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We may not yet know what the 2014 Blue Jays will look like– though, if we’re being honest, we probably kinda do– but we do know who they’ll be playing and when, as MLB has released the their official schedule for the 2014 season. You can check out the schedule page of to view it in its full majesty, but here are some key highlights:

- As noted in the previous post, the Jays seem likely to get 2014 off to a rousing start, opening the season in the hellscape known as the Trop in Tampa. The regular season schedule begins on March 31st, meaning the Jays have just one off-day between their excursion north to Montreal and their return to Florida’s gulf coast.

- I scoff at the nightmare scenario of facing the Rays on the road right off the hop, but April doesn’t look too bad for the Jays, even though their next series kinda does: their home opener will be a surely-shithammered Friday night game, April 4th, against the Yankees. The Astros then come to town, followed by a road trip to Baltimore, Minnesota and Cleveland (likely to remind fans just how much we actually like having a stadium in which we can avoid shitty April weather).

- Because we have different holidays than our neighbours to the south, it’s always interesting to see where the Jays find themselves on various key dates on the Canadian calendar– and usually pretty damn frustrating, as it will be again this year…

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The MLB schedule is set to be released today at 1 PM ET, but already we have a couple details about it– most notably the ones you can see in the image above (via @TheKaufmanShow). For those of you who somehow can’t figure it out, the Jays will be playing exhibition games on March 28th and 29th in Montreal, as we heard all about yesterday.

And in a turn of events that I’m sure the players are going to love, according to Paul Driscoll of the Tampa Bay Times, it looks like the Jays will have to head right back to Dunedin afterwards, given where they’ll start the year:

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The 2013 Schedule Arrives

At 1 PM MLB officially released its schedule for 2013, which we’d been hearing leaks from over the course of the morning, and you’ll now find that on the schedule page of you can navigate through the 2013 slate of games.

The Jays will open the 2013 season at home against the Clevelands, mercifully avoiding the non-domed stadium tradition of the incredibly deflating day off following the high of Opening Day.

They’ll actually play at home, in the afternoon, on the Victoria Day holiday– Monday, May 20th against Tampa– though they won’t be in town for the start of that long weekend. The same is true of Canada Day, when they’ll play the Tigers in a Monday afternoon tilt, July 1, despite not being at home for the Saturday or Sunday prior. They are out of town for the August long weekend and over labour day, however.

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Holy what?

Unbeknownst to me– until an afternoon tipping beverages with Bergkamp last weekend, and then again today when he emailed me and I re-remembered– those sneaky moms at Fox have scheduled their Saturday game of the week at 12:30 PM ET for two dates in April, both of which see the Jays play at home. So, because of the MLB’s blackout policy for non-nationally-televised games, the Jays have been forced to move away from their preferred– and thoroughly fucking insufferable– 1:07 PM start times. Meaning that on Saturday, April 14th, against the Orioles, and Saturday, April 28th, against the Mariners, the Jays will be playing home games starting at 4 PM!

It says so in the schedule!

This, of course, is beyond awesome– for both respectable grown-ups who live in the suburbs and will have that much longer to fight traffic on their way down to the lake shore, and for downtown fucks like me, who will be able to sleep in, shake off the hangover, barbecue up a giant pile of meat, walk down to the SkyDome while drinking wine from a Gatorade bottle, and then enjoy a ballgame that’ll end just in time to go out for dinner and start working on the next day’s hangover.

Did somebody say perfect Saturday?