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Let me guess, Stephen Drew is a Scott Boras client.

Yep. He sure is.

For the uninitiated, I bring up that connection that because Jon Heyman had some relatively player-friendly things to say about the free agent middle infielder in a video posted today at, and there’s something of a dubious history with him and items relating to Boras Corp., as outlined by Rich Lederer at The Baseball Analysts in 2008, and by Michael Edder at The Yankee Analysts in 2012.

On the other hand, though, he says the Jays might be in on Stephen Drew!

“Toronto’s a team in the mix here, I think. And they’re in the mix for a lot of players,” he tells us. ”I think they’re a team of definite interest.”

Swoon! Though I don’t know if I take any of this as actually serious. Especially since Heyman claims — as others have — that the Yankees are now more interested than ever, given that they’ve blown past the luxury tax threshold they spent two years fretting over, and that — get this — the Red Sox are “willing to do a multi-year deal, they might even sweeten it with an opt-out clause — so two years with an opt-out clause there in Boston.”

I just… really?? Like, an opt-out after one, I guess? I suppose it’s not typical Boras style to take a one-year pillow offer until he absolutely has to, but if Boston’s willing to go multi-year at this point, doesn’t that kind of seem like the best he’s going to get?

Maybe not. After all, in a lot of ways this really does seem to be November Redux, and the market — read: the rumour mill — is just heating back up again, with way more bodies still in play than we’re used to at this time of year. Thanks, Obama Tanaka!

If there’s any truth to it, though, the Jays recognizing that their second base situation is dogshit is a pretty alright thing.


Image via Tauntr.

Minnesota Twins Photo Day

He qualifies it by noting that “Alex Anthopoulos has a reputation for thoroughness, which means interest can sometimes be a matter of due diligence,” but in his latest for Sportsnet, Ben Nicholson-Smith suggests that the Jays have shown some interest in free agent infielder Jamey Carroll, shown above in jack-o’-lantern form.

Or… wait. That’s really him??!? Uh… OK then…

Carroll is an interesting, if unsexy, option– in the baseball sense, of course. He turns 40 in February, though, and is coming off the worst season of his career by WAR, and… well… by everything, pretty much. And since I’ve tended to worry this off-season– overly so, perhaps– about guys on the wrong side of thirty taking steps backwards, my immediate thought is that Carroll maybe isn’t necessarily the best idea here.

Then again, he’s a cheap bounce-back candidate who posted more than two wins per season, in full time duty, for each of the three prior to the last one.


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Kenny Ken Ken never sleeps, so why should we?

According to the most plugged-in reporter in the business, a rival executive thinks that… oh, I’ll just let him tell it (you know, assuming you haven’t read the title of this post, the Twitter or Facebook link that sent you here, or haven’t seen the picture above):

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