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Me either! But for those of you who do, we’ve got a rather serendipitous one from the 100 Level over the weekend. Kinda odd that someone just happened to be filming in the exact spot at the precise time here, but… that sure is a whole lot of liquid to have had… uh… on ones person (or, rather, in one’s person) if you’re going to fake a thing like this. Also, there’s like $50 worth of Rogers Centre-bought booze he’s wasting there!

And the YouTube description definitely tries to throw us off the scent that the man with the camera and the film-ee knew each other, as it simply says, “Fat bastard puking his guts out.”

Of course, YouTube wouldn’t stop there, as someone calling himself “capnbeefcurtains” quips, “that is a lot of barf. well done.”

Indeed. Hold onto your hats below the jump…

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Stay Classy, Level 500

I have no idea what’s happening in this incident from last night’s game beyond what the video shows and what the YouTube description tells me, so… I’m just going to present it with no more comment than that.

To wit:

A very kind gentleman gave away some shirts he got (for chicken apparently …) He threw them in the crowd and a girl caught it. The girl with the black hair ripped it from her hands. The dad got upset (understandably) so he defended the fact that she got away with it and then this happened……500 section’s finest!!!

Hat tip to commenter Ernie Whitt, who also provides some context:

The Video doesn’t show the whole thing. There was a dude doing a mock tshirt toss as a joke and this Man’s daughter caught the tshirt. Then this chick behind her ripped it out of her hands. A bunch of chirping ensued from both parties. Finally the chick grabs the guys eyeglasses off of his face and whips them into the 100 level. I’m actually shocked he didn’t cave her face in at that point, but then she starts to pour beer on him at which point he video picks up. The fact that it was all over one of those tshirts you get when you sign up for a credit card made the whole thing that much more enjoyable/dumbfounding.



From the Jays’ official Twitter account we get the image above of the completed renovation of what used to be known as Windows Restaurant– the bizarre enclosed restaurant inside of a domed stadium– which is well-timed, since Opening Day is, for this city, just six days away.

The area is now, as we’ve been following, an open air porch accessible to fans seated in all levels of the stadium.

Check out below the jump for a look at how the renovation has progressed…

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Over the weekend, Jays PA announcer Tim Langton– who appears to have been doing duty at some sort of motorcross event– tweeted out the above picture of the current state of the changes taking place in the outfield at Skydome, and quite clearly the club’s new outfield concourse has come a long way since we last saw it.

On a related note, Paul Beeston showed up on Prime Time Sports back on Thursday and explained what was going with the changes in a segment that also included a bunch of chatter about the Jays’ dreams of another major change to the facility.

“Windows Restaurant doesn’t exist anymore,” Beeston told Bob McCown and Stephen Brunt. “Windows is out. The windows are gone, and anybody that comes into the stadium will be able to walk out there– there’s going to be no seating there, but you’ll be able to walk. There will be tables, and you’ll be able to watch from the outfield, as to what it is, and whether you’ll be coming from the 500 level down there or from the 100 level going up, you’re going to be able to watch it from centre field in an open area. I was out there the other day, Bob– it was fantastic. It’s got that feel– it’s kind of opened it up.”

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Here we have, via the Jays’ official Twitter feed, the best angle on the changes taking place in the Rogers Centre that we’ve seen yet. And I’m thinking it looks pretty not half bad, whatever it is– though obviously not finished just yet.

You may recall that the last time we caught a glimpse of the progress, the only photo available required the kind of attention to detail usually reserved for the Zapruder film just to get a sense of what the hell you were looking at. Here, not so much.

Because… uh… as you can see… uh… the windows are gone.


No, you’re mailing in a post. Again.


“Limited” is the word of the day, it seems, as this morning the Jays held a pre-sale for single game tickets, including their annual season-opening drunkfest, for subscribers to their Inside Pitch newsletter, but prefaced it with a word of warning last night:

Turns out the warning was a good idea, as it was only minutes after the sale began at 10 AM ET that folks began taking to Twitter to express grief at not being able to get in on the Opening Day party.

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In the aftermath of last week’s State of the Franchise event I received the following tweet about the fate of Windows Restaurant– the once-swinging canteen that sits beyond the outfield fence at Rogers Centre, above the batter’s eye– which as you can see from the updated image above is being worked on in anticipation of the upcoming season.

It was tough to see back on Tuesday night, with the way the stadium was lit, and the event centred around the farthest part of the park from Windows, but it certainly looked to be so.

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