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August? More like the Ugh-est, amiright?

So the Jays lost again, and continued not doing themselves any favours. They wasted an excellent start from R.A. Dickey (season ERA: 3.95 now), failing again to get any semblance of offence going. They’re now 7.5 games behind the Baltimore Orioles in the AL East, and 3.0 games back of the two teams who now hold the second Wild Card spot, the Seattle Mariners and Detroit Tigers. They’re 3-9 since the calendar flipped to this month. Not a lot of folks would bet on this club being three games better than those two over forty games, or 7.5 better than the Orioles in that span — especially at this rate — and I couldn’t blame them for declining to do so, either. But as we’ve discussed ad nauseam around here of late, it certainly can happen, too.

Edwin coming back should help, and the White Sox and Brewers certainly ought to be better for what ails them than the Mariners were.

The longer they keep failing to get back to winning, though…

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Another one for the loss column. And so reasonable people will be reasonable about it, and garbage clowns will be garbage clowns. Whatever.

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I’m writing this at 3 AM, which — amazingly — is not all that much farther from the end of this afternoon’s game than the end of it was to the start of the game.

What an incredible game and an incredible series. We’ll all have heart attacks by the time we’re through this season if this is what it’s going to be like, but if we can step back and enjoy the baseball for what it is? Holy awesome! And as much as it hurts that the Jays didn’t sweep a series they could have swept, or that it took so achingly long to win a game when they needed to get to Seattle to get set for some more tough pitching matchups… um… holy fucking shitting fucking awesome! I might have had to leave the house before the end of it — watched it, though, amidst a big trivia win, FYI — but I couldn’t let myself not acknowledge on here what a game we all just took in.

Maybe it will ultimately fade into memory and become nothing more than a footnote, but it’s not crazy to think that it could go down in Jays lore, either — the time over two weekend days that, on the way to their first playoff berth in two decades, they kept the dream alive, despite all of Juan Francisco’s ineptitude, largely on the backs of Marcus Stroman and Chad Jenkins, and demonstrated that the big-rotation playoff contenders they may run into if they do make it aren’t nearly as unassailable as they may look on paper.

We can only be hopeful of all that for now, but this series sure could have gone a way where “hopeful” wouldn’t have had much of a place in our vocabulary. That it didn’t — that they clawed back a game from the Orioles and Yankees this evening, and showed that they can play with the Tigers if given the chance — is as fantastic as it is a reminder of how frayed our nerves will get when things really start to have meaning.

That maybe sounds painful and exhausting and every other emotion we’re fraught with, but it also sounds another thing: fucking awesome.

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Now that is how you finish a ballgame.

Thanks, Brad!

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Didn’t even get to see Adam Dunn pitch in this one or nothing!

Still, though, Buehrle is right:

On to tomorrow!

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A right fucking thumping. That’ll play.

Not sure I care much for how Jose Reyes seems to be feeling a hard swing in his back or his ailing shoulder more than usual, or how he ended up coming out of the game — though he wasn’t the only one of the club’s stars to hit the showers early, he was definitely the first one (however, he stayed in the game after what appeared to be the initial tweak, and ended up swinging the bat again as well, so hopefully this is much ado about nothing). Other than that? Not a whole lot to complain about. Shit, I’m even at the point where if Ryan Goins wants to keep hitting, sure, let him keep hitting (uh… maybe not on 3-0 though). Feels like a thing a lot easier to sign off on when the club has already demonstrated they’ll have a short leash, as opposed to back in the spring, when the plan appeared to be to blow on some magic beans and hope a big league quality bat would sprout somewhere.


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The dumb streak is over. Thank fuck. Now we never have to hear about it again.