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Holy shit, it’s finally almost fucking here!

I literally worried, back after The Trade went down in mid-November, that I’d be struck down before getting a chance to see what will transpire tomorrow, as this revamped Jays roster finally take the field, because… well, apart from being fortunate enough to have little of actual consequence to worry about, holyfuckingawesome the Jays, by most measures, are the favourites in the American League East– and perhaps the American League as a whole! All these years of misery and stupendous September boredom– and I’ve only been obsessively covering the previous six of them!– seem on their way to finally being a thing of the past.

But, of course, they have to play the games. And before that, we’ll have all kinds of good stuff coming at you.

To wit:

- I’ll be appearing on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning tomorrow, but not as early as originally thought. I’m now scheduled to be in studio at 7:40 AM ET, and you can catch me live via their website, or on CBC Radio 1, 99.1 FM in Toronto.

- Once that wraps up I’ll head back to palatial Score Towers where I’ll prepare to get a little slice of non-boilerplate regarding tomorrow’s starting pitcher up on the site, which should be there around nine.

- Following that I’ll be working on taking a tool around the Jays’ roster situation now that we actually, y’know, know what it’s going to look like– though I probably won’t post it too quickly because…

- At 10:30 AM we record the Tuesday edition of the now-daily Getting Blanked Podcast, which won’t be cut and posted until the afternoon, but as soon as it does, you’ll be able to find it at Getting Blanked on iTunes, via the RSS feed we have setup, or you can always like Getting Blanked on Facebook in order to get each day’s podcast straight into your news feed.

- Once out of the podcasting studio I’ll finish up the roster look, in order to have it posted before noon, for your lunchtime perusal.

- Next up, sometime in the early afternoon, will be the Daily Duce, which will not include the podcast link– I’m not going to bother double-posting it this year, but don’t worry about missing out, because I’ll be sure to push you in the direction of Getting Blanked, and all the other methods of downloading it as well– but it will bring you all the latest news, notes and articles on the Jays as the witching hour approaches.

- Following that, and perchaps a bit of punch and pie, it’ll be time to sit down and record the 2013 regular season’s first DJF Podcast (aka, as I think I decided right now and will probably later regret, the PoDJFcast). It, of course, has its own set of iTunes pagesRSS feeds, and hot Facebook injections for you to subscribe to and/or like and/or… uh… cover yourself in?

- As the podcast is being cut together, I’ll get a wicked-early start on the evening’s Game Threat– shit, we already know what the lineups are going to be, so I could probably be doing it right now, rather than wasting my time on this– with the aim of having it posted with plenty of time to spare to find a place to imbibe several delicious beverages, before heading to the ‘Dome and watching the everloving shit out of Jose Reyes and R.A. Dickey.

Aaaaaand… that’s pretty much it. It’s possible something will happen during the game that I feel compelled to stumble back to my desk and write about, but like hell I’m going to make that kind of commitment here and now. Frankly, posting some vague semblance of schedule is commitment enough, where I come from. But… whatever. That’s what the plan is looking like right now, so be sure to keep checking back all day tomorrow, as we drop distraction bombs on your shithearts, feeding content to choke back the unceasing geyser of overdue, genuine fucking real-season not-kidding-yourself-this-time anticipation rising within you.

It’s baseball season.


Image via Dignity’s widow.

Kansas City Royals v Toronto Blue Jays

Hey, look! It’s a picture of Opening Day 2007, which was the first Toronto Blue Jays season “covered”– and when referring to back then I use the term rather loosely– over in this here corner of the internet. That, for those of you with no fingers to count on, makes the 2013 season the seventh we’ll have been around for. Which is rather fucked, thank you very much. But who the fuck could stop now? Especially with the Jays in by far the best position to play meaningful September– or, dare I say, October?– baseball than they’ve been during our entire existence.

The reason: they’ve got a pretty damn fine looking roster, which the club officially set for Opening Day in a press release sent out this morning.

There’s only one thing that I’d call a mild surprise here, which is that Michael Schwimer has made the club… on the DL. He is “sidelined” (read: being DL’d so the Jays can figure out what to do with him) with a lat strain. His stint is retroactive to March 22nd, which is the same as Brett Lawrie’s, meaning that both players will be eligible to join the roster on the weekend– if healthy, or not (in Schwimer’s case) sent down. Dustin McGowan also starts the year on the DL at the big league level, though his stint started five days later than his two teammates.

Via the release, here is the 25-man roster in its entirety…

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As you can see in the video above, which Parkes posted over at Getting Blanked, everybody had a hell of a time on Thursday afternoon, evening, and night, as the Jays and Clevelands broke the five-hour barrier.

What you’re seeing above is, of course, the moment when Edwin Encarnacion somehow didn’t put the Jays ahead in the ninth inning, missing a home run by inches, but tying the game with a two-run double. It’s referenced in an interesting Toronto Star piece from Brendan Kennedy this morning, which is all about… well… us, basically. Not DJF, that is, but the “young and irreverent, smart and sarcastic” new breed of fans who will “dissect a player’s heat map in one breath, and his facial hair in the next,” who “favour blogs and Twitter over radio call-in shows,” and “hold baseball book clubs and trivia nights, and seem to root as much for the team’s progressive general manager — who at 34 is part of their demographic — as the players on the field.”

It was great to be a part of it. Thanks to everyone who came out.

And if you couldn’t be there, or you just want to relive even more, here we’ve got the audio from our pre-game Live Stream Piss-Party Panderfest for your listening pleasure.

Alternately, you can download the mp3 right here. Also: consider this your DJF podcast for the week. It was just too busy late last week and over Easter weekend to get properly organized. (Read: Still waiting, Jay…)

The time to actually effing begin another season of Toronto Blue Jays baseball is nearly upon us, and as much as I’d like to take the opportunity right now to wax poetic about the smell of wood and leather, or whatever it is that makes Bob Costas hard these days, I’ve got a pre-game live stream to get set for!

Yes, for those of you who aren’t fortunate enough to live in Toronto, or savvy enough to have found a way out of work so you can come join us at Opera Bob’s Public House on Dundas St W. in Toronto for the game (and, rumour has it, possibly some sausages and pulled pork), you’ll at least be able to watch Parkes, Drew and I talk all things baseball on, starting at 2:30 PM ET, leading all the way up to the first pitch, just after 3 o’clock.

(Oh, and I’m told that if you’re not fortunate enough to live in Toronto, but are fortunate enough to be in St. John’s, NL, you’ll want to hit up the local Don Cherry’s to watch the game with some fellow DJF Monkey Army members.)

As for us, we’ll be streaming live from inside Opera Bob’s, then (obviously) sticking around to watch the game afterwards. The details are on the Facebook invite, or… I pretty much just told you them. And I’m going to go ahead and suggest you get there early– not so much to provide us a nice, boozy, crowded backdrop for the stream, but because the bar’s capacity is just 75 people.

Feel free to tweet in our direction any questions you’d like us to ramble on incessantly about.

Click here to launch the stream.