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The Jays’ season ticket holders’ event, dubbed the State Of The Franchise, took place last night, and if you don’t follow me on Twitter, you probably have no clue what I thought of the deal, seeing as I, apparently, have no earthly idea how to properly use CoverItLive, meaning the little live tweet window I setup in the post below hit whatever capacity limit they have in a matter of minutes.

Not that my thoughts matter anyway– the only things you couldn’t have got elsewhere were a bunch of half-jokes and typos– but apologies for that not going as smoothly as I’d hoped.

Or… well, OK, maybe this one thought kinda matters:

Seriously. I know a lot of people really didn’t like him much the first time– though you wouldn’t have known it from the crowd’s reaction– but for me, having John Gibbons, who was in the house last night, back with the club is genuinely almost as awesome as the thought of actually getting to watch R.A. Dickey work his magic, up close, once every five days. This honestly can’t be stated enough.

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The Jays are holding their annual State of the Franchise event for season ticket holders tonight, and I’ll be heading down there, along with Drew and Scott from Getting Blanked. In fact… I’ve got to get my ass in gear and heading in that direction, so this post is going to be rather… uh… experimental.

After the jump what I hope you’ll see is a live video stream of the event– via the Toronto Star’s UStream channel (which… you might have to refresh once the event starts, closer to 6 PM ET)– followed by a CoverItLive window featuring my tweets from the events– and maybe others’, if I can figure out to add them!

Fingers crossed that this actually works. Otherwise, uh… go ahead and talk among yourselves.

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