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Hentgen always had a keen eye for young talent. And recycled jokes.

According to an official release from the club, the Jays have named former Cy Young winner Pat Hentgen as their bullpen coach for 2013. Hentgen returns to the role that he held in 2011, which he left after one season, citing “family reasons,” as I explained in a post 13 months ago, calling it “yet another blow to Jays fans who, for some reason, give a shit.”

“I mean, obviously nothing against Hentgen,” I said at the time, “but I can’t imagine how anyone could feel the slightest bit wistful about not seeing him stride out to the bullpen after batting practice to go have a nice four hour sit on a folding chair in the bullpen. We haven’t the first fucking clue what Hentgen brought to the role– which isn’t to imply he was bad at it or anything, it’s just, I don’t know how you could react to his departure with anything but a shrug of the shoulders.”

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 Hentgen always had a keen eye for young talent.

As an employee of the club, it’s hard not to take anything Pat Hentgen– who filled in as bullpen coach last night for Pete Walker, who is home in Connecticut due to a family medical issue–  without a mammoth grain of salt, but according to the latest from Richard Griffin’s Jays blog at the Toronto Star, the 1996 Cy Young winner really– really– likes what he sees in Lansing pitchers Aaron Sanchez and Noah Syndergaard.

You should really read Griff’s whole piece for a lot more background and extra quotes, but here’s the money shot:

“When I saw Syndergaard first, I came back and said, ‘Wow, that’s the best pitching prospect I’ve seen here since ’04-’05,’ Then when I saw Sanchez from behind the rubber, I thought, ‘Wow, now we’ve got 1 and 1-A. You know, they’re Carpenter and Halladay. That’s my best analogy. That’s what I’m thinking right there, if they develop. They’re both hard workers. They just remind me a lot of Carp and Doc. They’re big-bodied kids that haven’t even filled out yet.”

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