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Clinton Hollon

Jim Callis of Baseball America has been tweeting out a wealth of draft-related stuff pertaining to all teams over the last month, but over the weekend, his tweets took a decidedly Jays-related turn, with several tidbids surfacing as the idea of the Jays making a serious run at a couple of big talent late round prep guys who were passed over due to signability concerns and strong college commitments grows stronger.

Don’t believe me? See for yourselves.

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Rowdy Tellez

Here’s something that I nearly added as simple scuttlebutt on tonight’s Game Threat, but which expanded enough to make me reconsider and give it a post of its own.

From a tweet by Jim Callis of Baseball America, the Jays have signed second round pick Clinton Hollon– and, rather crucially, have done so at 40% of his slot recommendation ($467,280, to be specific), because of elbow issues. In particular, there was a UCL problem in his MRI, though the fact that Hollon has been hurt was known at the time he was selected.

Chris Crawford of MLB Draft Insider tweets that “With the Hollon signing, the Blue Jays have a crap-load (official term) to spend on their remaining picks.” He continues in a later tweet that “If they signed Bickford for $3 [million], they could still offer Brentz, Lauer, Tellez, etc. over-slot deals. Very interesting.”

FYI, Tellez is the one I’ve been most curious about, and not just because his first name is Rowdy. He’s a big prep bat at first base out of high school in California and ranked 49th on the top 50 draft prospects list at Baseball America heading into the draft.

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There are all kinds of interesting reactions to last night’s selections by the Jays of prep arms Phil Bickford and Clinton Hollon with the tenth and forty-seventh picks in the 2013 Rule 4 draft respectively, but since I’m lazy and spent way too much time digesting today’s roster moves, let’s just focus on what all Keith Law, who was a fan of neither pick, had to say.

Eschewing the concept of “winners” and “losers” that just doesn’t make sense given the vast uncertainty surrounding all things to do with the draft and how far off we are from realistically being able to call anything a losing pick, Law posted a piece in the early morning hours revealing his “Winners and questions” at (Insider Only). The Jays were one of the questions.

Law has been clear all along about his issues with Bickford and his lack of secondary stuff, as I noted in yesterday’s Draft Day Primer post. He takes issue with the selection of second rounder, Kentucky high schooler Clinton Hollon, as well, explaining that he “has first-round stuff but not command or control and has had arm trouble that wiped out most of last summer.”

Perhaps even more troubling, in the “Winners and questions” post, Law tells us that “both kids also earned negative makeup comments from scouts with whom I spoke.” So… perhaps they took a deep look into Clinton Hollon’s (apparent) Twitter feed. Ugh.

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Phil Bickford

It’s a little bit hard to gauge prep right-hander Phil Bickford, who the Jays made the tenth overall selection in the draft tonight, based on some of the reports that are out there, seeing as his stock rose so high so quickly. He’s certainly a high-risk, high-reward pick as a flamethrowing high school arm with little in the way of a breaking ball.

In today’s piece at the Toronto Star, Brendan Kennedy wrote that “the right-hander has rocketed up mock draft charts with his strong play of late, including striking out 17 batters last weekend. He is considered a high-risk pick since his skills remain so raw and he has yet to develop a decent breaking ball. But he can already throw a fastball in the mid-90s and some scouts believe he’s just getting started.”

Keith Law, however, isn’t so sure:

“His lack of a breaking ball is a real concern,” Law writes in his scouting report at “His curveball is well below-average, lacking depth and easily visible out of his hand, while his slider is flat thanks to his low three-quarters arm slot.”

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It’s the 2013 MLB Draft, and though the Jays don’t pick until number ten– which is probably not going to be until sometime after midnight, if my memory of last year’s pace is correct– there’s still a whole lot to talk about, so let’s do it! The Houston Astros, after passing on him last year, have selected Mark Appel with the first overall pick, and the Chicago Cubs are on the clock.

It’s the DJF 2013 Draft Live Blog!

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Draft Day 2013 Primer


It’s here! It’s here! It’s the day where we all lose our shit about a bunch of high school and college players we’ve never seen or– in most cases– heard of! It’s draft day! And in a crapshoot of crapshoots, it’s through the prism of the many dedicated gurus out there that we can try to give ourselves a sense of which potential picks to be fucking elated about when our team selects them, and which to furiously bemoan. Which ones to scream about them passing on, or being plucked out from under our noses. And, most importantly, which ones might be the next Dirk Hayhurst, pumping up their draft credentials by intentionally pitching to impress and confuse scouts, rather than to be successful (as he explained in a fascinating post on his personal blog this week).

So let’s see what they’re saying!

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Georgia high school outfielder Clint Frazier

The Rule 4 draft, aka the amateur draft, goes Thursday, so naturally the rumblings about how it’s all going to shake down are about as close to a fever pitch as they’ll get. Or, at the very least, it isn’t entirely nonsensical to start thinking about what order prospects are going to go in– which is exactly what guys like Keith Law of ESPN and Jim Callis of Baseball America have been doing.

Law produced the third version of his mock draft on Monday at (Insider Only), and for the third time had the Jays selecting a different player with the tenth pick. This time, Indiana high school pitcher/outfielder Trey Ball was the name he went with for Toronto– a player he’d linked the club to in an earlier mock.

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