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The Jays begin a four game set in Baltimore later this afternoon with game one an old school twi-night doubleheader (making up for the rainout of August 26th), and as much as I’d hope we’ve all stopped having anything resembling faith in the Jays’ ability to win in any given outing, seeing as even they┬áseem to have checked out weeks ago– they were .500 at the All-Star Break, and have been nineteen games below in the second half– this series certainly does present a wicked opportunity for our boys in blue to deliciously set back Baltimore’s little, impossibly ridiculous dream.

OK, so maybe it’s a little fucking shameful to be rooting so openly and vigorously against a team and a fan base that closely mirrors our own– and, therefore, for the status quo to essentially be maintained, and the Yankees to hold strong in the division– but that’s part of what, for me at least, makes the seething I feel unstoppable. I mean, O’s fans have experienced AL East frustration on par with what we have over the last decade– probably worse– and what they’re doing now is precisely what JP Ricciardi was always talking when he tried to soothe our jangled nerves by insisting that the clubs he put together really could be contenders, just as long as everything broke right.

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Oh Those OriLOLes

Yes, yes, most days the Getting Blanked Show doesn’t show up around here until the evening’s Game Threat, but I’ve posted it below, since there was enough Jays content in today’s edition (because it’s not like there’s some of that every day, amiright?) that I think it’s worth an early look.

I should warn, however, that though much of our looking of the Jays was through the prism of the Baltimore Orioles– or, as I struggled not to call them on our cuss-free program, the Baltimore fucking Orioles.

Indeed, frustrations are boiling over around the Jays, and the idiot-empowering success of the Baltimore Orioles provides a particularly nasty bit of salt in the wound. I mean, here is exactly the kind of decent-but-deeply-flawed club that the Jays have been fielding for damn near two decades to no avail, having fortune come along to let them take dumb-luck advantage of an astonishing opportunity in the toughest division in baseball.

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