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AA has gone full bad boy. He pissed off everyone in baseball by stealing the Marlins soul – and without pausing for so much as a minute to give a shit – he’s done it again by reportedly reaching an agreement with Melky Cabrera. Two-years and $16 million is what we’re hearing.

Presumably, the conversation went something like this:

AA: We’re interested in bringing you to Toronto to play for the Blue Jays.

Melky: I have some interest from several teams.

AA: What are they offering?

Melky: One-year incentive-laden deals.

AA: We’ll give you two years, guaranteed.

Melky: Amo Toronto y todos los fanáticos del béisbol canadienses.

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Rumours and the Toronto Blue Jays have gone hand-in-hand since Alex Anthopoulos brought his cone of silence to 1 Blue Jays Way, largely due to the fact that the club’s commitment to neither confirming nor denying anything allows them to be used by others to inflate a market or to make it look like they have inside information when they really don’t. As a consequence, a lot of what is rumbling out there on the internet turns out to be completely untrue.

Because of this, I seem to always take flack (read: shit) whenever posting one of the many rumours that fly especially fast and furious at this time of the year. Inevitably someone will bring up the “fact” that if we’re hearing about the Jays being up to something, it’s almost certainly false.

This kind of stuff has been repeated so often that I get the sense that some people actually think that not only is it true, but it’s so true that it’s a waste of time to even bother looking at what’s being rumoured– even in instances where it’s obvious that the speculation we’re seeing is not necessarily based on actual conversations with people involved in trade talks, but on groping around to try and figure out what the club may be thinking, and what hypothetical pieces may find their way into a real world deal.

Thing is, MLB dealings aren’t quite such a complicated and ethereal thing– even when the Anthopoulos-era Jays are involved– and by examining whatever shreds of evidence and speculation we can get our hands on, we can often see a lot more of the picture than we realize. Or, at least, more than AA’s reputation suggests.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t often or won’t continue to be surprised by the deals that he executes, but it’s to suggest that there’s definite value in taking in all that’s out there.

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