that those rumours have been quashed. Or, at least, according to tweets from several of the big rumour mongers — like this one from Joel Sherman of the New York Post — that nothing is close. That doesn’t mean it still can’t happen, though, and it would certainly be a blow to the Jays’ plans of catching the Orioles for the AL East crown. But at the moment any number of teams seem to be in, though the one that plays in this city doesn’t appear to be one of them.

It’s a shame, too. The price is certainly high — the rumours about Baltimore suggested the Sox were looking for Kevin Gausman or Dylan Bundy, while Nick Cafardo, the high prince of not making any fucking sense, tweeted that Ben Cherington is looking for a Major Leaguer plus prospects. I’m not sure how the Jays (or any other potential contender) could possibly give up a big leaguer of any sort of regard, given that they kinda need those for the stretch drive, but the high-level prospect thing seems doable.

I tweeted earlier that I’d deal Dan Norris for Lester without blinking. Last night I said I’d do Norris, Sean Nolin, and Dawel Lugo. That’s maybe a little steep — and I continue to maybe be a little too soft on Nolin — but shit, to get Lester and keep him away from a division rival? While keeping Hutchison, Stroman, Sanchez, Osuna, Hoffman, a number of other big low-minors arms, and other, better middle infield prospects (or ones at least there currently) like Franklin Barreto and Richard Urena?

It’s at least not something I’d dismiss right away. Ownership, on the other hand, very probably would — at least according to the continued rumours about the Jays’ ability to add salary. Bob Elliott was on this more than a week ago, and today in his column at, Jayson Stark wrote that “Toronto is one of several teams that are telling clubs they can’t take on any significant money in any deal.” Lester is owed $4.33-million for the remaining two months of his 2014 deal.

So… there’s that. Though Jon Heyman tweets that a mystery team may be in play! Can it be? Could it be? Will it be???

Actually it’s probably Oakland.

Today In MLBTR: Monday, July 28th


The non-waiver trade deadline hits Thursday, and there is all kinds of chatter, big and small, out there regarding the Blue Jays and everyone else, so let’s check out what’s going on over at the invaluable, fantastic, and comprehensive MLB Trade Rumors and see what we’re hearing as the hot stove gets close to its boiling point… 

A large, awesome Jays-specific piece will require several paragraphs here to cover:

- Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun writes that the Jays could have had Chase Headley, with San Diego paying the freight, if they’d traded Juan Francisco and two “not big-time prospects.” It may seem bizarre to some that the Jays wouldn’t do this, especially those whose minds are broken by strikeouts, as though they’re some sin infinitely worse than any old other out (they’re not, though yes, they’re worse), but I can see it. First, it depends on who the prospects are. Second, as MLBTR points out, even with the recent struggles, Francisco is having a much better season than Headley so far. Third, Francisco doesn’t come with injury concerns that would only be exacerbated by playing on the Rogers Centre turf. Fourth, if the performance from Headley wasn’t there, you’d maybe wonder just how easily he’d take being held out of the lineup, especially as a free-agent-to-be trying to rebuild some value as he heads towards a payday. Francisco, I don’t think, would pose an issue in this regard — though to be fair, I certainly can’t say the same about Headley with any knowledge either, I’d just maybe have wondered.

- A piece from Shi Davidi at Sportsnet tells us that the Jays are being scouted beyond just “the usual suspects,” as he notes that the Phillies took a short trip down the road to Dunedin to look at a rehab start from Sean Nolin, while the Rangers have had scouts in Vancouver, looking in particular at Franklin Barreto, Miguel Castro, and Jairo Labourt. It could just be due diligence, or these clubs having a look at these guys just so they know better what they may want to ask for in the future. But I don’t know… though we heard last week from Jim Salisbury of that the Jays (as well as the Yankees) are cool to the idea of A.J. Burnett, that could be a thing — though he’s certainly not the only intriguing body on their roster. And the Rangers have some pieces that could move too, including Alex Rios, who the Jays are rumoured to be interested in – though Ken Rosenthal tweeted yesterday that their interest was fleeting.

- Kenny Ken Ken also tweets that free-agent-to-be Asdrubal Cabrera is “an option” for the Jays, which… is he? He’s been worth nearly a win-and-a-half this year, but thanks mostly to the fact that he plays shortstop, which he’d be moved off of if he came over to the Jays, moving back to second base, where he played a bunch from 2007 to 2009. He doesn’t play great defence (according to the metrics) at short, and has a .303 on-base over his last 970 plate appearances. And his platoon splits aren’t terribly pronounced, either. Against right-handed pitching, where he’s hit best, over that span the switch hitter slashed .249/.315/.407. At this point I’d take Munenori Kawasaki and his .295/.351/.352 line against right-handers, thanks. And I’d certainly take Steve Tolleson and his 174 wRC+ against lefties. Second base hasn’t even really been that big a problem for this team, frankly.

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Today In MLBTR: Thursday, July 17th


This hasn’t quite been a daily feature, but may still end up one from here until July 31st, especially with the Jays still holding on for dear life in the AL East, trade season sizzling, and the club with plenty of use for many parts, big and small. So let’s have a look at what the invaluable, fantastic, and comprehensive MLB Trade Rumors is telling us about today (and maybe yesterday, too)…

A look at a piece from Jim Bowden touches on just about everything in the latest from the wacky ex-GM over at, but not the fact that, as we’ve known, the Jays are looking for a right-hitting third baseman — and more likely to trade for one of those than a starting pitcher. There aren’t a lot of options, though. Among the best third basemen with at least 50 plate appearances against lefties Martin Prado (15th in the split with a 126 wRC+) really seems like the only option, with everyone else either belonging to a true contender or being highly unlikely to move (think David Wright). Chase Headley has a 78 wRC+ against left-handers, FYI. And the best second baseman in baseball in the split? Steve Tolleson. I shit you not.

Meanwhile, Bowden also talks about Cole Hamels being unlikely to move (but Cliff Lee being a potential August trade target), the fact that the A’s may be active once again in territory the Jays are looking at — this time being the second base market — and that “some possible trade partners increasingly believe” that David Price won’t be moved. Part of the reason? “The club still wants to see if a post-season run remains possible; though the club sits 9.5 games back at the break, the division does still look somewhat vulnerable.”

Speaking of what constitutes a viable playoff scenario, a look at the Red Sox suggests that club is still considering whether to buy or sell at the deadline, “thinking that there may still be time for them to climb back into the race.”  In a Quick Hits piece it’s suggested that Cleveland has been looking at the Rays system, and that maybe this means they have some interest in Price, even though they’re currently 7.5 games back. The Mets, seven games back in the NL East, are still weighing whether or not to pursue deadline improvements to help them in 2014, apparently. Hey, but the Jays, at four games back, are totally fucked, right???

Over the weekend the Angels were looking to make a deal with the Padres, which could have seen them land both Ian Kennedy and Huston Street. The Padres also have Chase Headley, of course. Could the Jays swoop in with some one-stop shopping of the poor-man’s-Billy-Beane variety? How about with the Diamondbacks? I mean, I don’t know how thrilled I’d be with giving up an Aaron Sanchez for a Martin Prado, but Prado and Brad Ziegler? Headley and Kennedy? It’s a little more palatable, at least. (As of Wednesday it seemed like the Angels’ pursuit of Kennedy was off, so… there’s that).

Speaking of Street, a look at the closer market suggests that the Padres are reluctant to move either him or Joaquin Benoit. Jonathan Papelbon is another name that’s out there, and while the Jays obviously don’t need a closer, their bullpen could certainly use a lift — though it’s at least encouraging that Neil Wagner is making progress, and is scheduled to throw a bullpen session this week, per a tweet yesterday from Ben Nicholson-Smith.

One name that’s now off the market is a familiar one: on Wednesday the Rangers dealt the Sausage King, Jason Frasor, to the Royals for 26-year-old Triple-A starter Spencer Patton, who didn’t rank among the club’s top 30 prospects according to Baseball America this year, we’re told.

The Yankees have officially released Alfonso Soriano, making him a free agent. He’ll likely sign for the league minimum somewhere, if he continues to play. He’s a right-handed bat, but his wRC+ against lefties has slumped to just 80 this season, meaning he’s not really of any value to anybody — certainly not the Jays — on a big league contract. If he wanted to go to Buffalo though, for some reason, that could do.

If they decide to be sellers, the Mets are considering making Bartolo Colon available. Theoretically the Jays could have just signed him last winter, but regardless, he’s an option that’s not without intrigue. Tough to see the club going with all three of Buehrle, Dickey, and Colon in the rotation next year, though it sure would help bridge the gap to the Norrises and Sanchezes of the world. Plus, he’s only owed $11-million next year, plus about $3.75-million for this. Still though, probably not a great idea.

Speaking of bad ideas, A.J. Pierzynski! The Red Sox officially released him yesterday, so if anyone’s looking for a shitty catcher nobody likes, one’s available.

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Today In MLBTR: Friday, July 11th


I can’t yet say that this will be a daily feature from here until July 31st, but with the Jays still doing swimmingly, trade season heating up, and the club still with plenty of use for many parts, big and small, it probably will serve us well to have a look at what the invaluable, fantastic, and comprehensive MLB Trade Rumors is telling us about today (and maybe yesterday, too)…

We’re still seeing the Jays’ name come up in whispers, but one wonders what they might really be thinking, and just how willing they’ll be to patch the ever-growing holes in their 2014 roster with pieces of their future. As if it wasn’t a difficult enough question already, the Jays could still add pieces hoping to help weather the storm and position themselves for a strong August and September with a (hopefully) healthy offence, but over the last couple of weeks the likelihood has certainly increased that whatever they do may be all for naught.

It would be easy to think that Alex Anthopoulos, given what’s at stake for him personally, in terms of his job and his ability to again ascend to the highest position within an MLB franchise, that the lean would be to do all that he can to win with this roster and to sort out the future later. But is that necessarily the case?

The latest from Jon Morosi and Ken Rosenthal doesn’t seem to indicate either way, as on one hand Morosi tweets that the Jays are one of three clubs looking at Rangers reliever Joakim Soria — the Angels and Tigers being the others — though Rosenthal counters by saying that the Jays are first weighing the possibility of bringing up Aaron Sanchez to help the club in the bullpen.

Rosenthal goes on to add that the Jays are looking at possibly moving Dan Norris to Buffalo, and that he could surface in the major league bullpen later — they’re hoping, he says, to limit their innings while repeating the Cardinals’ success last season with youngsters Trevor Rosenthal and Carlos Martinez working out of the ‘pen.

Interestingly, Rosenthal also says that the Jays have changed Sanchez’s arm slot, and that he’s been pitching better since. I don’t know how much stock we can put into that without seeing him succeed with it for an extended period, but it’s noticeable that in his last three starts for Buffalo have been better than his first three. Over the first three he pitched a total of 13.1 innings, allowing nine runs (seven earned) on 13 hits and 12 walks, with 13 strikeouts. Since then, over three starts, he’s pitched 19 innings, giving up nine runs (eight earned) on 19 hits and five walks, with 12 strikeouts. So… not wildly different, but the reduced walks and the increased innings sure look encouraging.

Not that they would have interest at this point, I don’t think, but if the Jays wanted to trade for the Phillies’ Marlon Byrd, they’d have a tough time doing so, as they’re one of just four teams on his no-trade list. The Jays, for a geographic reasons, and for reasons to do with the division they play in and the high-resource competition they face, are quite often on players’ no-trade lists. Oh, and for this reason, too: “Byrd adds that he included Toronto and Tampa on his list because of the artificial turf and the risk that poses to him as an aging player (especially one with a vesting option based on plate appearances).”

Moving on, and away briefly from MLBTR, a piece arrived today from former big league GM Jim Bowden over at about what it might take for the Jays or the Giants to get Martin Prado off the Diamondbacks, and… well… it’s a weird one. The Giants, he says, might offer Heath Hembree (“who has a big arm but hasn’t quite developed the control and command needed at the major league level”) and a minor league reliever. But for the Jays, it’s top 50 prospect territory. Or, at least by some standards, as he suggests the Jays give up Dalton Pompey (but not after being asked, and rejecting the overture, for Mitch Nay). We’re also told, somewhat inexplicably, that “the Blue Jays prefer Lawrie at second base rather than third, but what they like most about Prado is, like Lawrie, he can play both second and third. Unlike Lawrie, Prado is an above-average defender at both.” Huh?

One more non-MLBTR item, as Ben Badler of Baseball America reports that the Jays have signed Mexican pitching prospect Guadalupe Chavez. He wasn’t ranked among Badler’s top 30, but he calls him “one of the better young pitching prospects in Mexico. He’s a good athlete with a skinny 6-foot-2, 150-pound frame and already throws up to 93 mph while flashing an above-average changeup that’s ahead of his curveball, with good pitchability for his experience level.”

The injury to the Reds’ Brandon Phillips may have put a wrinkle in the Jays’ plans, as there is now another team looking to the trade market for second base help.

In a roundup of NL West notes, we’re told that the Giants and Rays have been doing some heavy scouting that may involve Jays fans pipe dream Ben Zobrist, while the Diamondbacks may be looking at a payroll crunch next year, which is why they could be extra inclined to move Prado and/or Aaron Hill. Beyond, y’know, the obvious.

Not that we should necessarily be thinking this way anymore — and not that we shouldn’t be scared off by the high cost and the results that don’t match the declining peripherals — but Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon says that he’d waive his no-trade clause to move to a contender. Does that mean the Jays at this point? It probably does, right? Right??

Speaking of Papelbon, in an NL East notes piece, we’re pointed to a piece in the Philadelphia Daily News, where his trade value is examined, and it’s figured that a Papelbon/Burnett package could have some appeal to a team like Baltimore. The Jays too, though, perhaps?

Jorge de la Rosa of the Rockies, a rental, could supposedly be obtained in exchange for a “young impact starter.” Yeah… good luck with that. Better news, though still about as unlikely to happen, is the fact that the same report adds that Troy Tulowitzki has given his subtle blessing to be traded to a contender. All the prospects for him. Right now. Do it.

Lastly, among other things (none of which are Jays-related) an AL East Notes post, we’re given a link to a piece from Rob Bradford of, who writes about the clubhouse discord in Boston surrounding A.J. Pierzynski, who apparently wasn’t liked by his teammates. “A microcosm of Pierzynski’s approach was mentioned by more than one of the backstop’s former teammates, who revealed his propensity to spend a significant amount of time looking at his phone while at his locker during games. In one instance, after a particularly rough outing in which the starting pitcher had been pulled early in the game, Pierzynski could be found staring at his phone while the pitcher gave off the appearance of being an emotional wreck just a few feet away. That incident paved the way for at least one complaint to management from a teammate.” Amazing.

Today In MLBTR: Monday, July 7th


I can’t yet say that this will be a daily feature from here until July 31st, but with the Jays still doing swimmingly, trade season heating up, and the club still with plenty of use for many parts, big and small, it probably will serve us well to have a look at what the invaluable, fantastic, and comprehensive MLB Trade Rumors is telling us about today (and maybe yesterday, too)…

First off, as usual, a couple of non-MLBTR items…

First and foremost, on the Edwin injury front, the club revealed the results of the MRI on Encarnacion’s injured quadriceps, and as Shi Davidi reports at Sportsnet, he’s suffered a Grade 2 strain, and that the news is surprisingly good. It didn’t involve ligaments or his knee or anything, and Edwin says, “It’s going to take two weeks, maybe, depends on how I’m going to be day after day. We’ll see.” The normal recovery time isn’t that quick, but… well… hopefully, and at least a bunch of the time he’ll miss will be comprised of the All-Star break.

Update: Edwin has officially landed on the DL, per the Jays. Nolan Reimold has been activated and will likely be in the lineup tonight in Anaheim (with Jose Bautista likely in the infield again against right-hander Jered Weaver), while the A’s have claimed Kenny Wilson, who the Jays D’d FA yesterday when Reimold was claimed.

Bob Elliot tweets in the direction of the elephant of the room when it comes to the Jays’ inaction so far on the trade market, despite the glaring need for the front office to stem the tide with respect to the ongoing on-field disaster, asking “Any chance the Blue Jays have not added any $ since D. Navarro because Rogers has not given them approval to take on cash?” Ugh.

However! We may be about to see whether or not the club is being forced to make cash-neutral deals, as the rumours about the Jays’ pursuit of Chase Headley of the Padres are heating up. MLBTR passes along links to a tweet from Jon Morosi saying as much, and Ken Rosenthal adds that some with the Jays “feel team’s biggest need right now actually is a hitter more than a starting pitcher.” Yeah, but, y’know, those are probably just the ones who’ve been watching for the last month.

Ollie Connolly of Outside Pitch says he’s hearing the same things Morosi originally reported, saying that the Jays are “closing in on a deal” for the struggling third baseman who had an “MVP calibre” second half last year, and about whom “it is thought moving to a hitters friendly ballpark and a change of scenery could ignite similar results.” Yeah, if he’s healthy. Over the last 19 games Headley’s at least been a league-average-ish .261/.329/.348.

There are other options out there for the Jays, at every place on the diamond, and Ben Nicholson-Smith rounds up a shit-tonne of them for Sportsnet.

One option not mentioned is one that Drew hones in on in a tweet, suggesting, “Trade all prospects for Troy Tulowitzki. Move Jose Reyes to second. Or the moon, if he protests.”

I’d do that, and as we turn to the latest from MLBTR, we see that Tulo’s name has indeed been floated out there (not that we should believe the Jays would have the money to make such a pipe dream of an add, even if they did have the prospects, until we see it)…

In a roundup of Rockies rumours we’re pointed to a Mike Petriello piece at FanGraphs that makes the case that it’s time for the superstar to be dealt. The same piece also suggests that Jorge de la Rosa is a pending free agent who could get moved, and looks at Michael Cuddyer as well — though the latter, despite being a right-handed outfielder who might be of interest to the Jays, is currently hurt and merely hoping to be able to return by the end of the season, and he reportedly wants to stay in Denver.

In another item that addresses Tulo stuff, some Rockies beat guys also suggest that the time may be coming for a trade. Hmmm.

Back to the money thing, in the piece about the Jays’ pursuit of Headley we’re given another intriguing note: Brandon McCarthy was apparently placed on irrevocable waivers six weeks ago, meaning that any club that was willing to take on what was left of his $9-million salary for the season could have had him for nothing. At least the Jays weren’t alone in passing.

In a trio of quick hits we’re told that Cubs GM Jed Hoyer is expecting to have a busy off-season, in which clubs come to him looking for offence (So… um… how about now? Starlin Castro or former Blue Jay Luis Valbuena would be alright, eh?). We’re also told that CC Sabathia may require microfracture surgery on his injured knee — yikes — and that Buster Olney suggests the Yankees may be better off if he simply retired. Yikes again. Thirdly, we’re told of a cold hard reality being met by Giants GM Brian Sabean that may also be something Alex Anthopoulos needs to think of: with his team struggling mightily of late, despite being just a half-game out of first in the NL West, Sabean reportedly isn’t keen on trading prospects to help the 2014 version of his club, given that he’ll likely have a bunch of free agent departures over the winter. Gulp.

Thing about Castro is, though, in another item we’re pointed to a New York Daily News piece in which it’s suggested that Castro and the Mets would be a perfect match, but that Zack Wheeler and a minor leaguer would be enough to land him. Ouch.

Lastly, an item with a bunch of AL East notes mentions the possibility of A.J. Burnett being re-acquired by the Yankees “if the Phillies decide to sell.” He is, of course, an intriguing name for the Jays, too, even though their clear focus right now is hitting — though it’s noted that he has limited trade protection in his contract. The same post points us to a Mike Rutsey piece in the Toronto Sun that criticizes the Jays’ lack of development of position players in recent years. It’s a bit of a canard — they’ve traded some (Marisnick, Hechavarria, d’Arnaud) drafted pitching-heavy and high school-heavy (80% of the players the Jays have drafted under Anthopoulos have been selected in the last three years, most of the best ones have been pitchers and/or drafted at just 18), and are suffering largely from the Ricciardi era more than anything — but they certainly could use some more upper level talent, yes.

Today In MLBTR: Thursday, July 3rd


I can’t yet say that this will be a daily feature from here until July 31st, but with the Jays still doing swimmingly, trade season heating up, and the club still with plenty of use for many parts, big and small, it probably will serve us well to have a look at what the invaluable, fantastic, and comprehensive MLB Trade Rumors is telling us about today (and maybe yesterday, too)…

Not MLBTR- or trade-related, but great stuff at theScore, as Drew spoke to Jose Bautista about his bumpy road to the big leagues. Read it.

Also not at MLBTR, but definitely worth our attention: Chris Cotillo of MLB Daily Dish hears that Jeff Francoeur has a “rolling opt out” in his deal with the Padres (as long as he’s not in the Majors, which he currently isn’t), and could leave if he was given a big league offer — like one that may be on its way from the Jays. Francoeur is an interesting-enough fourth outfield candidate, I suppose. He has a Kevin Pillar-like one walk in 68 PA against lefties in the minors this year, but who needs walks when he’s hitting .348 off them with a .530 SLG? Um… well… a big league hitter kinda does. And Francoeur has been hot garbage in the Majors in recent years. He has a 66 wRC+ over his last 859 plate appearances in the bigs, and has been weirdly equally bad against lefties and righties over that span (66 wRC+ vs. LHP, 65 vs. RHP). So… um… pass. Still probably better than Brad Glenn, though.

Another thought to consider before we get to the MLBTR stuff: A.J. Burnett. The former Blue Jay has possibly turned his season around, posting a 2.89 ERA, 3.26 FIP, and 3.78 xFIP over his last five starts. He hasn’t exactly been facing offensive juggernauts — other than a complete game gem against St. Louis, he’s faced Miami (twice), Chicago, and San Diego — but his velocity has looked a little better than in his first ten starts, and he’s not owed a tonne of money for this year and next, especially if Philadelphia pays the $7.5-million in signing bonus dollars still owed him. His deal is weird: he makes just $7.5-million in salary this year, and has a $15-million mutual option with the club for 2015, or a $7.5-million player option that increases based on the number of starts he makes, up to a maximum of $12.75-million if he takes the hill 32 times. He already has 18 starts under his belt, so he’ll be a bit expensive going forward, and he has limited no-trade protection that might allow him to veto a trade here. But fuck, if he keeps this up, wouldn’t he kinda be perfect? Concerns about his performance, yes, but he’ll definitely give you innings, won’t nearly cost what Samardzija does, can be a dependable piece for a couple years, and… y’know… he’s kinda the fucking best. Do it!

Adding to the intrigue is the fact that, as I pointed out in yesterday’s Daily Duce, MLBTR pointed us to a Nick Cafardo piece that suggested that the Jays were one of the teams most aggressively scouting the Phillies. And don’t get too excited about all those scouts possibly being there to see Cole Hamels, as we’re told via Ken Rosenthal that Hamels has the Jays on his no-trade list.

Some notes from around baseball’s Central divisions tells us that the Jays have sent numerous scouts to watch the Chicago Cubs over the past several weeks, which we already knew. What we didn’t already know? According to Mark Gonzalez of the Chicago Tribune, the Jays have been watching Jason Hammel just as closely as Jeff Samardzija. Noice!

In a roundup of non-Jays AL East notes, we’re told that the Yankees are looking at Ian Kennedy, Wade Miley, and Brandon McCarthy, all of whom would be reasonable enough additions to the Jays, to some degree. Meaning: I still kinda don’t believe in Kennedy, for some reason. Don’t think I’d complain if they landed him, though, especially if they end up getting a pitcher without surrendering Aaron Sanchez, Daniel Norris, etc. That’d sure be a damn coup, wouldn’t it?

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I can’t yet say that this will be a daily feature (weekdays, that is (most likely) — I try not to weekends) from here until July 31st, but with the Jays still doing swimmingly, trade season about to heat up, and the club still with plenty of use for many parts, big and small, it probably will serve us well to have a look at what the invaluable, fantastic, and comprehensive MLB Trade Rumors is telling us about today (and maybe yesterday, too)…

Not from MLBTR as yet, but a good one: Jeff Sanders of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the Jays have interest in Padres third baseman, and future Yankee, Chase Headley. This would be awesome news if it were 2012, when he was worth 7.2 WAR, but Headley is struggling this year. He’s hitting .199/.286/.328, which is good for a wRC+ of 79. In a weird way, though, maybe that’s a good thing. His defence is solid, so he’d still be useful, and it was just last year that he put up a 113 wRC+ and 3.5 wins. There’s more there than he’s shown this year, I have no doubt, and partly that’s likely because, as Sanders points out, he has a “herniated disc that required an epidural injection last week.” So maybe you can get a real talent for pennies on the dollar. Or… maybe you get the guy with the herniated disc who can’t help you at all at the plate. I’d absolutely take the chance, though, seeing as Sanders figures the return “likely won’t pry teams’ best prospects from their grips and might not fetch much more than salary off the books the second half of the season, which the Padres’ next general manager could factor into the 2015 payroll.” Headley makes $10.255-million this year. If they dealt for him today the Jays would be responsible for over $5-million of that. He’s a free agent at the end of the season (and if he’s traded, he won’t net his new club a draft pick if he walks). Do it.

Steve Adams examines a potential Daniel Murphy extension, which, of course, would take the Mets’ second baseman out of the trade market. That may not matter to us anyway, though, as Jon Heyman tweets that the Jays are looking for a second baseman, but not him, because they are far from enamoured with his defence.

In a roundup last night’s pitching rumours, we’re told of a Buster Olney piece that suggests teams are looking for alternatives to the Jeff Samardzijas of the world, such as Wade Miley of the Diamondbacks or Tyson Ross of the Padres — guys with lots of team control left who will likely be quite expensive before their current teams are ready to contend again, and who could be acquired in a similar way to how the Tigers got Doug Fister in 2011. Do it! Meanwhile, we’re told that Ken Rosenthal suggests that the Cardinals shouldn’t deal Oscar Tavares for David Price (though if they would, there’s not much chance of anyone else beating their offer), while Heyman says that the industry consensus appears to be that Samardzija isn’t extending with anybody, and is dead set on hitting the open market.

The Diamondbacks have released reliever J.J. Putz, making him a free agent. He’s got a bad ERA, but quite good peripherals (6.59 ERA, 3.45 FIP, 3.72 xFIP), a good strikeout rate (9.22 K/9), and a manageable, if not great, walk rate (6 BB in 13.2 innings). I can’t see the Jays being his first choice, but the fact that they’re in first place and — like everybody else — need bullpen help can’t hurt. I’d totally go after him.

In a roundup of a Jayson Stark chat, we’re told that the Phillies may ratchet up their efforts to trade Jonathan Papelbon (still intriguing if they eat a shit-tonne of money, I think, but not if you’re paying solely for results with no discount of those peripherals), and that the Dodgers are not going to trade top prospects Joc Pederson and Corey Seager this summer, which MLBTR speculates will take them out of the running for David Price. And why should they be in the running? They’re going to sign him without giving up any prospects in two winters anyway.

In an AL East roundup that also included the Heyman tweet about Murphy, we’re told that the Red Sox — currently eight games behind the Jays at 36-43 — are still consider whether to buy or sell, but may end up dealing veterans and promoting prospects. Long-term, that’s a great idea for the Sox (who are prospect heavy to begin with), but short term? Fuck it — do it! Sell!

Lastly, Gavin Floyd has undergone season-ending surgery, so… so much for him being a rental that the Jays might have had some interest in (which, despite the fact that the Braves are in a playoff position, he might have been, thanks to the presence of Alex Wood in the minors).