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So… about the slide on which Colby Rasmus took out Omar Infante last night.

It looks kinda bad from the angles like the one above, with Colby’s foot going in high– of course, it was actually the back leg of Rasmus that knocked into Omar Inflated, causing the Tigers second baseman to exit last night’s game and to miss tonight’s– and had it not been for the JPA stuff today, it seemed like something maybe worth talking about, perhaps mostly as a precursor-in-vain to some nonexistent fireworks tonight, provided the Tigers were still as hot as today as they were when they came off the field after yesterday’s win.

At one point I thought I could just skim over it in a Daily Duce post that isn’t going to happen, by simply pointing you all to the GIF at Gamereax (which, because I’m lazy to go get a higher quality one from MLB.TV, is where the still above comes from), and the quotes from the Tigers last night via John Lott of the National Post. (Gregor Chisholm also has some good stuff on it up at North Of The Border).

Oh, but then, for a solid 40 minutes now, Tony Rasmus has started weighing in. And while he hasn’t said anything particularly inflammatory or patently ridiculous– in fact, he’s kinda nailing it– it’s still pretty good for a larf. And a mailed-in post!

To wit:

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