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Top Dog: Moises Sierra, 4.1%
The Worst: Henderson Alvarez, -36.5%
Worst Bat: Rajai Davis, -4.5
Impact AB: Sierra Walk, Bot 2, 5.5%
Impact Pitch: Geovany Soto RBI Single, Top 3, -10.6%
Highest Leverage AB: Jeff Mathis Sac Bunt, Bot 2, 1.84
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Adrian Beltre Groundout, Top 3, 1.92
Lineup Contribution: -12.4%
Pitching Contribution: -37.6%
Average Leverage Index: 0.51
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Good thing they gave away bobbleheads because everybody in attendance will want to remember this one forever and ever.

(WPA data courtesy Baseball Reference)
(Idea for a post game graph courtesy Lookout Landing)

Holy piss, it’s a little perfect outside, isn’t it? Which is totally why I’m not going to bother agonizing over a bunch of words that everybody is just going to skim past in order to go piss and moan in the comments about the latest affront to our loyalty that’s coming by way of the Toronto Blue J-AAA-ys. This is your Game Threat…

The last time Yu Darvish took the hill at Rogers Centre, I was watching from a bar in Texas. Kyle Drabek gave him a battle in, when all is said and done, what may end up his best big league start in three full years, while the pricey import looked to be cementing his quick ascension to the upper tier of starters in the league. It was Darvish’s fifth start in the Majors, and while he gave up his first home run (to Edwin Encarnacion), the Jays were the fourth straight team he’d held to one earned run or fewer, and he struck out nine, following up a ten strikeout performance against the Yankees the week before, and walking only two.


Darvish has seen his season go a bit south since then– albeit maybe not quite as far as Drabek– as he’s only managed to walk two or fewer in three of the seventeen starts that followed, with his BB/9 clocking in at a fugly 5.05, while he’s put up respectable-enough FIP and xFIP numbers (3.43 and 3.90), it certainly hasn’t been quite as good as expected. Though… I’m sure the Blue J-AAA-ys will give him a helping hand tonight.

Oh yeah, and now I’m drinking $3 cider tall-boys in my back yard, as opposed to $1 Lone Star tall-boys at the damn bar. Guh.


If you haven’t seen the spectacular catch that Canadian kid made in the Little League World Series today yet, do yourself a favour.

No Rasmus in the lineup tonight, which I’m sure will make some people lose their shit about rushing him back yesterday for no apparent reason. Of course, those people are going to lose their shit about something, so I’d just recommend ignoring their noise. A re-aggravated groin isn’t going to keep Colby out of the next Jays game that matters, which will take place some time early next April.

Encadwin back in tonight, though! So… even if those shit-losers were somehow swayed about my comment above about Rasmus, they’re probably pissing their little pants about Encarnacion being back so soon. Just swathe them in bubble wrap and call up org. guys from the Gulf Coast League team to play out the string, amiright? And shit, better not let anyone key risk cramping up on the bench, or driving, or eating solid foods.

I can’t pick a single source to relay it from, but I can assure you that earlier in the afternoon all of Twitter went out of their way to let us know that Ryan Dempster won’t be with the Rangers this weekend for “personal reasons” and that Leonys Martin has been called up. Hopefully not one of them Dave Foley things. Or… anything bad. No ill will for DemOpster.

According to John Lott of the National Post, John Farrell does not care for your speculating about the speculation that he’s being considered by the Boston Red Sox… uh… speculatively.

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And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
K. Johnson 2B
E. Encarnacion DH
D. Cooper 1B
Y. Escobar SS
M. Sierra RF
O. Vizquel 3B
J. Mathis C
A. Gose CF

J. Happ LHP

Texas Rangers

I. Kinsler 2B
E. Andrus SS
J. Hamilton LF
A. Beltre DH
M. Young 1B
D. Murphy RF
G. Soto C
C. Gentry CF
M. Olt 3B

Y. Darvish RHP


Image via Jared Wickerham/Getty.