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This slice of gold (that you’ve probably already seen) from R.A. Dickey’s Twitter feed has spared me from actually using my brain for at least another hour or so, which… fucking eh!!!!

No, you’re mailing in a post!

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Last week’s edition of Photoshop Friday went off like a horse on fire, thanks to some outstanding reader-submitted work (thanks again, @wm_klassen!), so I figured it would be a good idea to keep the train going– and also to lower the bar a bit with some of my shoddy work, while simultaneously alienating half of the audience by making reference to a record none of them has ever heard of (and a player they probably current can’t fucking stand).

However! Those of you among us who don’t consider themselves disco aficionados can take comfort in the fact that you do know the record’s big track, and have probably even had it stuck in your head. Or if not, you’re about to…

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Jose Reyes

Remember Photoshop Friday? Me either! But apparently it was a thing I was doing about a month ago that I’ve grown slightly too busy (read: lazy) to continue with for the moment. But it was half decent idea, and some nifty Photoshops came of it– check the previous posts– if I do say so myself.

But easily the best thing to come out of it, by far, was this reader-submitted piece of CanCon awesome. Bravo, Will Klassen. Bra-fucking-vo.

Have a crack at one yourself and send it my way, if you like. But as you can see above, I’m setting the bar for reader-created ones pretty high here. This is some serious shit.

Follow Will, though he doesn’t tweet much, at @wm_klassen, and relive eight years ago [note: holy fuck!] with a Death From Above 1979 clip below the jump. And for those who don’t get the album reference, it’s to this.

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Photoshop Friday: R.A.D.


Sorry pisspantses, it’s another post only tangentially related to baseball– which apparently I need to stick to– but at least this one won’t hurt any little brains, as all it is is another edition of Photoshop Friday! Which… apparently really is going to be a thing. (In fact, I already got a pretty awesome submission from a reader, which… doesn’t mean that you guys can send me any shitty Photoshop, but excellent ones are welcome, I suppose).

Of course, I say that your brain won’t be hurt by any of this on the assumption that you won’t actually watch the Big Audio Dynamite video below. If you do, all bets are off. But I include because I’m thinking the kids might not have any fucking earthly clue what this record is. Mick Jones was in the Clash, kids. Look it up.

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So here’s something that may last a week, or may actually turn into some kind of nightmare I’m unwittingly committing myself to until the end of eternity. I was going to write a post about what I’ve felt has been a too-frequent discussion that’s been happening this week on the Prime Time Sports excursion to Dunedin, wherein we’re led to believe that Colby Rasmus isn’t going to last the season with the Jays– as if Anthony Gose is going to make enough contact to take his place, or that anyone’s going to take what would be a $4.675-million non-tender candidate. I suppose they could always send him to Buffalo, but… be that as it may, I decided the post I intended to write should have itself a fancy image at the top, and– pivoting off something Dirk Hayhurst said during one of the Spring Training broadcasts this week, the exact phrasing of which I can’t quite remember– I whipped up the creepy vision you see above.

Then I thought, hold on, that image just took way longer to create than I planned, and… does the world– or this site, even– really need another Colby Rasmus-Anthony Gose post? It so doesn’t, does it? But perhaps what it does need (read: will probably show mild indifference to) is more baseball-related Photoshopped album art! And since all this was happening on a Thursday night, with the aim of having a post for the next morning, I thought, shit, why not do a thing like this every Friday, and have a really cool name to denote the recurring feature? Then all I could come up with was “Photoshop Friday.”

Regardless… let’s do that. I’ve already got a bunch of ideas for future gems, and for me, at least, it sure as hell beats 1500 words of the same old rosterbation.