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Travis Snider was pulled from tonight’s game in the seventh inning for no injury-related reason, then proceeded straight into the clubhouse with John Farrell, eventually coming back out to shake hands and exchange hugs with teammates. Clearly he has been dealt somewhere.

And Wilner has it:

This will not go over well.

But, of course, Travis Snider for anybody would have had the masses up in arms, because of all that was promised of him over the years, and all that wasn’t delivered on. And of course, to many minds– mine included– all that he wasn’t given enough opportunity to deliver on.

But as disappointing as it is to see the club give up on him, and as underwhelming a return as Brad Lincoln appears to be on first blush– especially since this all went down in real time, on the field, with many rumours swirling about the club’s interest in Matt Garza — the red flags certainly come a little more into focus as Snider heads out the door.

There are the crazily high number of strikeouts. The inability to keep himself healthy and on the field. The lack of success he’s had in the few, limited opportunities he’s had in the majors.

Most importantly, I think, there’s the question of his future value.

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Get your maple-appendages out, because Jon Heyman has a piece at CBS Sports where he suggests that the Jays– along with the Giants and Dodgers– have some interest in Twins first baseman Justin Morneau.

Morneau hasn’t been himself since suffering a concussion at Rogers Centre midway through 2010, though his numbers this season by an atrocious (.277 wOBA) June, and an even worse split against left-handed pitching (.199 wOBA). He’s owed $14-million next season, meaning that, as a platoon player, the most valuable thing about him might be his passport.

And, judging by their Lawrie-tastic marketing strategy, that might be enough for Rogers to maybe give a shit, but– and here’s something you don’t hear every day– that’s probably not giving them enough credit.

Seriously, I don’t see how he’s a fit at all.

So… there’s that.

The price for coveted Marlins right-hander Josh Jonson– inasmuch that the reports we’re hearing are real, which… they probably aren’t– appears to have taken a tumble. Yesterday it was said to be “Teixeira-like,” while today, according to The Fish Pond, blog of Marlins reporter Joe Frisaro, says that “the Marlins are looking for the kind of return the Padres got when they sent Mat Latos to the Reds last December.”

Dealing Mark Teixeira to Atlanta, of course, brought the Rangers the outstanding haul of Elvis Andrus, Neftali Feliz, Matt Harrison and Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and evidently (again, if we believe there’s any truth to what’s being bandied about on this topic, which… we probably shouldn’t) the Marlins have reconsidered how reasonable an asking price that is.

However, in suggesting a package comparable to what the Padres got for Mat Latos they’re not getting a whole lot closer to reality. That isn’t to compare the quality of Latos and Johnson as pitchers– I’d take Johnson on talent and Latos on health, for what it’s worth– but their value as assets.

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A few things out there worth mentioning as we head into the last weekend before Tuesday’s trade deadline, none of which is really worth making an entire post for, though. Here’s a rundown of what’s rumbling…

The Yunel Escobar stuff just won’t stop, with Buster Olney chiming in with a tweet that full-on assumes the Jays’ shortstop is on the market, but that his supposed attitude problem continues to be a… er… problem.

“There’s no question that Yunel Escobar’s clubhouse reputation is not helping his market value; it’s been a red flag for some teams,” he writes, piling on what his colleague Jerry Crasnick was talking about yesterday when he tweeted that the A’s “appear lukewarm on Yunel Escobar. They value clubhouse dynamic, and they’re concerned how well Escobar might fit.”

It bears repeating, however, what Richard Griffin said in his live blog at the Toronto Star during yesterday’s win, which I included in yesterday’s Afternoon Snack.

“All I know is that the GM speaks fondly of Escobar as a baseball-first, clubhouse rat,” Griff explained. “He stays late to talk baseball with the other guys and has been there after midnight with AA and EE talking game stuff. Inside the Braves clubhouse may have been a different story because that place has traditionally been run by golf-playing card-playing starting pitchers who do not like flare and individuality. The Jays have a different clubhouse so observations about Yunel fitting in are coming from outside. Will he be traded? Maybe, but not because of attitude.”

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Well, the rumour mill sure has shifted into full-on fire sale awesomeness today, thanks to the Miami Marlins. It’s like 1998 and 2004 all over again, except… y’know… minus the World Series win.

Or at least it could be, if the Marlins continue to sell off their best players. And according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, one name that hasn’t come up a lot may be of serious interest to the Toronto Blue Jays…

This Escobar thing sure has taken on a life of its own, hasn’t it? I have no idea if anybody is actually hearing multiple things about it, or if it’s just some sort of self-perpetuating myth, aided along by the fact that no one can get anything out of the Jays’ front office, so this little grain of potential truth has become magnified to the point of complete distortion.

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When healthy, Josh Johnson is a terrific pitcher (2.97 FIP and 3.1 fWAR this season). He’ll turn 29 in January, and is under contract for this season and next at $13.75-million each.

Naturally, he’s being coveted on the trade market, though reports– like this tweet from Buster Olney– suggest that they had originally planned on only trading one of Johnson or Hanley Ramirez, who was shipped off in the middle of the night to Los Angeles.

The Jays’ name continues to come up in the rumours surrounding Johnson– Jon Morosi tweets that an executive tells him that he expects the Jays among the teams to make a push, for example. This is partly because Alex Anthopoulos has made it club policy to check on everything, but also partly because dealing for Johnson would make a hell of a lot of sense for the Jays.

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Moving on from this afternoon’s continuation of his Gavin Floyd-to-the-Jays obsession, Jon Morosi of Fox Sports turns his sights to another pitcher he claims the Jays have turned their sights to: Josh Johnson of the Marlins.

Well, now this is just getting silly. I mean, of course the Jays are interested in Johnson– who wouldn’t be? Then again, the Jays are potentially interested in everybody, and yet we’re told nothing about their level of interest, what they might be considering moving, what a potential fit might be, or… anything.

And, I mean, it’s not like the club’s going to deny it if we just made it up? Why stop here?

In fact, Drew tweets an extra bit of dirt for us:



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