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With the Jays’ roster finally coming into shape with the return of Darren Oliver, last week I started working on a big post about which players on the club have minor league options remaining, with the goal of figuring out how the Opening Day roster might shake down. It turned out that Bluebird Banter had beaten me to it, which was just as well, as far as I was concerned, because I had been having a devil of a time clearing up one last confusing piece of information about options.

It was being claimed by several sources that once three years had passed from the time of a player’s debut, he could no longer simply be optioned to the minors– provided he still had an option year remaining– as he had to clear revokable waivers first. As with the waiver process in August, this means that the club would put the player on waivers in order to option him down, but could remove him from waivers if another club attempted to claim him.

Maybe I’m just not good at Google, but there was a ridiculously small amount of information about this process, and how, say, a guy like Travis Snider sailed through it when he was optioned last year– long after the third anniversary of his 2008 debut. Some pages talking about the options process ignored it completely, others noted it but offered no explanation of it, and some folks even denied the existence of the procedure.

Well, thanks to Gregor Chisholm, in his latest at, we’ve learned that it really is a thing… technically.

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