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Podcast the Twentieth!

And now a little something to kill time on a Monday afternoon, and to fill you with rage over Dustin Parkes’ hating-on of Eric Thames Adam Lind the Toronto Blue Jays’ chances Ricky Romero: it’s the latest episode of the DJF podcast!

We’ll be be back again on Thursday, and we want to hear from you! Call us (hammered) at 1-855-FOUL-TIP, or email us (hammered) at with whatever is sticking in your craw, and when we return we’ll dissect the best the Monkey Army has to offer.

If you’re more inclined to download today’s podcast, hit up the mp3 link.

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Mintmusical interludes courtesy Toronto’s own Optical Sounds. Be sure to check them out and buy every single fucking thing you hear at their site.

Bonus Material!

The Jays head to the Bronx to open a series with the Yankees tonight– which will be followed with a trip to Fenway over the weekend– and you’ll really feel the grip of the AL East’s traditional powers start to tighten if the Jays falter here. I talked about the series with our old friend Ted Berg of SNY. (Video after the jump)…

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In Which I Talk to Mets Fans

Turnabout is fair play, so since we had Ted Berg on this week’s Getting Blanked Podcast, I showed up on his Know Your Enemy segment for SNY, to help Mets fans get ready for the shitkicking they’re about to take from the Jays this weekend. Here’s how it turned out…