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Toronto? You think I’m gonna waive my no-trade to play in Toronto??!?

The good feelings produced by the P.R. Easter egg placed among the coverage of the Jays’ State of the Franchise event sure didn’t last long, did they? Because it looks today as though the Jays were never as close to landing Ian Kinsler as they would have liked us to believe.

Ken Rosenthal quickly went about clarifying the report in a piece on the Jays’ off-season for Fox Sports:

The Kinsler talks, on the other hand, had not been previously reported. And while Davidi reported that the discussions were “scuttled” by Kinsler’s no-trade clause, the Rangers never actually asked Kinsler to approve a deal, major league sources said.

He goes on to say that it was actually Edwin Encarnacion — not Jose Bautista, as I speculated last night — who seemed to be the primary target for Texas, at least according to some of the conflicting information he has heard. The Jays, one source tells him, wouldn’t deal Encarnacion. He also hears that Sergio Santos and Ricky Romero also had their names come up in discussion, which obviously wouldn’t be nearly enough. Either way, he reports that the Jays decided it was “pointless” to continue with talks after learning they were on Kinsler’s no-trade list.

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Given the game of chicken that Alex Anthopoulos is currently engaged in with various player agents and competing GMs, and how unusually deep into the winter it has taken him, it entirely makes sense that Jays fans are getting a little bit antsy about just what they may end up finding themselves devoting their time and energy to this summer. And holy shit, if they saw three of what I’d call the most important pieces of Jays-related writing to come along this week, their outlook probably didn’t get a whole lot less bleak.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star paints a picture of Alex Anthopoulos as a GM who has lost his way, not to mention the ear of his rivals.

At Blue Jays Plus, Gideon Turk gets inside sources, like current and former teammates of Jose Bautista (and others), to go on record (anonymously) about the way he operates behind closed doors, and the comments are hardly going to put any alleged issues to rest.

Meanwhile, over at Baseball America, Ben Badler handicaps the race to get Masahiro Tanaka’s signature on a contract, and in so doing makes it clear that he doesn’t think very highly of the Jays– not in terms of their chances of landing the Japanese ace, and also not in regard to their chances of being competitive in 2014.

In actuality, though, are things as grim as these pieces seem to suggest? I’m sure you won’t be shocked to discover that I really don’t think so — though, to be fair, my rosy disposition is mostly because I’m determined to be entirely sure that the Jays won’t be adding a front line pitcher for 2014 before I completely lose my shit on this organization — but that doesn’t mean that they’re not worth looking at a little more closely.

It’s maybe not going to be the gong show promised by the title of this post, but nonetheless… shall we?

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New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays

Something rather striking was somewhat casually slipped into Richard Griffin’s Bullpen post from over at the Toronto Star today, which… uh… if you read the title of this post, you’re already aware of.

In a segment where he gave out first half letter grades to each of the Jays (I give his grading a solid B+, FWIW), Griffin laid this on us regarding the club’s oft-injured starter:

BRANDON MORROW D: The expectations were high for Morrow as he entered his prime years with stuff that could belong to a starting ace. But after a slow start and an encouraging May 4 starts vs. the M’s, he strained his back on a bullpen day — then his forearm and is in the manager’s doghouse.

That’s… interesting. Not that it means a whole hell of a lot– it’s not like Gibbons isn’t going to run Morrow, whose 2012 ERA ranked fifth in the Majors (among pitchers with a minimum of 120 innigs), out there once he’s healthy again.

Still, though. Intrigue! Amiright?

He elaborated slightly on Twitter:

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Overly-sensational title? You bet your right nut it is. Because apparently that’s the game we’re playing today, as whoever provided the title for whatever shit dribbled out of Richard Griffin’s mouth and into the pages of this morning’s Toronto Star.

Blue Jays home opener loss an ominous sign,” we’re told, as Griffin queues up to make a play for the title of this city’s Media King of Stoking the Flames of Fucking Stupidity. “Troubling,” he calls last night’s performance. “A disturbing development.” The Jays now “must be concerned about their closer and his psyche.”

Right, because it isn’t blindingly goddamn obvious that anybody ready to make wild pronouncements a month into a 162 game season– let alone after four fucking games– is either genuinely stupid, or genuine keen to employ the classic trolling techniques of Damien Cox, baiting readers and bloggers into angrily driving traffic towards whatever preposterous thing they’re pretending to believe.

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