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New York Mets Photo Day

An interesting-ish piece from Andy Martino of the New York Daily News hit the interweb this morning, in which not only is it alleged that the Jays could have got Jon Niese from the Mets for the same package they gave up to get R.A. Dickey, but also that that’s some kind of astonishing bit of news.

Now, that’s not to fault Martino, who is just doing his job– and was an excellent source of information while the Dickey rumours were at their thickest– but… uh… yeah, I’d hope the Mets would have also dealt Niese for d’Arnaud and Syndergaard. And I like Niese, and was all about the Jays trying to go out and get him and his team friendly contract at one point, but… um… obviously?

And what really is sticking in my gullet’s craw about this becoming a thing is the quote from Martino’s source:

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The R.A. Dickey press conference has come and gone. I’m still buzzing from the high induced by the Dickster’s personality and I’m sure those actually in attendance will also be too smitten to put their thoughts on the matter into proper words.

Things went pretty much as expected and the only thing that happened that wasn’t totally predicted was Dickey’s struggle to put on, unbutton, and re-button a Blue Jays jersey for the first time. I’m sure this isn’t a bad omen, you guys.

The moment captured in the hilariously popular medium of animated image follows the jump.

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As the days of exciting news start to slow to a trickle and we crawl closer to the start of spring training and the highly anticipated 2013 Toronto Blue Jays baseball season, the organization appears to be following the trend of their off-season and previous pre-season by going all-out on the offensive during the least appreciated season on the baseball calendar: PR season.

The Winter Tour has already started kicking up dust with clinics in the Rog Mahal and an insanely popular visit to a mall in Winnipeg, and to cap it off the team announced earlier this week that Cy Young winning off-season addition R.A. Dickey will be introduced to the fans and media today at 4pm EST via live press conference.

The Toronto “baseball” media (re: national columnists that have nothing to do until the lockout ends Luongo gets traded) are going to come together to ask questions to the new ace and our GM, and luckily I’ve seen enough of these to know what we’re going to get once the cameras come on and the talkers start talking. Here’s a handy guide of what to expect at today’s R.A. Dickey introduction if you’d like to follow along and check them off while watching, or plan to ignore the presser all together and trust that you’ll learn just as much by reading this.

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Here’s some light Festivus Night reading for those of you foaming at the mouth to learn more about all-around cool guy and new Blue Jays pitcher R.A. Dickey. The author of “Wherever I Wind Up”, fresh off signing a 3-book deal with Dial and a 2-year extension with the Blue Jays, has written a heartwarming letter of thanks to his former city in the New York Daily News.

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Mailing in a Post season continues around here, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some quality content right here– as in: holy balls! An animated GIF of an R.A. Dickey knuckler that I could totally get lost in for hours!

Get set to lapse into a GIF coma after the jump…

Crotch grab in the direction of @DuckDuckNoose for sending it my way. And, of course, it turns out that this originated from the great @James_in_to.

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It feels like we’ve entirely talked this whole damn thing out by now, but there’s still so much Dickey reaction floating around out there in the ephemera that I’m thinking I might as well try and scoop up as much as possible. I mean, it’s not like there’s going to be anything so compelling to talk about for a while– y’know, until they sign Rafael Soriano…

At Getting Blanked, Parkes goes through an A to Z guide to RA Dickey, in which… holy shit, he actually full-on writes something for each letter. Alex Ballingall of the Toronto Star goes with 50 things you need to know. Trust me, this is like easily ten times more than is possibly interesting about 95% of ballplayers.

“Flags fly forever, and the Jays are facing an unusual opportunity — the two traditional AL East powers, the Yankees and Red Sox, are weaker than they’ve been in some time, and the most popular sports team in Toronto, the Maple Leafs, is busy watching its commissioner try to drive the sport into oblivion,” writes Keith Law in his analysis for “If the Jays start strong in April with no Leafs and the NBA’s Raptors in the tank, there’s a very good chance they’ll see their 2013 attendance catch up to their performance (something that often lags for teams having their first good season in a while, like Baltimore saw in 2012), leading to a revenue boost before the season is out, to say nothing of the substantial revenue boost all teams see when they reach the postseason. It’s an unusual confluence of factors that makes the Jays’ sudden shift to go for it in 2013 more logical than it would be for other sub-.500 teams.”

Once his post was filed, Law also took to Twitter to talk about the trade, making clear that while he agrees with the whole world that it’s a staggering amount of talent that the Jays have given up, he at least thinks they held the right one of the “Lansing 3.” Adding Aaron Sanchez he tweets, would have been a “deal breaker,” adding that “There’s no comparison. He’s among the best SP prospects in baseball.” Later, he scoffs at the fanciful Roy Halladay comps people have been occasionally putting on Syndergaard.

Of course, if that’s not reason enough why he was in the deal, maybe the Jays chose to keep Sanchez because of this story from the New York Daily News, which tells us about Noah Syndergaard and the gay slur he tweeted out less than a couple weeks ago.

Important stuff from Dave Cameron of FanGraphs: “Dickey’s RA9-wins (which is just WAR based on runs allowed instead of on FIP) over the last three years are significantly higher than his FIP-wins, which is what we call WAR for pitchers here on FanGraphs. By FIP, Dickey has been worth +10 WAR over the last three years. By runs allowed, he’s been worth +15 WAR,” he writes. “Because Dickey throws the knuckleball, and we already know that knuckleball pitchers outperform their FIP, you should lean more towards RA9-wins for Dickey than FIP-wins.” So my cherry picking rWAR was for a reason!

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The final hurdle appears to have been cleared– provided there isn’t so much money being exchanged that ol’ Bud’s office needs to get involved– as Andy Martino of the New York Daily news lays this one on us:

And he has an option year on his deal…

And to clarify:

Fantastic stuff.

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