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Visual approximation of what’s left in Lyle Overbay’s bat.

Nothing against Lyle OverbayРwho, much like Vernon Wells before him, both now and back in the off-season between 2006 and 2007, is maligned unfairly for little more than signing a contract that somebody put in front of him and then struggling to live up to itРand not to keep tempting the baseball gods with giddiness over what the Yankees are doing, but tonight [chortle!] check out what [guffaw!] what the latest big [snort!] move on the horizon for [heeeee!] the Bronx Bombers might be.

From Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe earlier today:

The Yankees may need a lefthanded compliment to Juan Rivera at first base. Yankee scouts have been watching Overbay closely.

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New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays


Oh fuck, that’s awesome.

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It makes certain clowns who linger in the comments upset whenever I use the word Schadenfreude around here, but I figure even those poor sad souls will have a tough time getting pissy about anything with this picture of Derek Jeter staring them in the face.

He looks… about as athletic as I’ve always believed.

Granted, we can see in a different picture from the New York Post that his ankle is still in a boot… which apparently makes it very difficult to do sit-ups or to put the lid back on the Pringles can. HEYO!

Oh, I kid, Captain America. I kid, Yankee fans. [Note: Not really.]


Hat tip to Baseball Think Factory.