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I really keep my Fan Pass in pretty damn good shape, don’t I? Of course, as you may well know by now, this thing is practically already a relic, as the 2012 edition Fan Passes may be the last that many people get to see.

The absolute steal of a deal, formerly known as the Toronto Star Pass– an access card that costs around $100 and gets you a 500 level ticket to every home contest, provided it’s not already sold out on game day (with one exception: the home opener)– will be very limited this season, as the Jays seem to have found that by putting a World Series contender on the field, fans are actually willing to buy a whole lot more tickets than the ticket office is used to seeing.

Lots of people have been asking about this, both in the comments of various posts and on Twitter, so while some information may be redundant, since it’s all floating around out there on the internet, with nothing else going on today, and the announcement of the sale of 2013 ones expected soon, it seems a good time to make it concrete-ish and review what we think we know. (And please, if I’ve missed something, or misrepresented something, let me know in the comments and I’ll update!)

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Who says I can’t mail in two posts in a row? In the wake of Jose Reyes Pointing At A Mule, I got tweeted at by the great @James_In_TO, who suggested I use a Photoshop of his if there was any follow-up to yesterday’s post about rumours that the Jays are seriously looking into putting real grass into the Rogers Centre.

Uh… yeah. This deserves its own post. It looks like a real stadium!


Image via Flickr.

So… here’s something. Near the end of the four o’clock hour of Prime Time Sports on the Fan 590 this afternoon, a caller phoned up to make the case to Bob McCown that Rogers, having spent all kinds of money this off-season, needs to get real grass into the Rogers Centre, if for no other reason but to do whatever possible to keep their expensive, ageing core of players healthy.

It’s not an easy process, the host said, reiterating the same thing we’ve always heard.

However, he went on, “Here’s what I will tell you:”

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As you’ve likely heard by now, there was a horrible incident last night at Rogers Centre, as a fan on the third base line collapsed and, as the whole stadium watched, needed several minutes of desperate medical attention, which halted the game, and turned out to be, unfortunately, in vain, as the man was taken to hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

It would be easy here to lament the intrusion of real life into the fantasy atmosphere of a professional sporting event, and I think horribly selfish, too. These sorts of things are bound to happen occasionally, and they will always provide a stark reordering of perspective for those of us who witnessed, if only– if we’re being honest– likely for a short time. But to think, first and foremost, of ourselves and how we may fit into this fragile world and of our own mortality ignores too much the all too real truth that a man has died, very suddenly, and his family will now have to begin the long process of coping with it and trying to move on. Clearly our thoughts are with them and with the victim himself.

And I’ll add that it’s out of that sadness felt for the family that I’ve selected the photo above for this post, unlike the Toronto Star, who’ve elected to run a picture of the man being carted off the field, and that all I’ll say regarding the “fans” who, according to Kevin Youkilis (via a tweet from’s Chris Toman), were “yelling crap at me, talking crap at me,” as this was all taking place, that I truly hope they somehow didn’t grasp the gravity of the situation. Judging by their alleged actions, they’re dumb enough for that to be a distinct possibility.

(Parkes, on the other hand, is ready to tee off on them over at Getting Blanked.)


Image via Brad White/Getty.