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It’s here! It’s here!

The first Matt Garza rumour sighting of the season! And another one on top of that to boot!

It’s finally here!!!

The non-waiver trade deadline is only about a month away, and with the draft over– and most teams *COUGH* having come to terms with their first round picks– rumour season is apparently already upon us!

Take it away, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports!

Cubs right-hander Matt Garza, who might be the best active pitcher currently available in a trade, is drawing considerable interest from teams in both leagues and on both coasts.

The Orioles, Rangers, Giants, Padres and Dodgers are all said by sources to have varying degrees of interest in acquiring Garza, with the Blue Jays, Red Sox (though they seem more focused on bullpen help at the moment) and several other teams seen as possible destinations for the 29-year-old.

With the Jays’ rotation currently full, and Brandon Morrow and J.A. Happ on the mend, it might sound a little bit rich to think that the club might give up the kind of package it would take to land a guy like Garza, but let’s not forget that the rotation currently features Chien-Ming Wang, Esmil Rogers, and… y’know… Josh Johnson, R.A. Dickey and Mark Buehrle.

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Noooooot a lot of good AA photos in our Getty archive.

Today we’ve got some interesting stuff from Jeff Blair, slightly buried in his latest for the Globe and Mail, which ostensibly serves mostly to look at the curious machinations from within the Jays’ infield of late. After running through the laundry list of issues the club has been faced with in the infield so far, and the experiments they’ve played around with, he drops this bomb on us:

Anthopoulos isn’t only talking to his peers about a temporary, defence-first replacement for Reyes during his three-month absence. He’s talking about a significant transaction that might require several moving pieces. What if, for example, his offensive concerns turn out to be best addressed by adding a particular right fielder? No way Bautista balks at a move to third base if it makes the team better able to achieve its ultimate goal; in fact, as he ages he might find third base less taxing on his legs than patrolling the outfield.


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I’m assuming, like me, you all stayed up all night to wait for the exact second that the seemingly inevitable R.A. Dickey trade happens. Seems like it’ll be here any second, really. I’m going to keep this updated with anything worth knowing for as long as it takes. Don’t worry, everyone, I’m pretty addicted to caffeine.

That’s a pretty interesting way to start, isn’t it?

As fun as it was to picture a future where we get R.A. Dickey and JP Arencibia isn’t the one who has to try to catch the knuckleball, I think it goes without saying that the Mets are going to want to maximize on the return on the reigning Cy Young winner. Parting with Gose sucks too, but Martino also mentioned that there’s a chance there are other pieces in the deal coming, and the Mets are “Playing it incredibly close”. Which is hilarious, because apparently ‘playing it close’ in New York means leaking new details about the trade to every baseball reporter on the planet every 15 minutes. Is this more fun than the “last to know” Jays guys? I can’t tell.

Leave it to the Knobler to try to cool off our morning wood over Dickey. It’s still early folks. And it’s a Saturday.

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Dr. Rosen Rosen’s latest for Fox Sports openly ponders the question that’s been on most of our minds for most of the day: whether or not the Jays will deal one of their catchers. Specifically, JP Arencibia, who he says “is the most likely to be moved — and the Jays previously have talked about him in trades for pitchers such as Tampa Bay Rays right-hander Wade Davis and New York Mets left-hander Jon Niese, major-league sources say.”

Now, that’s not exactly earth-shattering news– Anthopoulos, as we’ve long heard, talks to everybody about everybody.

“He’s in the middle of everything,” says Josh Johnson’s agent, Matt Sosnick, in Brendan Kennedy’s excellent Anthpoulos profile in the Toronto Star. “When it comes to turning over stones, he’s an animal. I bet he makes 20 calls to one, compared to some other GMs.”

So, perhaps its nothing to get too worked up about, but the names involved certainly make sense. Or, at least, Niese’s does.

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Juh? The Yan Gomes era ends, and… um… it would seem as though Alex Anthopoulos has something of a type, as he’s once again dealt for a hard-throwing right-handed reliever– albeit this time one who has only spent one full season in the ‘pen.

Ex-Jays reporter, and the hardest working man in show business, Jordan Bastian, has the details:

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We’ve still got plenty to catch up on in the wake of the Farrell mess, but while I’ve been procrastinating on putting together a roundup of links, or transcribing whatever non-verbiage came from the mouth of Alex Anthopoulos yesterday– or assuring myself I wouldn’t bother to pay attention to today’s Farrell presser in Boston– some genuine, actual, off-season rumour mill grist has actually begun to leak our way in earnest.

Specifically, TR Sullivan, Rangers beat writer for, has noticed that the Jays have a pair of decent, young catchers, while the Rangers only have the empty shell that used to be Geovany Soto, and free-agent-to-be Mike Napoli, which makes the two clubs potential trade partners.

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When it comes to the possibility of significant roster turnover, it’s hard not to pick up where we left off a year ago this time, when we thought anything was possible, and something truly significant was surely on the horizon. Hardened by a calendar year in which the only “non-relief” “contributors”– both terms used rather loosely– added to the MLB roster were Aaron Laffey, Jesse Chavez, JA Happ, Ben Francisco, Jeff Mathis and Yorvit Torrealba, and understanding how the trick Anthopoulos needs to pull has grown in degree of difficulty after a year of injury and regression, a lot of fans seem to have stopped letting their minds race too quickly at ideas of seeing a multitude of new faces on the roster next year.

There are prospects to deal, free agents to sign and changes to be made, to be sure. But the sense I’ve got is that, with a few obvious exceptions, fans seem to figure that most of the players under team control and on the current roster will be here next April.

Is that really so? Could it possibly be so?

Given that teams, if they’re going to be giving up anything that helps the Jays’ big league club, are going to be much more focussed on acquiring MLB-ready players in trade, I don’t think it can be. And seeing as even the usually-secretive front office is being open about the fact that the Jays have to make some acquisitions, certainly there must be guys slated now to return who we won’t be seeing in a Jays uniform next season– y’know, unless Anthopoulos can get really creative, perhaps, as a reader astutely suggested the other day, by striking a lower-cost deal with the Angels or White Sox, who apparently aren’t going to pick up the options on Dan Haren and Jake Peavy anyway, in order to acquire one of those pitchers for the last, expensive year of their current deals… which would be totally badass and not nearly as high-risk as going all-in on some long-term commitment to a free agent.

But no… they’re probably going to have to trade someone of value from the MLB roster. Like one of these guys!

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