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Game Seven Threat!


Go Raptors!


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Royals better get going here with this one, eh?


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Yes, I’m being especially intentionally lazy here this October. It’s one of the perks of covering the Jays all year, sadly.

Maybe not as lazy as whoever MLB got to design their World Series logo this year, though, eh? (Check out the great for some examples of older ones, which… actually aren’t that much better).

Anyway, yes, I’ll be ramping up the amount of content you see around here just as soon as… y’know… stuff starts happening and the rumours start flying. Should be a busy off-season. It had better be.

Playoff Open Threat: 10/15/14


The Royals are off to the World Series. Good on them and good for their fans. Weird how the genius manager wasn’t able to beat the inept one when his players happened to not be playing as well as the other guy’s, eh?

Anywho… the Giants and Cardinals are also playing this evening, so discuss it amongst yourselves. Or don’t. Whatever.


Gobble gobble. See you Tuesday unless the Jays do anything noteworthy.


It’s playoff time! And naturally that means the Jays are no longer in it. But that doesn’t mean things around here are going to stop, and just like last year, to get you set up for each (non-weekend) night’s playoff action, and to give you a space to talk about the game, I’m going to be taking a hopefully-quick look around at some splits and stats and whatever else stands out on a Jays player’s 2014 season, because… what the hell else is there to do for the next month? Or the next week. Or just today– or however long I actually continue to follow through on this exercise. Tonight: Adam Lind.

5:00 PM ET – Nationals (0) @ Giants (2) – Doug Fister (4.5 rWAR) vs. Madison Bumgarner (4.0 rWAR)
9:00 PM ET – Dodgers (1) @ Cardinals (1) – Hyun-jin Ryu (1.9 rWAR) vs. John Lackey (1.1 rWAR)

Adam Lind rubs some Jays fans the wrong way, I think. Maybe he rubs management the wrong way, too. As this season has taken the turn towards winter, I’ve heard calls for his option to not be picked up, or for it to be picked up just so the club could trade him. His wonky back can become an issue at a moment’s notice. He’s not a good defender. He can’t play at all against left-handed pitching. He forces the team to waste a roster spot on a platoon-mate. He’s slow — a “base clogger.” He is (unintentionally) outspoken: there was the incident this summer where he claimed his mom told him to get an MRI on his ailing foot, which revealed a fracture that put him on the DL and made the Jays’ medical staff look foolish, and just last week he second guessed the organization, wondering what might have been if Marcus Stroman had made the team out of camp.

He’s also an absolutely fantastic bat against right-handed pitching.

In 2014, among left-handers with 250 plate appearances in the split, Lind was tied with Michael Brantley as the best in baseball against right-handed pitching, with a 164 wRC+. In 2013 he ranked tenth. Over the last two seasons combined the “as L vs. R” leaderboard goes: David Ortiz, Freddie Freeman, Adam Lind, Robinson Cano, Chris Davis, Joey Votto.

Add in right-handed hitters — i.e. among all batters against right-handed pitching — and Lind’s wRC+ is still sixth in baseball over the last two years, with only Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera, and Andrew McCutchen leapfrogging him on the list. For 2014 on its own, only Trout and McCutchen were better. Only McCutchen got on base at a better clip against right-handers.

Granted, only J.D. Martinez had a higher BABIP in the split, but the fact that Lind ranked 43rd by BABIP the year before, yet was still tenth by wRC+, suggests his great season wasn’t purely driven by an outlier in that regard.

Adam Lind will make just $7.5-million in 2015. This year right-handed pitchers were on the mound for 72% of all plate appearances in MLB.

There are plenty of warts on him, yes. Save for any that might be hidden behind the squirrel on his face, we can all see them. And I’m certainly not remotely saying that he comes anywhere close to bringing what guys like Trout or McCutchen do in all the other dimensions of the game. But at the plate, against 72% of the pitches thrown in the majors this year, he was very nearly equal to the best of the very, very best. That is seriously impressive stuff.

In other words, to me, $7.5-million and the need to get creative with a roster spot doesn’t seem like such a high price to pay. And the production the Jays would be losing by flipping him to fill another need? That would be extremely difficult to replace.

Salivating to get rid of Adam Lind this off-season just for the sake of it? Because he seems replaceable? Because of what he can’t do?

I don’t get it. At all.


Oh, is noon on a Friday not technically the weekend yet? Well, it’s my birthday and there is, like, twelve straight hours of playoff baseball that needs to be watched, so… SMOKEBOMB!