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Because the Leafs were ranked dead last, you very likely have already heard that recently ESPN posted the results of their annual little fan satisfaction exercise, also known as theĀ Ultimate Team Rankings. Turns out that– if you feel like taking these things at all seriously– there were some Jays-related nuggets to be found in them as well.

Yeah, it’s a week old, but… fuck it, let’s have a look.

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Not that I really give a shit about the fWAR-based power rankings from Sports Illustrated– or, frankly, any power rankings– but it certainly jumps off the page to see the 19-16 Jays all the way down in 28th, with a .394 WAR winning percentage, ahead of only the lowly Twins and Pirates.

But that’s precisely where they find themselves in today’s edition of this collection of fucking uselessness…

“No team has a larger gap between their WAR winning percentage and their actual winning percentage than the Blue Jays, which is mostly due to the team’s staff having the second lowest strikeout-to-walk ratio in the league, ahead of only the Indians. The team’s ERA has been 7 percent better than average while their FIP has been 7 percent worse than average, which suggests that they will need to pitch better in order to maintain their results. The defense has been solid, but they are not good enough with the gloves to warrant an ERA that much lower than their FIP.”

Actually, I’d submit that it’s mostly due to the fact that, as we discussed on this week’s podcast, FanGraphs’ WAR uses UZR for defence– which places the Jays in the bottom third of the league defensively, and doesn’t count so much for their newfound love of shiftiness– rather than DRS , in which the Jays lead the entire fucking world.

But it does kinda speak to the fact that the Jays rotation has truly been getting a lot better results than their performances probably warrant– as, again, we discussed on the podcast. Though, as that corrects itself, the club’s struggling hitters will likely start coming around to offset it. Which… we also talked about.

Basically what I’m saying is, just listen to the damn podcast.

I’m also kinda saying… who gives a fuck about power rankings???